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Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Precision Gauges & Other Gauges

Film/Paper Thickness Gauge
Offering Film/Paper Thickness Gauge.
Applications of Thickness Gauge:
Plastic Film, Sheets and Diaphragms
Paper and Paper Board
Foils and Silicon Wafers
Metal Sheets
Textiles and Non-woven Fabrics
Solid Electrical Insulating Materials
Features of Thickness Gauge:
Controlled by micro-computer with LCD display, PVC operation panel and menu interface
Display the real-time data of maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation value for data analysis
Automatic statistics and printing functions are available
Manual or automatic operating mode for convenient test
Technical Specifications of Thickness Gauge:
Test Range: 0 ~ 12mm
Resolution: 0. 1μm

Labthink Instruments Co. Limited
Location: Jinan, Shandong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-(531)-85060139 / 85068566
Fax: +(86)-(531)-85062108
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Bench Type Thickness Gauge

Thickness gauges are based on mechanical contacting method and are both bench type with high accuracy 0.1μm

there two thickness gauges are different from other hand type and non-contacting thickness gauges, they are based on contacting, which make the test result more accuracy

Thickness gauge are applicable in they gauge of thickness for plastic film, paper, metal sheet and other materials within 12mm thickness.

CHY-CA Thickness Gauge and CHY-C2 thickness gauge conform to ISO 4593, ISO 534, ISO 3034, ASTM D374, ASTM D1777, TAPPI T411

Labthink Instruments Co. Limited
Location: Jinan, Shandong
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-(531)-85060139 / 85068566
Fax: +(86)-(531)-85062108
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Variable Force Precision Thickness Gauge
The Hanatek Variable Force Precision Thickness Gauge FT3-V is specifically designed to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of a variety of substrates including film, paper, board, foil, tissue and textiles.

Igt Testing System
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: +(65)-6481-8993
Fax: +(65)-6481-9685
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Graphical Field Display
Rosemount 2230 Graphical Field Display presents inventory tank gauging data such as level, temperature, and pressure. This back-lit user friendly display is designed for tough environments, and can be installed in hazardous (Ex) areas, on the tank roof or foot. It is approved for legal custody transfer.

Apex Instruments Incorporated
Location: Centennial, Colorado
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-303-8040667
Fax: +(1)-303-2210058
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Pressure Gauges
Series 2000-SP
Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gages
Indicate Positive, Negative or Differential, Accurate within 2%
Bright red LED on right of scale shows when setpoint is reached. Field adjustable from gage face, unit operates on 12-24 VDC. Requires MP or HP style cover and bezel.

Dwyer-Inst Inc
Location: Michigan City, Indiana
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-219-8798000
Fax: +(1)-219-8729057
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Dial Tire Gauge
The Kubota Dial Tire Pressure Gauge is housed in a durable steel case with polished brass bezel and 2" dial. Dial shows psi range up to 100 psi. Full geared, precision movement with bronze bourdon tube. Designed to stay accurate - not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude.

Dakin'S Yard-N-Garden Equipment, Incorpeted
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-517-7843146
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Cargo Tank Level Monitor
Cargo tank level monitor

Odm Control Services Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: +(65)-65626086
Fax: +(65)-68992119
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Refrigeration Pressure Gauge
Refrigeration Pressure Gauge
Y70A-H Suited for R12/R22/R502/R134a/R404A/R407c/R410A
Material:Blue steel case,screw-on polycarbonate len
Range: -30inHg~500psi,750psi.
Scale unit:psi,Mpa,kg/cm2,bar
Connection: 1/8"NPT

Holly Instrument Co., Ltd
Location: Taizhou
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-579-87980338
Fax: +(86)-579-87980116
Mobile / Cell Phone: 013967964560
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Solid Carbide Limit Plug Gauges
We produce solid carbide limit plug gauges with grips made of steel. Accuraly of manufacture: DIN 7162.
For us, it is standard to supply all intermediate dimensions and
H7-tolerances from diameter 1 to
diameter 26.
Concerning that, you are welcome to receive on price list upon enquiry.
For bigger dimensions, we gladly can submit an offer to you. Further we supply limit plug gauges in special forms:
* Flat gauges
* three-edged
* four-edged
* six-edged, etc.

