Nuts & Bolts, Nails, Screws and Pins

Metal NutsHex NutsMetal BoltsIndustrial Fasteners

Hex BoltsStainless Steel FastenersSheet Metal NutsMetal Fastener

Stainless Steel BoltsMetal WashersPlain WashersSteel Fastener

Stainless Steel NutMetal ScrewsSpring WasherHexagonal Nut

Eye BoltsRivetsIndustrial NutAnchor Fasteners

Lock NutU-BoltAlloy Steel ScrewsMachine Screws

Stud BoltsSteel NutsHeavy NutsBrass Nuts

Threaded NutsFoundation BoltsHex Head BoltsBrass Fasteners

Anchor BoltsIndustrial PinsBrass InsertsThreaded Rods

Steel BoltWire NailsHigh Tensile FastenersSelf Tapping Screws

Brass ScrewsMS Bolt NutBrass BoltsSteel Screws

Wing NutCarriage BoltsDowel PinsCoated Fasteners

Flange NutsStainless Steel ScrewHexagonal BoltSquare Nuts

Tie RodCirclipsShackleSteel Nail

Self Drilling ScrewHigh Tensile BoltNylock NutAutomotive Nuts

Spring PinLinch PinsTapping ScrewsAutomotive Bolts

Threaded StudsBrass ConnectorsT BoltAllen Bolt

Threaded BarsWood ScrewsCap ScrewsCastle Nut

Steel StudsLock WashersMild Steel NutsHead Bolt

Metal RivetCotter PinBrass RivetFlange Bolts

Nylon NutsCoupling NutsMetal StudDome Nuts

Steel RivetsBrass WasherSocket Head ScrewSocket Cap Screw

D ShackleMild Steel BoltHub BoltBall Screws

Anchor NutsTurnbuckleGrub ScrewBrass Pin

Stainless Steel StudJ BoltsCheck NutsScrew Nails

Pin FastenersSteel Eye BoltFlat Head RivetsCap Nuts

Socket ScrewSquare Head BoltsIndustrial ScrewHex Head Screws

Flat WashersSpring Dowel PinSlotted NutsPan Head Screw

Copper WashersWeld NutAlloy FastenerBlind Rivet

Self-Locking NutSlotted Machine ScrewSocket Head Cap ScrewAllen Cap Screws

Bolt FastenersCenter BoltGalvanized BoltsHexagon Head Bolts

Wheel BoltsBow ShackleStainless Steel Hex NutEye Hooks

Hex Jam NutHex ScrewEjector PinsLock Pins

Tensile BoltsStar WasherMonel FastenersForged Nuts

Inconel FastenersSocket SetsDomed Cap NutStainless Steel Hex Bolt

Split PinsJ HooksSpring Lock WashersDrywall Screws

Stainless Steel PinsMachine WashersStainless Steel NailsButton Head Cap Screws

High Tensile NutWheel NutsAluminium RivetScrew Barrel

Socket Set ScrewsBrass Hex NutHigh Strength BoltsJack Nut

Threaded BoltBanjo BoltsTitanium FastenersPivot Pin

Thread InsertsSquare WashersSheet Metal ScrewsSteel Pins

Chain ShacklesT-NutBrass Wood ScrewThreaded Inserts

Chipboard ScrewExternal CirclipWave WashersMS Fasteners

Structural BoltsBrass Lock NutsMS WasherForged Bolt

Long NutMachine NutsFully Threaded StudWedge Anchors

Spring NutsStainless Steel Carriage BoltProp NutsLead Screw

High Strength FastenersHexagon Head ScrewsBolt ClampRound Head Screw

Hexagonal ScrewRound WashersDuplex Steel FastenersSquare U Bolt

Internal CirclipsCage NutRoofing BoltsBelt Fasteners

Taper PinsDouble End StudSolid RivetsGalvanized Nut

Eye NutsSet ScrewsAlloy BoltsDisc Washer

Cheese Head ScrewsDrilled ScrewsGalvanized FastenersPOP Rivets

Stainless Steel Flange NutInsert NutsCountersunk Flat Head ScrewLocking Screws

