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Electrical Conduits, Flexible Conduits & Conduit Fittings

Non-Metallic Conduits
Non-metallic conduits

Mgn & Associates Incorporated
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-978-4220292
Fax: +(1)-978-4223550
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Corrugated Conduits Pipe
Corrugated Conduits
Cod: 00210000
Nominal width
Internal diameter
External diameter

Menber S
Location: Legnago, Veneto
Country: Italy
Phone: +(39)-0442-606200
Fax: +(39)-0442-28855
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IP Rated Junction Box
IP Rated Junction Box

Vask Components
Location: Kowloon, Kowloon City
Country: China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
Phone: +(852)-35833157
Fax: +(852)-35830022
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Supports And Clamps Stf
Heavy duty supports specially designed for securing sections of corrugated conduits on demanding applications such as heavy industry and rolling stock.
* Zinc plated steel base plate, cover plate and closing bolts.
* Polypropylene clamps.
* Stackable and double conduit versions also available under request.

Interflex, S.L.
Location: Montilla, Andalucia
Country: Spain
Phone: +(34)-935-650582
Fax: +(34)-935-753879
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SUB-FHP Gearmotor Conduit Boxes
SUB-FHP Gearmotor Conduit Boxes

Industrial Drives & Electric Incorporated
Location: Elberton, Georgia
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-706-2136300
Fax: +(1)-706-2139800
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Junction Box
The robust junction boxes made of plastic and light alloy are featured by their friendly mounting and installation capability and their design. They are fitted with pillar terminals for cable of up to 6 mm2.
The practical orientated housing form allows for a problem-free access to the connection terminals for installation. With the CEAG mounting system, the plastic junction boxes are economical in their use for mounting on walls, trellis and pipes. With wire and cable entries in the sizes M25 or M32 for Ø 8 – 17 mm or Ø 12 – 21 mm respectively, all requirements for the modern day installation technology are fulfilled.

Array Trading
Location: Athens, Attiki
Country: Greece
Phone: +(30)-210-9944685
Fax: +(30)-99-69886
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Conduit Entry

* 25amp Switch Rating
* IP54 rating
* 1 Year Warranty
* Standard 20mm Female Entry
Electrical Specifications
* Voltage Range 200 - 250v
* Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
* Rated Current
Resistive - 25amps
Inductive - 17amps
* Switching cycles on resistive load >200 000
* Volt Drop after 1000c at 1800VA load <100mV
* Light intensity for switch ON 60 Lux
* Light intensity for switch OFF 90 Lux

Location: Pietermaritzburg, Ulundi, Kwazulu-Natal
Country: South Africa
Phone: +(27)-33-3460466
Fax: +(27)-33-3867036
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Cable Ducts
Cable Duct

Simkar Electrical Electronic Industry Trade Co
Location: Istanbul, Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Phone: +(90)-212-2133000
Fax: +(90)-212-2120005
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Beverage Line Conduit Systems
Beverage Management Systems is now providing a total beverage package by offering 4", 6", 8" or 10" Beverage Line Conduit Systems! Our work begins first and foremost in the planning stages with our clients and our team of experienced conduit layout technicians. We provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist in the engineering of conduit layouts for individual properties. By customizing the layout to each client's needs, we ensure the best product possible. On site, we work with our contracting team to ensure every timeline is met and efficiently complete the installation of all beer, soda and liquor conduit systems for a given property.

Location: Tualatin, Oregon
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-503-6246744
Fax: +(1)-503-6246741
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Steel Conduit
We can offer the following at the competitive prices,
-Heavy-duty steel conduit (Q/WLSP07)
-Electrical intermediate metal conduit-steel (UL1242/ANSI C80.6)
-Electrical rigid metal conduit-steel (UL6/ANSI C80.1)
-Electrical metallic tubing-steel (UL797/ANSI C80.3)
-Steel conduit and fittins with metric threads of ISO form for electrical installations (BS4568)
-Conduit for electrical installations (IEC61386)

DBK Machinery Co. Limited
Location: Shanghai
Country: China (Macau S.A.R.)
Phone: +(853)-21-33789707
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13753413232
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Conduit Fittings and Conduit Cable
The Jefa steering conduit fittings are manufactured from solid brass profile to ensure an absolute strong and versatile bonding to the conduit cable. The inside of the fitting has a large pitch thread so the fitting can be easily screwed on the outside of the conduit cable. The fitting can be firmly mounted to a bulkhead or conduit unit with the 16 mm threaded part and locking nut.
The 16 mm heavy duty conduit is steel armoured and incorporates a teflon low friction liner to ensure a high efficiency and to provide many years of service. The Jefa conduit cable is suitable for 5 and 6 mm steering wire which is not included in the price of the conduit.