Prinzbach Hartmetall-Sonderwerkzeuge Gmbh & Co. Kg
Location: Lahr
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-7821-954890
Fax: +(49)-7821-9548929
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Tire Gauge
How to Use a Tire Pressure Gauge A tire pressure gauge is designed to check the air pressure inside the tires on a vehicle. Correct tire pressure is essential for correct vehicle operation and can improve mileage and performance as well. A tire gauge is constructed with a small diaphragm that is attached to a measurement device. The style of gauge can vary from digital to internal slide. A tire gauge is accurate to +/- 3 PSI, however it is possible to buy more advanced models that are capable of determining the pressure to as closely as +/- 1 PSI.

Ningbo Wealthy Import & Export Company Limited
Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-574-88226668
Fax: +(86)-574-88226658
Mobile / Cell Phone: 13780088008
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Tipping Bucket Rain & Electric Rain/Snow Gauge
The Model 2500 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is a dependable instrument used for measuring precipitation. Rainfall entering the funnel collector (8 or 12 in.) is directed to the tipping bucket assembly. When an incremental amount of precipitation has been collected, the bucket assembly tips and activates a magnetic reed switch for a momentary contact closure output. The rainfall sample is discharged through the base of the gauge. A level is provided on the base for leveling of the unit. This unit is made of anodized and powder-coated aluminum. A 25 ft. signal cable is included.
The Model 2500E Electric Rain/Snow Gauge is used where 120 Vac power is available. A heater kit is added to the basic Model 2500 Rain Gauge to melt snow falling into the funnel. The resulting “water equivalent” of the snow is measured by the tipping bucket. A 25 ft. power cable and a 25 ft. signal cable are included.

Hydrolynx Systems, Inc.
Location: West Sacramento, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-916-3741800
Fax: +(1)-916-3741877
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Liquid Level Gauges
deal for measuring the liquid level in many sizes of above ground storage tanks. Fully enclosed, tamper proof and pressure tight. Operates by a 12" diameter float connected to a one-piece stainless steel tape clearly marked in feet inches and eighths. Liquids include: water, petroleum products, solvents, wine, beer, distilled liquors, orange juice, mild acids & caustics.

Tokheim Company
Location: Marion, Iowa
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-319-3624847
Fax: +(1)-319-3624229
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Universal Cam Belt Tensioning Gauge
Universal Cam Belt Tensioning Gauge
Item Description
It can be used to adjust the tension on the cam belt where the movement of timing belt is measured by load (NM).
Suitable for use on various cam belt widths.
Easy to use.
Clear incremental marking with knurled knob for precise measurement.
Dual scale allows reading from top or bottom of tool.

Taiwan Auto Tools
Location: Taipei, Taipei
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +(886)-2-87120039
Fax: +(886)-2-87123016
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Gram Gage
The gram gage allows you to adjust, reset and check probe trigger force settings on all standard Renishaw CMM touch-trigger probes. Setting the optimum triggeforce using the gram gage maximizes probe performance. It can be used to set trigger force settings over a range of 3 to 30 grams.

Resources For Manufacturing, Inc.
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-937-4364699
Fax: +(1)-937-4369244
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Pressure Gauge Line

* Pressure gauges indicate air, hydraulic and special-purpose pressure aboard the aircraft. Our high-quality, helically wound bourdon tube pressure gauges have served the commercial, military, aerospace and general aviation markets
* for over 40 years. Small and lightweight, they are still durable enough to withstand shocks, vibration and normal handling. Sizes range from ¾-inch to three inches in diameter, with pressure scales from 0-15,000 psig.
* ON-BOARD EXPERIENCE:Agusta A-109, Boeing 707, 727, 747, 757,767,
* British Aerospace BAR146, Bell 206, 212,214, CASA/IPTN C-212,
* Northrop Grumman C-2A/E-2C, EA6B, F-14, Boeing CH-47,
* Bombardier CL-600, DHC-8, Boeing DC-10, DC-8, DC-9, F-18,
* F-4, Lockheed Martin F-104, F-117, F-16, Sikorsky UH-60
* Pressure Guages are used to indicate air, hydraulic and special purpose pressure aboard the aircraft.
* These gauges are lightweight, small and durable to withstand shocks and vibration as well as the

Rogerson Aircraft Corporation
Location: Alton, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-949-6600666
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Thickness Standards
Certified thickness Standards are used to verify the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gages and are an important component in fulfilling both ISO/QS-9000 and in-house quality control requirements. Contracts often specify that coating thickness measurements be taken by gages whose measurement accuracy is traceable to a National Metrology Institute such as NIST or PTB.