Aluminum WashersClevis PinsIndustrial RivetsPrecision Screws

Snap RingAlloy Steel NutsHex Coupling NutCoach Screws

Crank PinMachine BoltsCountersink ScrewNut Locks

Rivet NutsClevis FastenerBrass StudCore Pins

Cup WashersHastelloy FastenersTrack BoltsAluminium Fasteners

High Tensile U BoltsCopper RivetsCSK Allen BoltTubular Rivet

Shackle PinsRound Head BoltsStainless Steel RivetWave Spring Washers

Stainless Steel U BoltsTwin ScrewE Type CirclipsAlloy Nuts

Square Neck BoltStainless Steel Machine ScrewHexagon Domed Cap NutSleeve Anchors

Taper WasherCoil NailFlat Head ScrewCorrosion Resistant Bolts

Tooth WashersSocket Head BoltsNickel Alloy FastenerStainless Steel Wing Nut

Coupling BoltsNeoprene WashersChannel NutRoofing Fasteners

Hook BoltsHexagon Weld NutCopper FastenerSplit Bolt

Forging NutsStainless BoltTitanium BoltsSpring Plunger

Round NutStainless Steel Tower BoltHead PlugLocking Bolts

Allen Cap BoltI BoltsWheel StudCopper Contact Rivet

Hexagon Thin NutsHex Machine Screw NutFlare NutsMetric Fastener

Pipe NutHexagonal Castle NutsSquare Plate WasherAllen Key Bolts

Hex Cap NutHex FlangeConveyor Belt FastenerButton Head Bolts

Sleeve NutsThreaded FastenerThreaded ScrewsPull Stud

Stainless Steel ShacklesTitanium NutsCarbon Steel BoltsAlloy Washers

Axle NutShoulder BoltsHex Flange BoltConcrete Nail

Tooth Lock WasherHexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewShackle BoltsHydraulic Nuts

Slotted Cheese Head ScrewAllen ScrewCopper BoltsAdjusting Screw

Hub NutChemical AnchorCoated BoltsCollar Nut

Hex InsertSpring ClipsHex Socket ScrewTurning Insert

Rack BoltHollow RivetsTwin Screw BarrelThreaded Pins

Nylon Insert NutsBrass Insert NutL-Key BoltStud Elbow

Carbon Steel NutsKnurled InsertsRound Head RivetAluminum Nuts

Plastic WashersElevator BoltsMachine Screw NutsL Hooks

Clamping StudBrass Knurling InsertElevator Bucket BoltsCarbon Steel Washer

Solid PinMachine FastenerLock BoltsAxle Stud

Pan ScrewHex Flange NutAnchor ShackleIron Nail

Round BoltFlush BoltPipe HooksShoulder Screw

Head PinsStandard BoltRoofing NailsTruss Head Screw

Weld BoltsBall PinsNon Ferrous FastenersTeflon Washer

External Tooth WashersHex Head Self Drilling ScrewStep BoltsSolid Plate Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Woodruff KeyCopper NutsFlat Head BoltsIndustrial Nail

Belleville WasherDowty SealNylon AnchorHanger Bolts

Panel PinsSpring ClampsStainless Steel Dowel PinsSerrated Lock Washer

Thin NutStud NutsEnd RingFender Washers

Flat Square WashersStainless Steel Stud BoltsRound Head Machine ScrewTaper Nuts

Hex Socket Cap ScrewSelf-clinching FastenerCountersunk BoltsKnurled Nuts

Brass Spring AnchorPlow BoltsSquare Head ScrewsStud Anchors

Plate WashersPlastic FastenersJ NutsNylon Washers

Brass Hex NippleT Slot BoltsG I PinTitanium Washers

Aluminum BoltsLong BoltsPin AnchorsSpring Bolts

Threaded Brass InsertsPan Head Machine ScrewStainless Steel Anchor BoltsBrass Flange Nuts