Jefa Steering Systems
Location: Greve Strand, Roskilde
Country: Denmark
Phone: +(45)-4-6155210
Fax: +(45)-4-6695211
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Electrical Conduit
This is a high quality electrical product.

Bryton Technology, Inc.
Location: Toulon, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-309-9953379
Fax: +(1)-309-9953563
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Conduit Piping
Conduit Piping

Tulisa Kzn Depot
Location: Durban, Kwazulu-Natal
Country: South Africa
Phone: +(27)-31-5739500
Fax: +(27)-31-5739508
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Cable Ducts & Troughs
Technologies of steel sheet and sections forming used in NOVA-TECH allow us to offer unlimited production possibilities while completing specific orders according to the technical documentation provided by our clients.
Articles can be made of St3s and stainless steel or aluminium in different types of finishing such as rough, painted or zinc-plated. Finishing depends on the customer's instructions and is adjusted to the working environment of the article or it improves the esthetical values of the product. NOVA-TECH can produce punched troughs used in industry and construction.

Location: Swiecie, Bydgoszcz
Country: Poland
Phone: +(48)-52-3316683
Fax: +(48)-52-3311668
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Pipe Bender & Conduit Bender
The machine is supplied with formers for bending 20, 25 mm conduit. A former is also available to allow the bending of 16mm conduit, adding to the versatility of this machine. The unique universal vice mount allows a wide range of vices to be fitted, including those of other leading brands. Vices can be secured right up to the edge of the mount, providing excellent clearance for the threading of pipe. The mount also features holes suitable for making fine adjustments to bends, another unique feature to the range. A new dual purpose stabilising and extension bar is also included with the machine, which can be used to gain extra leverage on down bends and act as a counter-lever on up bends.

P-Super International Co., Ltd.
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-571-28866380
Fax: +(86)-517-28866381
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Junction Box
Metal junction box in different size,OEM/ODE is welcome.

Foshan Shunde Lihong Electrical Co. Limited
Location: Foshan, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-757-25551798
Fax: +(86)-757-28613511
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PVC Trunking
Slotted PVC trunking * Facilitates systematic wiring
* Enhances aesthitics and clarity
* Permits faster connections, additions and fault tracing of wires
* Avoids bunching and taping
* Provides complete electrical insulation
Material is high impact, self extinguishing and warp proof rigid PVC.

Enclosure Solutions
Location: Benoni, Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Phone: +(27)-11-9737260
Fax: +(27)-11-3953223
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Steel Flex
We carry an extensive delivery program such as hollow and dual hollow bolts, hollow bolts with bleed nipples, stop light switch, distributor, bleed device and so much more.

Abm Fahrzeugtechnik Gmbh
Location: Breisach, Baden-Wurttemberg
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-7667-94460
Fax: +(49)-7667-944625
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Air Con Trunk
Manufactured from an extra High Impact grade of uPVC, LITAFLEX AIR–Conditioning Trunking is Fire Resistant rated and complies with the Singapore Standard SS 275: 1999.
To facilitate distribution from the outdoor Air-Conditioning Condensing Unit to the Fan Coil Unit mounted on the wall of the living room, LITAFLEX has intelligently design this non-corrosive Trunking system to secure Electrical Cables, Insulation Tubes containing Copper Tubes and UPVC Drain Pipes.
LITAFLEX's latest NEW design on the Base and 'snap-on' lids provide a stronger grip, easy installation and also the removal for maintenance. The unique characteristics of its clean and smooth curvy edges, strength and durability allow it to be used even on rough wall surfaces and ceilings.

Litaflex Plastics Mfg. Pte Limited
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: +(65)-6-7591101
Fax: +(65)-6-7591121
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Vmtec Busbar Trunking System

* Busbar Trunking System for electrical distribution is an alternative to cumbersome conventional cable distribution system.
* Busbar Trunking System has the advantage of expansions, Changes, replacement and reusing capability in the future.
* Loads can be fed from Plug-in Box unlike cables, where each floor/ machine is to be fed separately from the main switchboard.
* Repositioning of distribution points is simpler. Installation time is much shorter then cable system. This provides low installation and manpower costs and help for better time management.
* Busbar Trunking systems have a modern and aesthetic look.
* System is maintenance free.

