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Cleaning Tools, Accessories & Cleaning Products

Sticky Roller
With the help of our well equipped infrastructure facilities and highly skilled professionals, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying supreme quality Sticky Roller. These rollers finely remove the dust from desks, wall, housetop, and grounds. The rollers are made using adhesive materials and advanced technology methods that ensure their long life and make them suitable for cleaning the surface effectively.


* Easy to use
* Faster speed
* Comfortable handles

* Size: 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" (customizable)
* Color: White, blue, translucent or others

Esdash Technology Co. Limited
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-755-33554259
Fax: +(86)-755-22301176
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13723778747
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Clean Room Paper Wipe
Water absorbent, oil absorbent
Apply to class 1000-10000( ISO6-7) CLEAM ROOM USE.
Size: 15cm X 15cm
Package: 150pcs/bag, 50 bags/carton
Item No. Demension Package M-1 15cm X 15cm 150pcs/bag, 50 bags/carton M-2 20cm X 20cm 100pcs/bag, 50 bags/carton M-3 23cm X 23cm 100pcs/bag, 30 bags/carton M-5 25cm X 25cm

Esdash Technology Co. Limited
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-755-33554259
Fax: +(86)-755-22301176
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13723778747
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Wood Pulp Wipes ET-Clpd31

Wood Pulp Wipes ET-Clpd31


  • Size: 110 x 210mm
  • Material: 100 % wood pulp
  • Packages: 280 sheets/box, 60 boxes/carton


Esdash Technology Co. Limited
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-(755)-33554259
Fax: +(86)-(755)-22301176
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Silica Gel Roller ET-Sr3040

Silica Gel Roller ET-Sr3040




  • Friction resistant
  • Pollution free
  • Rust free

  • Size: 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" (customizable)
  • Color: Blue and other colors.
  • Stickiness: High, middle, low stickiness available.


Esdash Technology Co. Limited
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-(755)-33554259
Fax: +(86)-(755)-22301176
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WashMaster Grout Station Pedalo
Never before has grout clean up been so easy. Cut grouting time by up to 50%. Save hours of back breaking work. Now you can clean grout while standing up, no more wet hands, and at least twice the production. Our sponges last approximately 5,000 square feet, no adhesives necessary and are easily replaced when worn.

Donnelly Distribution Llc
Location: Sussex, New Jersey
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-262-8201212
Fax: +(1)-262-8201226
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Vent Cleaning Tool

* Use for clearing trapped cerumen from relief vent
* Product ID: Ac 133
* Quantity: 12 pack.

Hocks Hearing Healthcare
Location: Portland, Oregon
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-503-2749482
Fax: +(1)-503-2223539
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Filtering Unit
The UFO-1-H-V is designed for cleaning the air from dust impurities emitted at production processes. It is irreplaceable in capturing the dry dust (without caustic pollutants or substances creating explosive conditions) arising during welding, gas metal cutting and other processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic industry, food production etc. The maximum temperature of the conveyed air is 140 F.

Klimawent Usa, Llc.
Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-847-6583945
Fax: +(1)-847-6585195
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Bathroom Cleaner
Usages Bathroom tiles, wall joints, cement powder and chlorosis removal for department stores, hotels, condos, hospitals, schools, restaurants, airports and offices.Characteristics This product contains natural organic acid that quickly permeates and disintegrates various tiles, old stains or water stains between wall joints, and molds. in addition, it contains anti-bacterial substance which facilitates the maintenance of Bathrooms and various tiles after cleaning.

Location: Seoul, Seoul-T'Ukpyolsi
Country: Korea
Phone: +(82)-31-4562910
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Long Rectangle With Tube Handle

* 16.4” Long Rectangle with Tube Handle
* In Stock: Yes
Quick Overview:
* 16.4” Long Rectangle with Tube Handle Stock #: JS-RT16.4CH Case Pack: 6 Weight: 14lb
Product Details:
* 16.4” Long Rectangle with Tube Handle Stock #: JS-RT16.4CH Case Pack: 6 Weight: 14lb

Location: New York, New York
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-516-2805729
Fax: +(1)-516-3856786
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Economical Wet Wipe Aperture
Color Size
In. (cm) Case
Pink/White 13" x 20"
(33 cm x 51 cm) 200/dispenser

Atlantic Mills Inc.
Location: New Jersey, Florida
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-2427374
Fax: +(1)-732-3634302
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Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners

Davinci Design Corporation
Location: La Vergne, Tennessee
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-615-3671700
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Dust Extractor VCP 480
Dust Extractor VCP 480

Festool Group Gmbh & Co. Kg.
Location: Werl, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-7024-80424010
Fax: +(49)-7024-80429699
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Pwr O-Ring Groove & Flange Cleaners

The PWR O-Ring Cleaner is designed for cleaning the PWR reactor vessel flange and o-ring groove; either under water, or after drain down – in a single activity.
When used in the wet application, the flange and o-ring groove are cleaned of loose particle contamination which could become airborne upon drain down. When used in the dry application, both dewatering and cleaning are accomplished simultaneously.

