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Chemical Processing Plants & Machinery

Chemical Mortar Tools TCM300MT
In our extensive product range, we offer wide collection of chemical mortar tools to our clients. The offered range of chemical mortar tools is manufactured by using high quality raw material as per the international quality standards and norms. This product is well known for the features like reliable performance and durable finish standards and is widely used for various industrial applications. To meet the diverse requirements of our clients, this product is offered in various specifications, at market leading prices.

Trutek Fasteners (Pvt) Ltd
Location: Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
Phone: +(94)-77-3860037
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Chemical Dispenser Tools

Offering Chemical Dispenser Tools.

Chemical Mortar Tools TCM400MT 1 To 1 Extrusion Tool.

TCM400MT is designed with the user in mind. The trigger on each tool has smooth action and comfortable grip, and it delivers enough force to make it suitable for use in all weather.

Trutek Fasteners (Pvt) Ltd
Location: Athurugiriya, Colombo
Country: Sri Lanka
Phone: +(94)-(77)-3860037
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Iv Filtration - Microvex
Sterilizing grade filter for small volume IV applicationsThe Microvex™ IV filter unit with low priming and hold-up volume (< 0.4 mL) is ideal for neonatal therapies, alternative site infusion therapies, low-volume chemotherapeutics or antibiotic infusion.The unit can be used in conjunction with both gravity and pump feeds.
The Microvex™ filter is comprised of a hydrophilic 0.22 µm, polyethersulfone (PES) primary membrane and a 0.1 µm PVDF, hydrophobic vent membrane within a Cyrolite G20 acrylic housing. All materials meet ISO 10993 requirements for external communicating devices, blood path indirect, and for contact durations of 24 hours or less.
NP Medical's upstream, high volume, fully automated manufacturing capabilities ensure on-time delivery of precise components. All NP Medical products are manufactured in an ISO Class 8, 100,000 cleanroom under cGMP guidelines, offering complete manufacturing traceability and meeting ANSI/ISO standards. NP

Np Medical
Location: Clinton, Iowa
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-978-3684514
Fax: +(1)-978-3654025
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Fountain Beverage Systems
Everpure insureice® filtration systems for commercial ice machines drastically reduce the most common water related ice machine problem - scale buildup due to dirt and minerals in the water - by up to 70 percent

Gulf Ice Systems, Inc.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-850-4741784
Fax: +(1)-850-4772458
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Nitrogen Generator
Nitrogen Generator.

Angstrom Advanced Incorporated
Location: Braintree, Massachusetts
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-781-5194765
Fax: +(1)-781-5194766
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Chemical Transfer Pump
MY20CHEM - Powered by a trusty Yamaha engine with a recoil starting system.
Engine Model: Yamaha MZ175
Engine Horsepower: 5.5 hp
Starting System: Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.5 L
Suction Size: 2'
Discharge Size: 2'
Max. Head: 23 m
Max. Flow Rate: 324 L/min
Fuel Type: Unleaded
Diam.: 510 x 410 x 425 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 27.5 kg
Dunlite Chemical Transfer Pumps feature high flow characteristics and deliver superb fuel efficient performance with the help of durable polyethylene terephthalate impellers and internal casings.
Suitable For Chemical transfer and waste water handling applications.

Dunlite Power Equipment
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia
Phone: +(61)-03-93169799
Fax: +(61)-03-93140909
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Nitrogen Generators
he science is simple. Nitrogen molecules are bigger than air molecules, so they leak out of tires more slowly, meaning they stay inflated at the correct pressure longer. Proper tire inflation is key to gaining so many great benefits like superior handling, increased gas mileage, longer tire life and overall safety. Pneumatech's nitrogen generators offer an easy to use, superior product with great value.
Nitrogen tire inflation is Green Technology. Tires inflated with nitrogen will hold pressure longer, saving energy and benefiting the environment. There are energy savings with properly inflated tires by producing better gas mileage, therefore creating less pollution. Increasing gas mileage reduces emissions and limits air pollution. Properly inflated tires will extend tire life, so fewer tires fill our landfills. Filling tires with nitrogen is an easy and affordable way to participate in Go Green efforts.