Vmtec Maschinen-Und Anlagenbau Gmbh
Location: Offenbach Am Main, Hessen
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-69-893027
Fax: +(49)-69-893020
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Flexible Metal Conduit
Flexible Metal Conduit

Flextron Incorporated
Location: Addison, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-630-5435995
Fax: +(1)-630-5435996
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The Rosenberg er OSI Cable-Management-System has been developed especially for patch distributors and equipment racks in data centers, to manage the emerging large cable volumes, caused by high density professional and appropriate.

Rosenberger-Osi Gmbh & Co. Ohg
Location: Augsburg, Bayern
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-821-249240
Fax: +(49)-821-2492429
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Cable Bus
Cable bus consists of a metal enclosure containing conductors that are fully rated insulated copper cables.
Using support blocks, the cables are maintained at spacings slightly greater than two cable diameters between centers to achieve maximum operating current for each cable. Cable bus can be supplied at voltages up to 38kV and currents up to 5000 Amps. Applications include connections between transformers and switchgear, ties between switchgear and switchgear, and connections between motor control centers and large motors.
Typical enclosures for cable bus systems are fabricated of extruded aluminum side members with formed sheet aluminum covers. Standard indoor designs have ventilated top and bottom covers. Optionally, outdoor cable bus has ventilated side members and ventilated bottom covers with enclosed top covers that have a peaked configuration to aid weather resistance. Standard enclosures have no finish coat, although bus can be coated to meet

Applied Controls Corporation
Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-918-2590020
Fax: +(1)-918-2590019
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Vertical Cable Duct & For Mounting Open Rack
With vertical cable duct & for mounting 19" columns , supplied with built in vertical 40- socket power strip with two separate internal circuits. On brake wheels and fixed feet. Wheels are used for rack location & feet screw down to fixed the rack in place.

Horizon For Industry
Location: Cairo, Al Qahirah
Country: Egypt
Phone: +(20)-202-26700288
Fax: +(20)-202-26700288
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Conduit - Metallic Cable Protection Systems
Adaptaflex have a choice of fifteen individual metallic flexible conduit cable protection systems manufactured either in galvanized steel or stainless steel.
A range of 3 different metal flexible conduit types provide a solution for liquid resistant specifications with a further 3 conduit options in liquid tight covered steel conduit for especially demanding environments. Metal conduit cable protection ranges are offered in nominal conduit size from 3mm for CCTV/roller shutter doors and for protecting fibre optic cables right up to 75mm for larger cable carrying capacity.
Overbraided flexible metal conduits are particularly suitable for installation in abrasive environments. Where applications enhanced low fire hazard properties or EMI screening then there is the option of high specification tinned copper overbraided for greater EMI protection levels.

Location: Paignton, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1675-468200
Fax: +(44)-1675-468200
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Helucond Pa-S

Helukabel Usa, Incorporated
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-847-9305118
Fax: +(1)-847-6228766
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Grainger Catalog/Electrical/Conduit/Metal Flexible Conduit
Flexible Metal Conduit Size 3/4 Inch Length 50 Feet Non Jacketed Steel

Brooks Company
Location: Auburn, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-9596560
Fax: +(1)-800-9594107
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Wall Cable Duct
Easy to install
- Universal applicable
- Impact resistant
- Ability to drill holes over the entire length of the cable duct
- Suitable to cover up existing type 4 stainless steel profiles
- Suitable to cover up existing COAX-cable ducts
- Excellent paintable due to good adhesiveness
- Easy to saw
- Increased UV resistance Articlenumber: 29122 Article: Wall cable duct 40x80x40 grey Packaging quantity: 10 lgt. x 2 m

Location: Gorinchem, Zuid-Holland
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +(31)-0183-650650
Fax: +(31)-0183-650750
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* Product Name: E CLIP CONDUIT CLIP FOR 700E.
* Category: Gas Tool Range.
* Download Datasheet: Click here to download pdf.
* Manufacturer: Spit.

The Fixing Company
Location: Dublin, Dublin
Country: Ireland
Phone: +(353)-01-8204717
Fax: +(353)-01-8204930
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PVC Strap
Noncorrosive PVC conduit strap for PVC and galvanized conduit.
1-1/4" PVC Strap
Thomas & Betts
Model: E977GCCTN
Do it Best SKU: 508810
Online Price: $2.69

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-855-8289792
Fax: +(1)-260-7485409
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Liquid tight
UL LISTED, power distribution cables from Power Cabling attach to your power source completing your power distribution system by delivering clean, reliable power anywhere you require.