Paint Creek Inspection Equipment,
Location: Metamora, Michigan
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-810-6782400
Fax: +(1)-810-6782422
Mobile / Cell Phone: 2482023969
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Emergency Roadside Air Gauge

* 300psi / 20bar, 4" industrial gauges
(25% pressure over rating)
* complete with 5 metre black pvc hose rated up to 600 psi.
* with a m16 x 1. 5 test point adaptor fitted to the hose end.
* tough and durable protective rubber cover for the gauge.
* a tool for the air brake engineer/recovery vehicle.
£75 plus vat

Oakrange Engineering
Location: Rotherham, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-01709-542334
Fax: +(44)-01709-548313
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Digital Pressure Gauge
hydraulic pressure comparator/calibrator

Automation Products Group, Inc.
Location: Logan, Utah
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-888-5257300
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Simple Pressure Gauge Cock
Article F F1 P I L1 H H1 L CH
20901900 1/4 1/4 7 11 11 72 42.5 25 14

Quetti Luigi
Location: Brescia, Lombardia
Country: Italy
Phone: +(39)-30-8922535
Fax: +(39)-30-8922524
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The CPA 2501 is used in aviation and aerospace applications for calibration of altimeters and airspeed indicators, displaying altitude, airspeed, altitude rate (vertical airspeed) and airspeed rate (acceleration). Applied wherever there is a need for a high level of accuracy in an avionics indicator or calibration device.

Global Instruments
Location: Jakarta, Jakarta Raya
Country: Indonesia
Phone: +(62)-21-71105565
Fax: +(62)-21-71105585
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Digital Push Pull Force Gauge
Digital Push Pull Force Gauge

Tts Unlimited, Inc.
Location: Osaka, Osaka
Country: Japan
Phone: +(81)-6-63470685
Fax: +(81)-6-63477555
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Torkit - Digital Die Pressure Gauge
Features and Benefits:
• Electronic load cell system directly detects pressure
• Monitor rotary die cutting or hot stamping force
• Predict and prevent die failure
• Improves product quality, increase die life
• Compact load cells allow for easy installation
• Optional alarm output with adjustable set point
• Measures force from 0 to 2000 lbs. on each load cell
• Durable hardened steel pillar load cell construction
• Accurate to +/- 1 percent
• Fully factory calibrated
• Large bright LED displays
• Resistant to inks, grease, and oil
• Operates on 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dms Inc.
Location: Lake Zurich, Illinois
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-847-7262828
Fax: +(1)-847-7269292
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Arco Welding Supply Company Incorporation
Location: Malden, Massachusetts
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-781-3243510
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Auxiliary level Gauge
s a substitute for slip tube to check surface of storage tank with gas release, but there is no . As there is no packing to check the surface of tank, there is no gas leakage and breakdown. 3. Installation place : Daegu Hodong Gas filling Station 1 and other 20 places.

Han Young Gas Technology Co. Ltd
Location: Suseong-Gu, Daegu
Country: Korea
Phone: +(82)-53-7611188
Fax: +(82)-53-7684805
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Coating Thickness Gauges
If the high accuracy of electronic coating thickness measuring instruments is not necessary, the question about a simple and economical alternative sets itself up again and again. For these cases of application the coating thickness gauge "LEPTO-Pen" is the best choice. The LEPTO-Pen works on untempered commercial quality steel substrate according to the known magnetic attraction principle (EN ISO 2178). It is composed of a precision magnet and a mechanical spring balance, the scale of which is calibrated and labelled in µm coating thickness. The handling of the gauge is correspondingly easy.

Karl Deutsch
Location: Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Country: Germany
Phone: +(49)-202-71920
Fax: +(49)-202-714932
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Single Pressure Gauges
This is a direct reading instrument and
is supplied with an installtion kit
comprised of 8 feet of tubing and accessories.