Indotech Enterprise Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: +(65)-20-63388700
Fax: +(65)-20-63383488
Mobile / Cell Phone: 96272043
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Hps Hydrogen Purifier
hy9’s proprietary hydrogen purification products provide high purity hydrogen on demand for fuel cell power, combined heat and power, transportation and industrial gas applications. Our core differentiation is our unique and field proven hydrogen purification technology, refined over many years of development and commercial deployment. Our cost effective membrane systems separate pure hydrogen from a wide variety of gas mixtures, providing a reliable solid barrier to any impurities. The attributes of hy9’s industrial gas purifiers include:

purity – hy9’s purifiers produce hydrogen with purity of 99. 9999+% or higher

fuel flexibility - hy9’s membrane purifiers tolerate a wide variety of feed stocks and gas mixtures, having been successfully deployed with systems utilizing methanol, natural gas, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, ammonia borane, and a variety of hydrides.
flux capacity –

Hy9 Corporation
Location: Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-508-4353789
Fax: +(1)-508-4353742
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Fineline Fine Screening System
If your product requires a highly technological solution, capable of being flexibly adapted to the product characteristics during the production process, the Fineline is your solution.
* from 3 to 9 feet wide
* Variable speed and inclination via electronic control
* Extremely easy screen media change-out

W S Tyler
Location: St Catharines, Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: +(1)-905-6882644
Fax: +(1)-905-6884733
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Air Line Equipment
For air preparation, Brammer offers filters, regulators, lubricators, boxed sets and combination units, miniature FRLs, valves and accessories.

Whatever your requirements, Brammer can help through supplying the part and brand that you need.
* Shut-off valve - safety isolating assembly from air supply
* Filter/ regulator - with auto drain and 40 micron filter element
* Micro-fog lubricator - for most versatile and controllable lubrication
* Pressure guage - for quick & easy wall mounting.

Brammer Plc
Location: Manchester, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-8447-363616
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Tan Dat Co., Ltd.
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh
Country: Vietnam
Phone: +(84)-8-35592036
Fax: +(84)-8-35592035
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Kinder Morgan is the largest independent transporter of refined petroleum products in North America. Through our Products Pipelines business unit, we transport over 2 million barrels per day of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, natural gas liquids and other fuels through more than 8,000 miles of pipelines. We also have approximately 50 liquids terminals in this business segment that store fuels and offer blending services for ethanol and other products.
Kinder Morgan has become an industry leader in transporting alternative fuels following several expansions and capital investments in existing infrastructure. In 2008, we became the first company to transport ethanol through a pipeline for commercial use and continue to move batches of denatured ethanol along with gasoline shipments through our Central Florida Pipeline from Tampa to Orlando today. Kinder Morgan expanded its transportation business in renewable fuels in 2009 by starting to move biodiesel through a portion of the

Kinder Morgan
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-713-3699000
Mobile / Cell Phone: 9144517
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Semi-Auto Steam Distillation System
the udk 139 distillation unit is the semi-automatic solution for your analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen, (kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acids, cyanides, alcohol content and devarda nitrogen determination.
the udk 139 runs automatically, after setting distillation time, sodium hydroxide addition and steam generation output level between 10 and 100% using the innovative 3. 5' color touch screen. The high-precision pumps ensure constant accurate dosing of reagents.
accessing the 10 customizable methods available in 6 different languages is simple and intuitive.
the new udk 139 incorporates a considerably high level of technology, with the velp patented steam generator that offers high performance, safety (no pressure inside) and is maintenance-free. Another unique velp component is the titanium condenser offering reduced water

Neu-Tec Group Incorporated
Location: Farmingdale, New York
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-516-8700877
Fax: +(1)-516-9773774
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Stationary Nitrogen Generators
Intended for the smaller tire dealer, the Branick Model 350 still uses the same membrane technology as our larger systems and requires minimum input pressure. This compact, wall-mount unit is also a real space saver. Designed for 1.78 scfm of nitrogen output, this entry level generator is the ideal solution for light-duty applications.