Washer Head ScrewsMetric Hex NutOval Head ScrewSteel Flat Washer

Hinge PinsInternal Tooth WashersExpansion AnchorsExpansion Bolt

Lag ScrewsSelf-Clinching NutJam NutIron Bolt

Iron NutExpansion PlugsHexagon Socket Countersunk ScrewRivet Fastener

Terminal NutsDouble End BoltFlange ScrewsWeld Fastener

Ring NutsSpindle NutsPTFE Coated BoltsPanel Pin Nail

Cylindrical PinsSolid Aluminium RivetsCarriage Head BoltGrab Hooks

Concrete AnchorsScrew Thread InsertsCopper ScrewCarbon Steel Plugs

Hardened WasherSocket BoltAluminium Tower BoltExtruder Screw

Barrel BoltBent BoltsC WashersMushroom Head Square Neck Bolt

Bronze BoltsClinch NutsMounting BoltsBlind Nuts

Aluminum StudsBlind Rivet NutsGround ScrewsWire Thread Inserts

Chuck NutFlat Round WasherHigh Strength NutLong Screw

Single ScrewTwist NailSuspension BoltsConnecting Rod Bolt

Metric Hex BoltWall AnchorsBall Leading ScrewConstruction Fastener

Bronze WashersFish BoltsMild Steel Hex NutsMild Steel Studs

Stainless Steel Allen BoltsRigging ScrewHollow Aluminium RivetAluminum Pins

Captive ScrewsThumb ScrewsSlotted Set ScrewCollar Bolts

Ball PlungerPinion NutStep Ejector PinInconel Nut

Stainless Steel Tapping ScrewAcorn NutMetric ScrewMulti-Grip Rivet

Sems ScrewsStainless Steel Countersunk Head ScrewHexagonal StandoffMild Steel Screw