Hewitt Industres
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-714-8919300
Fax: +(1)-714-8977632
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Liquid Level Gauge
The Babbitt LG-Series magnetic level gauge consists of a float chamber, a float, and an external indication device. The float chamber is basically a column of 2 1/2 inch pipe with process connections to match those of the storage tank, reactor, drum, column or other equipment where level is to be measured. These connections may be side couplings or flanges, or top and bottom flanges. The float moves up and down inside the chamber as the process level changes. The float type is determined by the process fluid specific gravity, pressure and temperature. Also, the materials of construction must be compatible with the process fluid. The float must be light enough to maintain buoyancy and have properties that allow it to withstand the pressure and temperature combination. Each float is engineered for proper buoyancy for each particular application for level or interface measurement. Contained inside the sealed float is a very strong magnet assembly. The indicator tube and scale assembly is

Babbitt International, Inc.
Location: Houston, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-8358012
Fax: +(1)-713-4678736
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Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges
Glycerin filled pressure gages allow accurate psid monitoring for flow adjustment of separators and recovery tanks. These gauges are suitable for environments compatible with copper alloy wetted parts where vibration or pressure pulsation occur and for gaseous or liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system.

Florida Hydronics, Inc.
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-904-3891322
Fax: +(1)-904-3891324
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Differential Pressure Gauge
For high accuracy--guaranteed within 2% of full scale--and for the wide choice of 81 models available to suit your needs precisely. Using Dwyer's simple, frictionless Magnehelic® gage movement, it quickly indicates low air or non-corrosive gas pressures--either positive, negative (vacuum) or differential. The design resists shock, vibration and over-pressures. No manometer fluid to evaporate, freeze or cause toxic or leveling problems. It's inexpensive, too.

Ulpatek Filtre Ticaret Sanayi A.S
Location: Istanbul, Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Phone: +(90)-212-6230300
Fax: +(90)-212-6230303
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Digital Pressure Calibration Test Gauge

* Can be used inconjunction with Fluke comparison test pumps
* Nine Models ranging from 1 to 700 bar
* High accuracy 0.05% total measurement uncertainty for one year
* Bright backlit display for easy viewing
* ATEX approval

Chamois Metrology Limited
Location: Warwickshire, West Midlands
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1926-812066
Fax: +(44)-1926-813569
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T-Mike P
P stands for programmable. With single button operation the t-mike p is simplest corrosion thickness gauge in the stresstel line. This compact and rugged instrument is factory set to measure thickness readings on carbon steel but can be easiliy re-programmed for use on other materials. besides programming of sound velocity, you may also change from imperial to metric units or display the backlight. Programming is simply accomplished by connecting the instrument to a t-mike e or to your computer. product features single key operation pre-calibrated for steel or a material of your choice rugged metal case and industrial keypad 300 hours life with (4) "aa" alkaline batteries

StressTel Service
Location: Lewistown, Montana
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-717-4471562
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Gemstone Analogue Value Dial Gauge
Analogue gemstone gauge 1 - 23 mm with 0.1 mm accuracy. Made of stainless steel.
Don't let the low price fool you - this is a quality gauge! This rugged gauge measures from 1-23 mm with 0.1 accuracy. Provides 3 different measuring methods and handles both inside and outside dimensions.
Made of stainless steel.

Igem Instruments
Location: Morganville, New Jersey
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-732-3851377
Fax: +(1)-732-3851380
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Air And Fuel Pressure
r8623 gauge elec air press 150 psi

Isspro, Inc.
Location: Portland, Oregon
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-888-4477776
Fax: +(1)-503-2492999
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Coating Thickness Gage
The PTG-3500 utilizes an integrated probe that can automatically detect a Ferrous or Non-Ferrous substrate and comes with 2 substrate samples (steel,aluminum), 4 calibrated thickness samples, carry case, batteries and operation manual.
Simplicity in coating thickness measurement!
This PTG-3500 coating thickness gauge can perform two different methods of calculating thickness measurement by utilizing the characteristics of both eddy current and magnetic induction.
Testing performance is both non-destructive and extremely accurate.
With this state of the art thickness gauge, you can easily detect the thickness of nonmagnetic coating on a magnetic substrate (ferrous) or an insulating coating on a non-magnetic conductive substrate (non-ferrous) utilizing either an integrated probe or our version that comes with 1 auto-detect external probe.
This PTG-3500 can be used in many areas of industry including manufacturing, general

Willrich Precision
Location: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-866-9455742
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Durablock Gages