Griffin Tools & Supply, LLC
Location: Carpentersville, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-847-6513099
Fax: +(1)-914-6128945
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reverse osmosis (ro), ultrafiltration (uf), microfiltration (mf) and pervaporation (pv) applications where extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals are common

Cable Components Group
Location: Pawcatuck, Connecticut
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-860-5995877
Fax: +(1)-860-5995461
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Gal S/S Vertical Tank
used- tank, 2800 gallon, stainless steel, vertical. 84in diameter x 116in straight side, coned top and bottom. Openings top (2) 3in, side (2) 3in, 24in side bottom manway with cover, approximate 3-1/2in npt center bottom outlet. Mounted on 4 carbon steel legs.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-773-5484131
Fax: +(1)-773-5482608
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Luxury Handheld Shower Power Filtration System
CRYSTAL QUEST® Luxury Handheld Shower Power filtration system combines the ease and convenience of showering with a handheld showerhead and peace of mind from showering in filtered water.

Lessman Resources Limited Liability Company
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-877-5549283
Fax: +(1)-970-4825420
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Apme Chemical Pallet
Apme Chemical Pallet

Shaw Pallet Limited
Location: Huddersfield, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1484-848400
Fax: +(44)-1484-848410
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Distillation equipment is used for solvent recovery, to close loop your waste streams for ink, solvent, paint, or most any wash solution. Distillation equipment is available for manual operation and for automatic operation of solvent recovery.
With distillation equipment, your solvent waste stream is reduced and the clean solvent is returned for your re-use. Manual solvent distillation machines can distill to 95% to 98% of the waste and automatic solvent distillation machines can distill near 100% of the waste.
Solvent Distillation equipment designed with mixing blades can mix the waste solvent during the solvent recovery process, so that the discharge of the distillation system is a powder or a flake. Without the mixing blades, the solvent distillation units would reduce the waste to a thick syrup or paste.
If you want your solvent recovery process to distill to a powder or a flake, often the result is that

Sawyer And Smith Corporation
Location: Castalia, Ohio
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-419-9514818
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Self-Balancing Throw Screen
Self-balancing throw screen

Cjsc Mining Machines
Location: Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk
Country: Russia
Phone: +(7)-2-901555
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E Plant Chemical Dispenser
The Adaptive e Plant™ chemical dispenser is an accurate, simple to maintain and powerful dispensing system which eliminates handling of chemicals and operator weighing errors.
The system uses simple three-way stainless steel dispense valves, mounted in multiple manifolds to separate incompatible chemicals, a highly accurate coriolis mass flow meter and the latest PC based control technology.
The system is supplied complete unit with the dispense manifolds, dispense valves and control system fully assembled, tested and calibrated.
The dispenser is available in a number of sizes and configurations to match specific production requirements.
Stainless steel construction, simple piston valves, coriolis mass flow meter and seal free magnetically couple pump provide years of trouble free service.
A highly accurate coriolis flow meter in conjunction with a variable flow control valve and auto-tuning dispense control for each product

Adaptive Control Inc.
Location: Huntersville, North Carolina
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-704-9470770
Fax: +(1)-704-9476200
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Inline Filtration
This is a must in Compressed Air Systems as dust particles are ever present in the air, most compressors are located near to factory production which can lead to product contamination and fine oil vapour from the Compressors itself can enter into the air lines. Clean air is necessary for every application to keep the system efficient and productive. Depending on your application there are the basic filters shown in diagram 1 but also available are carbon activated filters to absorb the Oil Vapour and those requiring breathing air a filter which gives technically oil free and clean air which conforms to breathing Standards BS4275. For further information on other types of filtration please contact us.

Algar Air
Location: Sheffield, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-114-2432347
Fax: +(44)-114-2443224
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Bitumen Emulsion Plant
from 5 to 20 cbm/h

Asian Blue Star
Location: Hong Kong
Country: China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
Phone: +(852)-2115-9628
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Deposition Systems
The SSC-1000 (10") Sputtering System incorporates upper and lower base plates for sputter up or sputter down operation. Base plates move out of cabinet doors allow for through-the-wall mounting of the system.