R.O.V. Technologies
Location: Brattleboro, Vermont
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-802-2570147
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Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaning is the most natural way to clean – without any additional cleaning agents.
In many areas of the chemical, pharmaceutical, and foodstuffs industries, steam is the method of choice for controlled cleaning without the need for cleaning agents. The hot steam penetrates even the smallest cracks, removing stubborn dirt and neutralizing germs and bacteria.
The following items round off our product range:
* Steam and hot-water pressure cleaners
* Spray extensions
* Hose swivel joints
* Steam-hose reels
All items can also be supplied as a complete system suitable for explosion zones 1+2.
If you have any questions on steam cleaners or are looking for specific solutions, we will be happy to advise you further.

P.J. Schulz Gmbh
Location: Berlin, Berlin
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-221-986600
Fax: +(49)-221-98660919
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Desalin C
DeSalin C is a special cleaner, based on a concentrated, natural acid. It is an effective formulation for residues removal from cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco, natural or artificial stones.

Nanophos Sa
Location: Attica, Lavrio
Country: Greece
Phone: +(30)-22920-69312
Fax: +(30)-22920-69303
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Final Cleaning System
UTK's model AFCS-14 is an automatic 14-Tank Final Cleaning System for 2.5" to 3.5" glass disks. The tanks are basically made from high-grade steel and can be fitted with plastic inlays on request. Each tank can be equipped with an ultrasonic system. A simple Rough Cleaner, model URC-III, with 3 tanks and manual material transport is available as well.

Hi-Yen Trading International Limited
Location: Hsintien, T'Ai-Wan
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +(886)-2-89191218
Fax: +(886)-2-89191157
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Nose Cleaner Disposable Hygienic Capsule & Physiological Diffuser
The Electronic Baby Nose Cleaner BABYDoo MX6 One with physiological saline solution diffuser developed by Visiomed Laboratory is a real innovation. It’s Gentle, efficient, clean and soothing for baby. The BABYDoo MX6 One ensures you optimal guarantee of good nasal hygiene for your baby. The Babydoo MX6 Onesimply sucks the nasal secretions from the nose and simultaneously diffuses a saline solution to clean the nose thus rendering breathing easier for the baby.

Location: Paris, Ile-De-France
Country: France
Phone: +(33)-1-40670650
Fax: +(33)-1-40670655
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Dry Solvent Wipes
Features & Benefits
White wipe that leaves the surface clean, completely grease & fibre-free.
Use with U-POL SYSTEM 20 panel wipe solvent or water based degrease rs.
High solvent absorption capacity.
Precision woven extremely strong fabric.
Lint free, no tearing or snagging.
140m roll with 350 sheets in convenient centre-feed box dispenser.

U-Pol Ltd
Location: London, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-2084-925900
Fax: +(44)-2084-925999
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Sprayway Fabric Protector

Item: 355A
10.5 oz. Can
Prevents the unraveling
of fabric

General Upholstery & Bedding Supply
Location: Hialeah, Florida
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-305-8876322
Fax: +(1)-305-8876809
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Brush Therapy
Do your brushes look like you used them to wash a pig in mud?
* Now there's no need to buy new ones, just clean the old ones.
* Put four brushes in a bucket of warm water and add one package of Brush Therapy and watch the magic.
* You will be surprised at how much dirt comes out of the average horse brush.
* Brush Therapy cleans and disinfects your brushes in just 30 minutes.

Krs Customs Inc
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-678-3399892
Fax: +(1)-678-3399895
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Squeegees Floor Care


Dalton & Co.
Location: Muncie, Indiana
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-765-2821944
Fax: +(1)-765-2821945
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Leather Wipes
Lord Sheraton Leather Wipes are the easy, convenient way to nourish and protect leather items. Containing a blend of oils, emollients and gentle cleansers Leather Wipes effortlessly remove dust, grease and grime

Fabricdyes, Birmingham
Location: Birmingham, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-121-3592349
Fax: +(44)-121-3597784
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Water-Based Polishes & Degreasers
Water-Based Polishes & Degreasers

Kocour Company
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-773-8471111
Fax: +(1)-773-8473399
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Enviro Clean Commercial Vacuum System
The PF757 16 inch commercial upright vacuum features a 7.0 amp commercial motor producing 75 CFM for cleaning teamed with a 16 inch metal Vi bra-Flite II brush roll featuring replaceable brush strips. 50 feet of safety grounded 3-wire non-marking beige power cord. An extra wide furniture guard protects walls and furniture with a soft cushioned touch. Quick clean feature makes fan inspection, service and clean out a quick, simple operation. Also featured are wide rear wheels for smooth transport and a wide headlamp. Special Order.