Dwyer® Durablock® Series 250-AF Gages are precision machined 1" thick solid acrylic plastic, virtually unbreakable and free of distortion. The fluid bore is precision drilled to ±.0002" to assure life long accuracy. A glass spirit level is built into the body and encapsulated to prevent damage or tampering. The scale is mirror polished chrome plated brass to assure parallax free reading by alignment of the meniscus with its reflection. Safety traps are incorporated in the body to prevent loss of fluid due to pressure surges. Red and green signal flags indicate clearly when a filter change is necessary. Gages are suitable for use in ambient temperatures of -20 to 150°F. Connection fittings are positively sealed by "O" rings but easily removed for zeroing or addition of fluid. Furnished complete with instructions.
Economy Models 451-AF and 452-AF are similar to 250 Series except they are not equipped with over pressure traps. Two A-324 1/4"

Leinarts Incorporated
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-865-5250363
Fax: +(1)-865-5226834
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Servo Gauge, Level Gauge
> Accuracy / repeatability of 1/32 inch (0.8mm)
> Product and Interface, custody tranfer
> Wireless Infrared Calibration
> Advanced flash memory technology
> Ground level display eliminates tank climbing

> Minimal moving parts (3) ensure reliabiliy
> Monitor field / internal parameters
> Temperature, pressure and density
> French Weight & Measure Administration Approved.

Larco Storage Tank Equipments
Location: Bezons, Ile-De-France
Country: France
Phone: +(33)-1-39471222
Fax: +(33)-1-39473200
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Depth Gages
Quick Overview 0-8" Range
Graduation: .001"
Stroke: 1"
Accuracy: +/-.002"
Extension Rod (4 pieces .5, 1, 2, & 4")
Base (WxT): 2.5 x .63"
Flatness: .0002"

Kon-Sult, Inc.
Location: Hudson, New Hampshire
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-603-8827464
Fax: +(1)-603-8825446
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Digital Lighted Tire Gauge
Digital Lighted Tire Gauge, 100 PSI
Proper tire pressure increases gas mileage
For cars, trucks & motorcycles

Akkied International
Location: Sylmar, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-800-5338333
Fax: +(1)-818-3629066
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Paint Coating Thickness Gauges
• fast measurement of total coating thickness
• large, easy-to-read lcd with menu-driven user interface
• two-button operation
• ready to measure - no adjustment required to measure most coatings
• hand-held, battery operated (2 aa)
• sturdy compact design is solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant
• rugged carrying case
• one (1) year warranty
• proven non-destructive ultrasonic technique conforms to astm d 6132
• certificate of calibration showing traceability to nist included with every gauge
• mils/microns switchable
• internal memory stores up to 1000 readings
• continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max thickness and number of readings while measuring
• flip display enables right-side-up viewing whether the gauge is in your hand or on a table
• backglow display for dim or

Link Instruments Ltd
Location: Petersfield, Hampshire
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-1730-897100
Fax: +(44)-1730-897103
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Test Gauge Kits
Enable you to identify the air pressure from any given test point Enable you to determine the air pressure from Truck to Trailer Pre MOT Testing Faulty valve indication Calibration Load sensing valve testing Balancing air pressure

Air Brake Connections International Ltd
Location: Gravesend, England
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: +(44)-01474-535456
Fax: +(44)-01474-537323
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Metric Taper Guage & 120 Mm Rule In One
Stainless Steel 1-15 mm taper gage on front side and 120 mm rule plus diameter correction table on reverse side. A permanently attached handle locks into the heavy plastic case, provided with pocket clip, to keep gage and pockets from damage. All the features of the combo set in a convenient one piece metric taper gage

Spartan Tool Sales Inc.
Location: Michigan
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-586-2681556
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Digital Vacuum Gauge Set
Key Specifications/Special Features:
* Specifications:
* Applied ambient: clean, dry and non-eroded air
* Measurement range: 0 to 15psi
* Ambient temperature: -20 to 80°C
* Ambient moisture: 5 to 95%
* Accuracy: 1%
* 0.01kPa least resolution
* Permanent stability: 1%
* 4 digits LCD with hold radix point, changes between inHg and μ units
* Display window dimension: 47 or 22cm
* Gauge dimensions: 80mm
* Power supply: 9V lithium battery, 1,000 to 12,000mAh
* Battery life: 18 months
* Battery automatic diagnosing function: display flickering when battery under 6V and warning to change battery
* Automatic powering off function: after automatic powering off the internal digits maintaining
* Temperature compensation function
* Temperature influence repaired by software
* Automatic compensation within 0 to 50°C
* No influence on accuracy