Cha Industries
Location: Fremont, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-510-6838554
Fax: +(1)-510-6833848
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Ultra Glysorb Cartridges
Glysorb™ cartridges are designed to absorb the vapor forms of such compounds as glycol, lube oil, amines, corrosion inhibitors, and other contaminates that may be present in natural gas samples. If not removed, these contaminates can cause electrolytic (P2O5) and aluminum oxide moisture sensors to lose sensitivity. Glycol vapor, specifically, can contaminate an analyzer sample system. Ultra Glysorb™ Cartridges will protect online moisture analyzers. It is designed to fit the T-type Ultra Glysorb™ Housing.

A Corporation, Llc
Location: Gonzales, Louisiana
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-225-6445255
Fax: +(1)-225-6443975
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Lead Free
There are serious health and liability risks associated with the use of lead. This has led to government regulations concerning the elimination of lead from certain manufacturing processes

Solder Chemistry
Location: Landshut, Bayern
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-871-4309500
Fax: +(49)-871-43095020
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Centrifuges Equipment
For over 25 years Separators, Inc. has specialized in Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak and Westfalia disc centrifuges. To better serve our customer we have expanded our offerings to include small to intermediate decanters.
We have experience with dairy, food, beverage, edible oil, rendering, bio-pharm, and numerous industrial applications. Our equipment experience includes but is not limited to the following models:
Alfa Laval and or Tetra Pak (Dairy / Food)
390 Series MRPX 514HGV MRPX 418HGV
590 Series MRPX 614HGV MRPX 518HGV
Alfa Laval Industrial
AFPX 213 BRPX 313 MAB205 PX90
AFPX513 BRPX 417 MAPX 207 SRG 214
BRPX 207 CHPX 517 MAPX309 SRPX 417
BRPX 309 LAPX 404 SGP MAPX 313 WHPX 510
BRPX 213 MAB 104 PX80 WHPX 51

Separators, Inc
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-317-4843745
Fax: +(1)-317-4843755
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Nitrogen Generators Membrane System
The air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases. EUROSIDER MEMBRANE SYSTEMS use this unlimited source of raw material to produce nitrogen at various degrees of purity. The basic principle behind the membrane system is selective permeation. Each gas has a characteristic permeation rate that is a function of its ability to dissolve and diffuse through a membrane. This characteristic allows the so-called "fast gases such as oxygen to be separated from the slow gases such as nitrogen. The key components of the system are the membrane modules. Each module contains thousands of hollow fibre membranes which allow oxygen, water vapour and carbon dioxide to be selectively removed from the compressed air to produce a steady flow of high concentrate nitrogen. By regulating the temperature and the pressure of the air supply to the membrane module, the purity and flow-rate can be controlled. Unwanted particles and oil in the compressed air are eliminated through

Eurosider Sas
Location: Grosseto, Toscana
Country: Italy
Phone: +(39)-564-425117
Fax: +(39)-564-418833
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160 Litre Distillation System
160 Litre Distillation System

Ken Kimble
Location: Canterbury, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-122-7710274
Fax: +(44)-122-7258840
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Process Analyzer
Cerex has developed two technologies that allow this to be possible. UV spectrophotometer hardware and software allow multi-gas measuring flexibility. Second, cerex has perfected multi-pass, long-path gas cells that provide for very low minimum detection capabilities; often down to parts per trillion or low PPB levels. It can also be added corrosive cell to 24/7 monitor corrosive gases.
the system is separated into two parts, the primary uv3000 analyzer, and the optical “probe”. This probe can be a closed cell, or an open path optical system. The optical half of the system connects to the primary analyzer via optical cabling. Therefore, if the user elects to remote the optical half in a separate area, this entire half of the system is now intrinsically-safe. The main analyzer is available in a 19-inch rackmount enclosure, or an optional outdoor-rated name enclosure.