Red Hot Carpet Cleaning
Location: Pennsville Township, New Jersey
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-814-3551762
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Envirosoft Wash Material

In 2001, MacNeil Wash Systems made a bold move and switched exclusively to Envirosoft® foam material, a new technology to the car wash industry. MacNeil saw the value in using this material for its gentle, safe cleaning and the high luster shine it gives vehicles. Envirosoft® also provides a quieter wash that exterior wash customers enjoy.
Perfecting the final composition of Envirosoft® foam required extensive research and field testing to meet the performance a durability levels expected by the industry's leading car wash operators. It involved developing the proper combinations of brush composition, speed and pressure since Envirosoft® was 66% lighter than cloth and cleaned differently.
In addition to its immediate safety features, Envirosoft® foam does not absorb water or dirt, so it cannot scratch vehicles. The total weight of the Envirosoft® foam is less than other

Macneil Wash Systems Limited
Location: Barrie, Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: +(1)-705-7227649
Fax: +(1)-705-7220582
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Grill Scrubber

The grill scrubber is made with brass bristles set in a varnished hardwood handle. It easily cleans cooking grids, loosens and removes stubborn grid residue and can be used on all kettle BBQs.

Cadac South Africa
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Phone: +(27)-011-4706600
Fax: +(27)-011-4719401
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Vacuum and Air Package
With no internal lubrication required and it´s constant wear-free performance, the NASH liquid-ring compressor carries no oil, graphite or Teflon particles.
Having contact only with the seal water, the air from the NASH compressor suffers no contamination, and it is also constantly filtered, removing dust particles and bacterias, resulting in a high quality air

Gardner Denver Nash
Location: Campinas, Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Phone: +(55)-19-37658000
Fax: +(55)-19-37658001
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Cleaning Chemicals
DYNAMATRIX® EF Efflorescence Cleaner is an acidic based cleaner specifically designed to remove efflorescence, laitance and accumulated dirt deposits on Concrete Pavers and Slabs. It effectively and evenly cleans the substrate without discoloring the surface colors or affecting the integrity of the pavers. With its ability to deeply clean the pores and capillaries of concrete, it prepares the surface for DynaMatrix® Protective Sealants to better penetrate and grip the surface.

Dyna Metro Inc.
Location: Ontario, Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: +(1)-905-7613309
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Brush Cleaner
This cleaner system is ideal to clean your paint brush and keep it ready for the next project.
The durable plastic is suitable for use with mineral spirits, turpentine, and lacquer thinner.

Smart Tools Co., Ltd.
Location: Taibao, Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +(886)-4-22397897
Fax: +(886)-4-22397896
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General Desinfictant 500ml

It is an effective detergent for bathrooms (toilets) and floors, and is used after dilution with water for all solid surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria causing the foul smell. It has a strong impact and a superb piny smell. It can be used for polluted surfaces without dilution.

Hamoudeh Industrial & Trade Establishment
Location: Amman
Country: Jordan
Phone: +(962)-6-4888853
Fax: +(962)-6-4895540
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Magnetic Nail Sweeper
30" wide magnetic sweeper with rake
adjustable height

Stoney Creek Rentals
Location: Bergen County, New Jersey
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-610-9264567
Fax: +(1)-610-9264520
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Rigid Mount
Get the trademark quality and reliability in an affordable package designed to suit the needs of lower-volume facilities.Lower Utility and Labor Costs Choose from three control options to suit your application - each is designed to be easy-to-use and offer significant flexibility and control over your laundry operation.The M30 control includes an advanced water management system that includes 30 programmable water levels, to help you save thousands of gallons of water each year. Save on labor costs with programmable cycle settings for maximum workflow efficiency, and a variety of programming options to ensure maintenance and programming cause as little interruption as possible.The M9 Control offers nine customizable cycle settings to facilitate efficient workflow, with diagnostic tools and automatic laundry chemical dispensing to ensure top-notch operation. The M4 control features a simple display that minimizes confusion so that staff can focus on working as efficiently as