From Liquidtight to Metal Clad or Rubber Cord, Power Cabling can offer multiple solutions to meet your exact specifications for above or below floor power requirements. Each assembly is 100% factory tested for ground integrity, insulation leaks and phase rotation. Every conductor is "Hi-Pot" tested at twice rated circuit voltage plus 1000 volts. Every cable carries a "Lifetime Replacement Guarantee" and Rapid Turnaround 24-hour service is available for most orders.

Power Cabling
Location: Westfield, Massachusetts
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-6580888
Fax: +(1)-814-3675780
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Conduit Clip

* epac conduit clips for fast mounting of 16mm or 19mm electric conduits.
* Mepac conduit clips can also be used for floor heating !
* Drill 6mm, insert and press in.
* Mepac conduit clips have a high tensile resistance and are suitable for all types of hard brick and concrete.
* Mepac conduit clips are halogen-free as standard.

Maskate B.V
Location: Uithoorn, Noord-Holland
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +(31)-297-530201
Fax: +(31)-297-564756
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Steel Conduit Pipes Welded
Standard: - DIN 2440
(mm) Wall thickness
1/2 ' 2,6 / 2,9 / 3,2 3/4 ' 2,6 / 2,9 / 3,2 1 ' 2,9 / 3,2 / 4,0

Location: Vienna, Vienna
Country: Austria
Phone: +(43)-1-40268110
Fax: +(43)-1-402681120
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Conduit Clamp
Conduit Clamp Used to attach conduit to concrete.
Pin pre-assembled to an 18 gage conduit strap.
1/2" 50 per jar and 3/4" 25 per jar.
R150 T3SS

1/2" Conduit clamp with 3/4" plated pin
3/4" Conduit clamp with 3/4" plated pin
Shank diameter = .104/.125 Head diameter = .300

Itw Ramset
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-2415640
Fax: +(1)-866-7268134
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Flexible Conduit
Order # Description
202 501 PE Flexible conduit OD-13mm per m
202 504 PE Flexible conduit OD-20mm per m
202 505 PE Flexible conduit OD-25mm per m
202 507 PE Flexible conduit OD-32mm per m
202 521 Flexible conduit adapters OD-13mm each
202 524 Flexible conduit adapters OD-20mm each
202 525 Flexible conduit adapters OD-25mm each
202 527 Flexible conduit adapters OD-32mm each
220 900 Flexible conduit 17.5mm Black Per meter
220 901 Flexible conduit 22mm Black Per meter
220 902 Flexible conduit 25mm Black Per meter
220 904 Flexible conduit 42mm Black Per meter

Cubic Engineering Co (Pvt) Ltd.
Location: Colombo, Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
Phone: +(94)-02-861010
Fax: +(94)-02-864040
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Explosion Proof Conduit Box
This conduit box can be used with LEESON’s DC Explosion proof motors. UL and CSA listed for Class l, Groups C & D and Class ll, Groups F & G locations. Has grounding screw and all hardware provided. Mounts to motor by ¾-14 NPT conduit hole.

Charles F. Wheelock
Location: Montevallo, Alabama
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-205-6650365
Fax: +(1)-205-6651011
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Flexl Polyamid Flexible Conduits
FLEXL polyamid flexible conduits
The range of BASORFLEXL products provides flexible conduits, available in two colours: grey (RAL7016) and black (RAL9011). Manufactured in nylon (PA6) with low smoke level, low toxicity and halogen-free. They have lenghtwise elasticity, are non-flame propagating, self-extinguishable, with a service temperature of between -40º and 120ºC in static applications and between -20º and 100ºC in motion, a minimum resistance to compression of 320N and a resistance to impact rate of 6J at -20ºC.

Basor Electric, S.A.
Location: Gandia, Comunidad Valenciana
Country: Spain
Phone: +(34)-96-2876695
Fax: +(34)-96-2877756
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PVC Flexible Conduit
* PE / PVC flexible conduit
* excellent flexibility and waterproof.
* Temperature rating: -20¢XC ~ +70¢XC.
* IP65, LFH, IEMI.
* R2011 & R2017 with RoHS compliant jacket are available.

Pt.Amd Indonesia
Location: Tanggulangin, Jawa Timur
Country: Indonesia
Phone: +(62)-21-71111595
Fax: +(62)-21-73455390
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Electrical Conduit Connnectors
We offer a broad range of fittings, adapters and locknut to terminate our flexible conduits. Included in the full range are male and female threaded ends and special order fittings.