Sunway (Hk) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Location: Tsuen Wan, Tsuen Wan
Country: China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
Phone: +(852)-2-9514138
Fax: +(852)-2-4023363
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Emulsifying Machine
HS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is specially designed by introducing foreign updated technology and on the basis of ointment-making techniques for processing cosmetics and ointment. It is composed of pretreatment boiler, vacuum emulsifying mixer boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, tilting system, and electric control system, etc. The emulsifying machine is a coaxial and triple type mixer, suitable to stable homogenizing and emulsifying, the finished granular is very small. The quality of emulsifying depends on dispersing of the granular on the preparation stage. The smaller the granular is, the weaker the trend of accumulation to the surface becomes, thus the smaller the opportunity for the emulsifying to be broken becomes. Relying on mixing of reversed impeller, under the condition of homogenizing turbine and vacuum status, you can get the high-quality effect of emulsifying and mixing.

Zhejiang Zhuji Always Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
Location: Zhuji, Zhejiang
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-575-87719702
Fax: +(86)-575-87719703
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Dc Power Line Filter
the plf-250 power line filter was developed by technisonic to provide an extra ordinary level of power line conditioning to counter excessive 28 volt dc ripple resident in some airframes. Investigation has determined that if ripple on the aircraft 28 volt dc bus becomes excessive, the uhf function will be inhibited and ctcss tones will become modulated (distorted) by the noise. This filter will correct problems relating to the operation of the technisonic tfm-403, tfm-500 and tfm-550 in the transmit mode. Typical difficulties include no transmit in hi power mode, or unable to open a repeater using a ctcss transmit tone. If you encounter either of these difficulties, confirm the condition by operating the radio(s) with the aircraft generators switched off. If the radio(s) operate normally on battery power only, the use of the technisonic plf-250 filter is recommended. The technisonic part number for the plf-250 is 021214-1.
all pricing is subject to change without notice.

Dac International Incoporation
Location: Austin, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-512-3315323
Fax: +(1)-512-3314516
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Pipelines Thermowell
A manufacturer of temperature measurement products has launched a unique design of Thermopylae that can easily and safely be installed in process pipelines if a standard Thermopylae has failed the AS ME Performance Test Code (PT C 19.3, 2004).
In petrochemicals, thermophiles are used widely in temperature measurement applications. There are multiple variations of two basic types: low pressure and high-pressure versions. Thermophiles are used to provide isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment, in this case oil or gas. A Thermopylae enables the temperature sensor to be removed and replaced without compromising either the ambient region or the process. The service life of a Thermopylae is therefore critical and the mechanical design needs to ensure that the unit can operate under ever increasing flow rates within process pipelines.

Okazaki Manufacturing Company
Location: Rhondda, Cynon, Taff, Wales
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-2920-814333
Fax: +(44)-814361
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Diffusion Cells
to measure in vitro percutaneous absorption of drugs, cosmetics, toxins and other pharmaceutical compounds. Our line of diffusion cells are sold under the trade name skin permeation systems.
we offer static cell, flow-through cell, or iontophoresis cell design. We can also fabricate your custom cell design or franz-like cells.
diffusion cells are used to measure the penetration of cosmetics, toxin or drugs into and through the skin or membrane. Evaporation cells are used to measure the evaporation of these substances from the skin, a measurement that also affects penetration and can answer the question of how much of a topical preparation simply stays on or in the skin. Penetration and evaporation values obtained with diffusion cells can approximate the values obtained using in vivo methods such as tape-stripping, urinalysis/radioassay, and punch biopsy.

Laboratory Glass Apparatus
Location: Berkeley, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-510-5270330
Fax: +(1)-510-5270331
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Filtration Equipment
Oakland Products distributes standard equipment, designs and builds custom systems for washing, filtration, high-pressure coolant, coolant recycling, and high-pressure cleaning.

Oakland-Rampart Equipment
Location: Franklin, Pennsylvania
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-814-4322200
Fax: +(1)-814-4322201
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Generon Nitrogen Generators
Generon Nitrogen Generators
* Designed and Manufactured by Generon IGS
* Both membrane and PSA technology available
* Can be integrated with air compressor
These are fabricated by our sister company Generon IGS.
Purities available from 95% to 99.9995%
We have the ability to meet flow demands for any application.