Location: Ripon, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-5875458
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Gasoline Pressure Washer
Powerful, easy-to-start Honda 5.5 HP engine for rugged reliability German-engineered Karcher commercial-grade direct-drive axial pump with brass pump head for maximum durability.Heavy-duty 10" pneumatic tires with metal wheels for maximum mobility, even on varied terrain.Includes a set of three Pro-Style Quick Connect Spray Nozzles. Attach the black nozzle to automatically apply detergent. (Detergent sold separately)

Location: Floral City, Florida
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-561-2831436
Fax: +(1)-561-2101365
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Tomcat Scrubbers And Sweepers
Tomcat products fit a niche of high-performance, compact, yet tough, units for commercial cleaning. The equipment line includes sweepers, scrubbers and burnishers, in both walk behind and rider models.

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-614-2991187
Fax: +(1)-614-2992011
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High-Performance Vapor Degreasers
High-Performance Vapor Degreasers are specially designed for use with the new generation of environmentally-friendly, non-ozone-depleting cleaning solvents. In order to make the use of these solvents economically feasible, Greco Brothers has developed a technologically advanced vapor degreaser which is far more efficient than standard chlorinated solvent degreasers. These technologically advanced degreasers were designed specifically to utilize the new solvents with the absolute maximum in vapor-retention efficiency.

Greco Brothers
Location: Ri
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-401-4219306
Fax: +(1)-401-2748910
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Bellyrubs Stain Remover
Natural, non-pathegenic microberial complex with mild surfactants.
Available Sizes: Spray Bottle 22 fl oz
Directions For Use:
SHAKE WELL. Spray directly on the odor source. May be used on pet beds, litter boxes, carpet, auto interiors, fabrics and more.
Test For Color Fastness On Area
Before Using.
Removing Urine Stains & Odors on Carpets & Fabrics: Spray directly and immediately on stain. For best results, place a damp towel over area and keep moist for a 24 to 48 hour period until stain disappears. Reapply for persistent odors or stains.
OOPS Fixer must make contact with all odor residue for a long enough period of time to permanently destroy it. If any odor is present during the treatment process, then OOPS Fixer either has not made contact with all the odor residue or not enough time has passed to allow OOPS Fixer to completely destroy the odor residue. Saturation or immersion is always preferred. Rule of

Meyer Country Farms, Ltd
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-480-6141869
Fax: +(1)-866-4150714
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Spill Station
Organize your spill-cleaning equipment in one handy wall mounted station. Fits easily into a closet or locker.
Part Number: 93413 00108
National Stock Number: 4235-01-572-3936
Unit Issue: One Metal Mount with attachments
Bio Based: 50% (Absorbent: 97%)
* 8"X12" metal mount
* (1) plastic 8" counter stiff bristle brush
* (1) 12" plastic dust pan
* (1) 4 pound resealable Nature's Broom Pouch that will encapsulate over a gallon and one pint of oil, over a gallon of anti- freeze or almost a gallon of diesel.
* These bio- based granules will bioremediate hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.
* Absorbs other liquids.
* Spill station is designed to mount onto a wall, usually inside a closet or locker. Attaches by metal screws or hangers.

Nature S Broom, Inc.
Location: Hollandale, Minnesota
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-662-8396927
Fax: +(1)-662-8392016
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Laundry Equipments
Laundry Equipments.

Simplex Technical Service & Supplies Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: +(65)-6297-1913
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Flexible Air Duct
COPPUS carries a large selection of flexible air duct for a variety of ventilation application needs. Our most popular heavy duty duct features impregnated polyester duct designed for harsh, industrial environments. Our other selections include: economical light duty duct, source capture duct and hazardous location, anti-static duct.

Location: Houston, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-713-3546100
Fax: +(1)-713-3546110
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Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial full pneumatic vacuum cleaner equipped with a silenced Venturi ejector system and a large capability of collected dust container.
Indicated for the aspiration of any kind of abrasive/rubbles, in wet sites or where the electrical power is not available

Emirates Blastmaster L.L.C
Location: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
Country: United Arab Emirates
Phone: +(971)-255-43141
Fax: +(971)-255-40426
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Nano Silver Antibacterial Wet Wipes
Nano Silver Antibacterial Wet Tissue
. Nano Silver, a nanotechnology product is a powerful anti-bacterial that contains natural silver manufactured at a nanoscale.
. Kills and removes wide spectrum of microorganisms those also known as microbes, germs, bacteria, fungi on your hands without need for water or towels and leave them feeling soft and refreshed.
. Reduces the risk of health care-acquired infections by helping to protect against a wide range of germs that may cause disease.
. Can be used to supplement handwashing and when
soap and water aren't readily available.
When to use
. At work, school, and day care
. Any time or place you can't wash!
. In the kitchen or bathroom for extra care
. After changing diapers or handling money
. After squeezing pimples
. After touching pets
Where to use
. Baby / Woman - Healing/Antibiosis result, Relief side effect on sensitive skin