Whitehouse Flexible Tubing
Location: Worcester, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1527-64036
Fax: +(44)-1527-584165
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Corrugated Electrical Conduit
Spiral pipes, which have separately specified internal and external nominal diameters, are manufactured with internal nominal diameters of Ø 16 - Ø 40 mm;

Elsu Plastic Water- Electricity Installation Pipes Limited
Location: Istanbul, Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Phone: +(90)-216-3987272
Fax: +(90)-216-4194134
Mobile / Cell Phone: 5337118976
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Communications Conduit & Fittings
Vinidex manufactures a range of communications conduits and fabricated fittings for the communications industry.
Fittings include:
* Bends - socket x socket
* Slip couplings
* Adaptors
For more details of product availability contacts our Customer Service Team:
Hotline: 13 11 69
FAX: 13 24 43.

Vinidex Private Limited
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia
Phone: +(61)-2-88399006
Fax: +(61)-2-88399152
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Wall Cable Management Wc01
Wall cable management WC01

· Paintable to match any wall
· Covers can be cut to desired length
· Modular design allows for any configuration
Product Specifications
· Includes (3) 16" x 2.25" covers, (1) 90o elbow and (2) end caps.

Haoteng AV Co. Limited
Location: Taicang, Jiangsu
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-512-81610186
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13707994202
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Watertightness Flexible Conduits

* Compared with other systems that require a different connector for each IP66, IP68 and IP69K degree of protection, our NYLOFIX system allows all these water-tightness levels with the same connector. Starting from the IP66 the connector has out of the box, you simply have to add an O-ring on the first groove of the conduit's special patented profile to obtain an IP68 and IP69K protection .

* This characteristic the highest protection (IP69K) at a low cost and at the same time reduces the number of references in out customers stock providing noticeable savings and an easier control.

Interflex, S.L.
Location: Montilla, Andalucia
Country: Spain
Phone: +(34)-935-650582
Fax: +(34)-935-753879
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Locknuts Product
A range of brass and stainless steel locknuts for use with our terminal entry glands. Ideal for junction box applications where a firm fixing of the terminal entry gland is required.

Tc Direct
Location: Uxbridge, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1895-855555
Fax: +(44)-1895-857777
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Components for Control Cables, Conduit Fitting
Components for control cables, conduit fitting.

Yuandi Group
Location: Langfang, Hebei
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-316-2163962
Fax: +(86)-316-2163963
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13911610192
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Flexible Aluminum Conduit. Type Hwa

* Extra heavy aluminum construction
* Primary aluminum alloy for maximum strength
* Superior corrosion resistance
* Smooth interior for easy wire pull-thru
* Easy installation to follow contours
* Built in flexibility for simplified positioning
* Exceptional crush proof and tension test qualities
* Available in units cut to specific lengths - consult factory Features:
* Listed connectors available from leading manufacturers
* Complies with UL-1 File number E25633, CSA C22.2 File number 14901, NEC Article 350 and Federal Specification WW-C-566C
* Firewall penetration rating one and two hours per UL 1479 File number 14879 and ANSI Standards E119 and E814
* All items, except 7/16", available with dual listing for UL/CSA

J Tek Tool & Mold Inc.
Location: Clyde, Ohio
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-419-5479476
Fax: +(1)-419-5476359
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Electrical Conduit

Our range of electrical sections will easily cope with most of the contractor's electrical applications. From cable covers and oval conduits which are buried in the wall to the conduit box to hide those surface wires. In addition to the standard 1.83m and 2.44m lengths we also stock 3m lengths.

Russell Plastics
Location: Harpenden, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1582-762868
Fax: +(44)-1582-461086
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PVC Conduit
American pipe & plastics’ power and communication conduit and fittings are manufactured for both concrete encasement and direct burial as specified by environment and application. conduit is manufactured to meet the general requirements of astm f512, nema tc2, nema tc6, nema tc8, and ul 651. fittings are manufactured to meet nema tc3 and nema tc9.
Advantages of using PVC conduit :
* Smooth bore to reduce cable drag
* Lightweight for ease of handling
* Flexible for ease of installation (stick)
* Solvent welded joint ensures water tight integrity
* Low coefficient of thermal expansion

American Pipe And Plastics, Inc.
Location: Binghamton, New York
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-607-7754340
Fax: +(1)-607-7752707
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Cable & Conduit

* Supports cable and conduit without bending drop wire
* Delivers 25% faster installation
* Eliminates the need to trap cable/conduit against drop wire

Keer Electrical Supply Company
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-973-4847400
Fax: +(1)-973-4840805
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Sensor Conduit Kit
3mt length of 10mm flexible conduit with end cap.
Used to house thermostat floor sensor for easy rem

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia
Phone: +(61)-0409-562921
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