Houston Compression And Services. Inc.
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-713-5501556
Fax: +(1)-713-9375250
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Taping & Screening Machines

* Taping / screening machines require a reliable and accurate constant tension system which can only be guaranteed by using "state of the art" brake designs.
In this area the vHF taping lines play a major role. Customized tangential taping lines enable the taping of submarine cables up to 100 mm (4") diameter and plastic tubing up to 600 mm ( 23") diameter.
Concentric tapers (like tangential tapers) are also provided with electrical brake systems for tension control. By synchronizing a row of taping heads the tape overlap is held constant. A line of user friendly take-ups and pay-offs for use with taping lines as well as tape accumulators and pay-offs also form part of the vHF product range.

Vom Hagen & Funke Gmbh
Location: Sprockhovel, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-2324-974500
Fax: +(49)-2324-974526
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Comport Uvss
The HomeLand Comport UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is a simplified surveillance system to perform the vehicle undercarriage inspection. The system is designed to monitor and record real time video. Playback of captured video for future reference is possible. High resolution video provides clear live video of the vehicle's underside in detecting attached packages, explosives and other objects.
Comport UVSS Screening Unit consists of 4 high resolution video camera, with infra-red illumination units protected inside an inspection ramp.
The Power and Interface Unit is a junction for all the cables and power supply.
The Operating Unit is presented with real time vehicle undercarriage video providing the user to view 4 video clips of the vehicle undercarriage through the LCD screen.
Securing images are processed by the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) whom capable of recording four channels simultaneously and displaying moving images in quad screen

Homeland Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Location: Johor Bahru, Johor
Country: Malaysia
Phone: +(60)-7-2270998
Fax: +(60)-7-2279323
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Acid Recirculation System For Battery Formation
acid recirculation system
Application: for the formation of loose assembled battery
save formation cycle time, more than 50%.
increased performance and improved battery quality.
reduce the production cost by 10%.
increase the productivity of the charging process.
easy to introduce the total productive management method.
environmental protection: no waste acid, no waste water, the emission of the acid fog is up to the national standard.
easy to operate and make the workman happy, for: no acid contact, no acid fog, clean and easy control.

Zibo Battery Machine & Electronic Co., Ltd
Location: Zibo, Shandong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-533-2996083
Fax: +(86)-533-2996085
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13561616870
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Filtration System
Detailed Product Description
water filtration system
1.water filtration system Brand Name:spagold
2.water Filtration Systems are constructed by the latest
water filtration system
water filtration system Brand Name:spagold
2.water filtration system are constructed by the latest engineering techno
3.water filtration system are constructed by the latest engineering technology.
Fiberglass reinforced tank with unequaled strength and durability.
4.water filtration system equipped with top-mount filter and centrifugal pump.
5."Spagold" Filtration systems are the most recommendable equipment for the application of swimming pool and fish pool.
Feature & Advantages1.Six-position, top mounted multi-port valve clamp style.2.Extremely quiet operation3. Easy installation4.Combination water and sand drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy 5.1year warrantyPacking: Carton

Spagold Pool Equipment Group Inc.
Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-20-86430262
Fax: +(86)-20-86422175
Mobile / Cell Phone: 15920186629
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Merv Rated Media Technostat High Efficiency Filter Media

superior felt and filtration supplies a wide assortment of merv rated hvac filter media. Technostat™ media has an electrostatic charge that retains its sub-micron particulate capture efficiency for over five years. This is a key factor in capturing more dust and pollen particles out of the air in furnace filters, home air purification units and other high flow rate applications.
our media complies with the new ashrae 52. 2 standard and is available in merv 7 through merv 15 ratings. Call today and talk with one of our hvac experts to determine which grade of media is suitable for your application.

Superior Felt & Filtration, Llc.
Location: Ingleside, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-2553358
Fax: +(1)-815-7591212
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PE Vertical Tank
Vertical cylindrical. The bottom is flat, convex upper vault. Hatch central or decentralized level. Pe antacid shockproof molded with rotational process in a single cast. Provided to prevent liquids from input, content and removed at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. Suitable for the containment of water for food use. Planned for installation underground. Not suitable for vehicles. Standard gray color.
Ancillary Supplies:
* Level indicator float.
* Holes for introduction pipes for loading and unloading.
TYPE Volume Diam Closed 800 810 130 95 1200 1101 130 115 1600 1566 130 150 2000 1905 130 180 3500 3380 170 180 4000 3998 170

Consulprogett Ltd.
Location: Recanati, Marche
Country: Italy
Phone: +(39)-71-7574001
Fax: +(39)-71-7574002
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Hydro-Jet Agitation System
Conservatively rated at 10 tons of mulch per hour, with an 85 foot discharge placement range, this 56 horsepower, mid-sized trailer mounted unit makes short work of bigger sites. Economically priced, this machine is designed to fit the high productivity requirements of the commercial landscaper, sod producer, excavator or road building contractor. Equipped with a Kubota water cooled Diesel engine.