Yuhuan Langxun Brass Industry Co. Limited
Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-576-87498587
Fax: +(86)-576-87494328
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Tire Pressure Gauges
1)Dial tire gauges
2)Digital tire gauges
3)Pocket tire gauges

Ningbo Fortune Auto Parts Manufacture Co. Limited
Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Country: China
Phone: +(86)-574-87278116
Fax: +(86)-574-87277006
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Digital Pressure Gauge
Digital Pressure Gauge

Automation Products Group, Inc.
Location: Logan, Utah
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-888-5257300
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Vacuum Gauge Meters
Vacuum gauge meters

Plant Equipment Incorporation
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-763-5591066
Fax: +(1)-763-5531260
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Tank Gauging Temperature Device
TGD-T™ is a high-accuracy multipoint (up to 15 measurement points) temperature sensor, which can be used in almost any type of liquid.
TGD-T™ is as standard manufactured in stainless steel with an ingress protection of IP 67. It consists of housing with a built-in multiplexer and a flexible temperature probe with up to 15 PT-100 resistance thermometers. The PT-100 thermometers offer excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range and are located inside the probe.

Api Industry Aps
Location: Herning, Ringkobing
Country: Denmark
Phone: +(45)-96-345070
Fax: +(45)-96-340170
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Temperature Gauge
The art 2081 is an instrument that allow reading the temperature and the pressure into a system and keeping their under control.
The overpressure and the over temperature can damage the system and the machines connected to it.

Australian Hydronic Supplies
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Country: Australia
Phone: +(61)-397-082600
Fax: +(61)-397-082700
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Digital Force Gauge
The Series 4 and 5 Digital Force Gauges are designed for tension and compression force testing in a wide variety of industry
applications. Both gauges are available in working force ranges from of 0.12 to 500 pounds (0.5 to 2500 N). The Series 4 gauge features a sampling rate of 3,000 Hz, with resolution of 1/2000 of a unit, and an on-board memory for up to 50 readings. The Series 5 gauge has a sample frequency of 7,000 Hz (resolution of 1/5000 unit) and on-board memory for up to 1,000 readings. Both gauges feature a large, backlit LCD screen for easy reading and sample menus that are user friendly, allowing easy configuration for any test situation. The gauges may be either handheld or test stand mounted, and allow data transfer to a PC by means of several different cable configurations (digital and analog). When connected to a computer, the on-board software allows one-click export of bulk data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Cooper Instruments & Systems
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-540-3494746
Fax: +(1)-540-3474755
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Filter Regulators Gauges
Accessories: Adjust and set air pressure to a set value with a combination filter regulator and pressure gauge unit.
Part No. Description
1/4" NPT Filter/Regulator/Gauge Automatic Drain
1/2" NPT Filter/Regulator/Gauge Manual Drain
1/2" NPT Filter/Regulator/Gauge Automatic Drain
1/2" NPT Filter/Regulator/Gauge Manual Drain
1/2" NPT Filter/Regulator/Gauge Automatic Drain
Mounting Bracket for 13810-00
Mounting Bracket for 13811-00
Mounting Bracket for 13812 and 13813
Mounting Bracket for 13814 and 13815

Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc.
Location: Pearland, Texas
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-877-4088008
Fax: +(1)-713-5121792
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Strain Gauge & Policeman Checkweigher
Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to forget about! This rock-solid checkweigher is designed to make checkweighing simple and cost-effective.
* 100 product set-ups
* Full stainless steel design
* 1000 Series electronics
* Tool-less belt change
* Intuitive interface
* Password protection
* Quick-Release belts
* Auto-Zero function
* Variable Speed Drive
* DC motors
* High Contrast Monochromatic Display
* 99.73% repeatable Accuracy Guarantee
* Pusher, airblast or diverger rejects
* Average weight monitoring
* Feedback to filler
* RS 232/RS422 Weight/Printer output
* TCP/IP Ethernet output
* Integrated Thermal Printer.

International Automation Incorporation
Location: Oakland, California
Country: United States Of America
Phone: +(1)-201-6510500
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