Nanogist Co. Limited
Location: Seoul, Seoul-T'Ukpyolsi
Country: Korea
Phone: +(82)-2-63367400
Fax: +(82)-2-60084800
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Cleaning Wipes
* WYPALL* X80 Towels on jumbo roll
* 12.5" x 13.4" Red
* 475 wipers/roll
* Sold by roll

Seven Star Packaging
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-713-9376000
Fax: +(1)-713-9376068
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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
SKY175 cloth with logo in PVC pouch
¡¤ Cloth : 15 x 18cm (6" x 7")

Clean Sky Company
Location: Daegu, Daegu
Country: Korea
Phone: +(82)-53-4258478
Fax: +(82)-53-4256927
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Cleaning Wipes

* Cleans all coated glass, including TFT, LCD and polarising filters Safe to use on projectors, digital cameras, PDAs, and TV screens.
* Alcohol-free, non-flammable, non-smearing and reduces the risk of eye strain.
* Available in either a tub of 100, a box of 100 individual sachets, a pack of 10 wet/dry sachets or as a spray.

Rickwoods Office Supplies
Location: Coorparoo, Qld
Country: Australia
Phone: +(61)-07-3847565
Fax: +(61)-07-33241941
Mobile / Cell Phone: 0403466604
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H Plus Protective Belt Cleaner

* Body - stainless steel 304
* Body dimensions 200 mm long
* Designed to work with very abrasive materials
* Protects the mounting part of the cleaner from the abrasive material

Da Gama Industries
Location: Werribee, Victoria
Country: Australia
Phone: +(61)-249364792
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Non-Immersion Film Cleaning Systems
The EXCEL 2000 film cleaning system provides exceptional film cleaning power and speed, thanks to new advancements in cleaning and drying technologies.
In the EXCEL 2000, surface dirt is first removed by a series of four molded polymer particulate transfer rollers. The film is then thoroughly cleaned by means of eight sofrnap rotary buffers wetted with isopropanol or naphtha.
Cleaning liquid flow is adjustable in the EXCEL 2000, so that films that are seriously contaminated can be safely and effectively cleaned and returned to optimum condition.
Following the wet cleaning process, the film is carefully transported through heated air-assisted rotating buffers for thorough drying, then passed over two additional polymer rollers prior to takeup winding.
The EXCEL 2000 is operator friendly, with straight line threading and easy-to-use controls. Cleaning mechanisms engage automatically at startup. All controls are located at eye level.AII functions are under microprocessor

Research Technology International
Location: Lincolnwood, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-847-6773000
Fax: +(1)-847-6771311
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Glues & Seam Cleaner
Glues & Seam Cleaner

Interloc Building Solutions Ltd.
Location: Fife, Scotland
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-0870-0505925
Fax: +(44)-0870-0505926
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Color Floor Decorative Concrete
It is a water-based extra-strength stain developed to give a decorative natural appearance to concrete floors and other porous mediums. It is an excellent tool for the concrete market that can produce unbelievable works of art. Formulated as a user-friendly alternative to hazardous solvent and acid-based stains, Color Floor utilizes state-of-the-art acrylic polymer research and pigment preparation to ensure the highest quality results. Thanks to its superior adhesion, the stain works well on a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, interior and exterior concrete, brick, plaster and natural stone. Color Floor can be applied to previously sealed surfaces, allowing an applicator to save jobs with little hassle. In addition to the Classic Series (semi-transparent stains), Smith?s Color Floor is available in Old World Series (transparent stains) and Bright Light Series (high-chroma stains). Color Floor can be applied via airbrush, high volume low pressure unit (HVLP), production

Smith Paint Products
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-717-2338781
Fax: +(1)-717-2325199
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Lynx Disinfectan Spray 17oz
Lynx Disinfectan Spray 17oz, 12/Spray Case

Tarheel Physicians Supply
Location: Avenel, New Jersey
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-910-7635157
Fax: +(1)-910-7626022
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insulated spiral duct
inside diameter: 80~300mm
wall thickness: 0.5~0.6mm
insulated layer: 15mm

Zhuhai Terry Electromechanical Equipment Co. Limited
Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-756-2283395
Fax: +(86)-756-2283390
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