Reinco Inc.
Location: Plainfield, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-908-7550921
Fax: +(1)-908-7556379
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Beam Evaporator
25 x 30 tall stainless steel bell jar system with 21-1/2" ID x 26" OD base plate, collar, two Temescal SFIH-270-1, 7 cc guns, filament transformers, Varian VHS250 diffusion pump, 3,700 l/s, 767216 LN2 trap valve, mechanical hoist, rotary and other items as shown. With a choice of jars from belljars such as VBJ250 or VBJ400 Does not include any e beam supplies, controls or mechanical pump.

E. Mcgrath Incorporation
Location: Salem, Massachusetts
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-978-7443546
Fax: +(1)-978-7414020
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Extraction Systems
Direct shopfitters provide a range of services from a fan replacement to the design, fabrication & installation of complete ductwork ventilation systems. Your enquiry will be handled by a single contact from start to finish. Through initial consultation & pricing through to installation & commissioning, we will give your project the dedicated attention it deserves. Our hands on, approachable work ethic ensures complete transparency during contracts. All of our commissioned projects are installed with full handover documentation and future support should you require it.
Our extraction canopies are made of high grade stainless steel and come complete fully integrated with speed controller, fan motor and lighting. We have a wide range of canopies covering standard, Island, twin and condensate canopies in widths and depths suitable for your install.

Direct Shopfitters Limited
Location: London, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-20-84531118
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Detection & Screening Systems
The CSI-IR illuminator series is designed to produce clear night vision images for surveillance. Cantronic's proprietary design provides evenly distributed illumination, with viewing distances of over 200 meters (660 feet). CSI-IR Illuminators also feature the advantage of low power consumption, using only 3W - 50W. The illuminators are weather-resistant and come in 850nm versions. Please see the Specification Table below for 940nm versions.
Cantronic offers a high-performance illuminator, delivering the farthest viewing distance and longest life of any infrared illuminator available on today’s market. The CSI-IR series of illuminators may be purchased separately, or as part of a complete infrared CCTV camera system. They can also be retrofitted to existing CCTV cameras.

Comgroup International
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-239-9399009
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Multi-Frequency Screen
High frequency for sorting small diameter material and high amplitude for screening larger aggregate, the Multi-Frequency Screen can handle any job you throw at it - without sacrificing an ounce of performance or a penny of profit.

American State Equipment
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-2366900
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Circular Motion Screening Machines
Circular motion Screening machines / Type KS Screening machines are conveyor installations complete with sorting feature. They handle and classify media by means of vibration. As a rule these machines are installed at an angle and feature a circular drive mode. Other drive types can be selected
for specific products and depending on the installation conditions.
Screening machines can separate different grain sizes simultaneously. The choice of screen lining depends on the task to be performed.

Cyrus Vibration Machines
Location: Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-2361-91920
Fax: +(49)-2361-919215
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Vacuum Distillation Unit (Vdu)
High vacuum distillation for the recovery of refining or industrial oil

Filtration Unlimited, Inc.
Location: Akron, Ohio
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-716-5424505
Fax: +(1)-716-5424547
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Transfer Pump
Traditional PC pumps require full removal from the pipework for service and maintenance. NOV Monoflo’s EZstrip eliminates this need, reducing maintenance time by more than 93% for significant cost savings. Distinguished by a patented split coupling rod, EZstrip offers direct access to the pump’s wear parts and rotating assemblies without affecting the pump’s operational parameters.

Jim House & Associates Incorporation
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-205-5926302
Fax: +(1)-205-5926209
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