Clamp PlateBlind Aluminium RivetsAnti Theft NutMild Steel Square Nuts

Conical WashersWing ScrewLag BoltLock Clamps

Screw AccessoriesHeavy Duty Shield AnchorRod BoltStandard Fastener

Bucket PinsBarrier ScrewThrough BoltsMild Steel Hex Bolt

ASTM FastenersSlotted Hex NutsParallel Twin ScrewAluminum Screws

High Strength Friction Grip BoltsPlastic BoltNylon FastenerCold Headed Fasteners

Copper StudsDowel ScrewsDraw BoltsPlain Nuts

Mounting PinCast Wing NutDie NutRailway Bolt

Heavy Duty NutsNib BoltStainless Steel CirclipsSplit Bolt Connector

Brass Plug PinsAluminum FastenerMetric BoltsBall Nuts

Flange WashersConnector NutFeed ScrewsIndustrial Needles

Coach BoltsScrew Machine PartsShear NutShoe Nail

Socket EyeBrass Grub ScrewTab WashersContact Rivet

Barrel NutsLynch PinsBronze FastenersDrive Studs

Drawing PinsGrooved PinsPivot BoltsLocating Ring

Hose NutDeep Socket SetDrive RivetFlange Blind Rivet

Flange Hex NutShield AnchorStainless Steel Wire NailStraight Pin

Ball LinkStructural NutsChain BoltsBevel Washers

Indicator BoltScrew ConnectorDrive ScrewCold Forged Wing Nut

Brass Terminal ConnectorRoofing ScrewSteel Blind RivetRing Plunger Sets

Collet NutsRevolving NutRock BoltCompression Nuts

Bell Crank PinMetric NutClevis BoltsPlastic Nuts

Plated ScrewsWire TiesDouble Mounting PinGypsum Board Screw

High Tensile WasherTrim Head ScrewMechanical AnchorsSelf Locking Screw

Rail ScrewsTrack PinBullet FastenerAnti-theft Bolts

Forged PlugLock ClipZinc Plated ScrewsHitch Pin Clips

Pad BoltTerminal ScrewAerospace FastenersExpansion Nuts

Screw AnchorsThumb NutsBrass Anchor BoltLocating Pin

Thread Forming ScrewWedge NutClosing PinSteel Hex Coupling Nut

Toggle PinsCorrosion Resistant ScrewsSide Cutter BoltsSnap Rivet

Swivel RingsC StudBrass Line TapsCoupling Pin

Chemical Anchor StudCommon NailFinished Hex NutRim Nut

Self Clinching StandoffShoe TackOval Belt FastenerSag Rod

Hexagonal SpacerHigh Pressure NutsCrank WashersCable Gripper

Ring BoltsBolt CapMachine PinAlloy Rivet

Crimp NutsCountersunk Head RivetCopper Nickel FastenersTorx Screw

Acme ScrewsFinishing NailsMounting NutsBrad Nail

Connecting BoltConstruction NailBlade Ejector PinHigh Strength Stud

Screw ElementStar Head ScrewsHeavy Duty BoltsClinch Studs

Din NutCylinder Head StudAcme NutsExtrusion Screws

Galvanized WashersKnurled PinsMetric WashersHSFG Washer

Raised Countersunk Head ScrewWash Basin ScrewCone PointSpring Shackle Pins

Shear BoltFoundation NutsConstruction Wire NailBolt Seals

Lead WashersNail WireScrew KnobsTap Bolts

Titanium HardwareStainless Steel Flat WashersBonnet BoltThread Protection Caps

Stub PinHub PinsJaw T-NutsHex Socket Countersunk Head Screw

Engine Mounting BoltPanel FastenerChain PinsQuick Release Pins

Wood BoltsMild Steel RivetCoil Roofing NailHammer Head Bolt

Hex Head Machine BoltRound Head Square Neck BoltFurniture NailCap Nail

Hex Washer Head ScrewCoupling WasherMasonry NailsNylon Bolts

Mounting ScrewsWire PinsFRP BoltAnchor Bolt Sleeve

Anchor RodCollated NailFlat Head Self Tapping ScrewPlastic Anchor

U StapleBucket Tooth BoltLoop FastenerPlastic Screw

HSFG NutsFRP WashersSingle Threaded ScrewsIron Screw

Set Screw CollarBimetal RivetConical Washer NutRound Coupling Nut

Round PinCold Forged Wing ScrewTam AnchorTensioner Bolt

Knurling BoltLug NutBlank NutsBakelite Washer

Spanner NutsShear PinsU NutsChemical Stud

Free Running InsertStainless Weld NutGalvanized NailArc Weld Stud

Stainless Steel Hex Coupling NutsUnion NutsRoller ScrewsBrass Hollow Pins

Galvanized Iron WasherSocket CapsCamshaft NutEye Screws

Weld PinsBimetallic BarrelHex Socket Head ScrewANSI Nut Tap

Bell Crank WasherDummy Bar BoltSocket Head Grub ScrewUNF Nuts

U Shaped ShacklePan Head Combination ScrewHardened PinsFoundry Chaplets

Captive FastenerStainless Steel Wedge AnchorsK-lock NutGrooved Rivet

Nylon ScrewPlate NutAerospace BoltsPaper Fasteners

Screw HooksToggle BoltsWheel Lock NutConcrete Screw

Threaded SpacersClip NutConnecting NutDouble Bolt

Electronic ScrewFlat BoltOpen End Blind RivetPrecision Rivet

Washer PartsCommon Round Wire NailGalvanized StudMetal Filler Breather

Clevis EyesTorque NutsPP BoltsEngine Stud

Finishing WashersRawl BoltMiniature ScrewsSmall Washers

T PinsThread Cutting ScrewStripper BoltsWeld Screws

Injection ScrewNail ScrewSegment BoltCommon Coil Nail

Cross Set ScrewFurniture ScrewHammer Head ScrewNylon Hex Nuts

Collar WashersCopper NailsC-ClipsNitronic Fasteners

Brass Round Head ScrewsEqualizer BoltHollow Wall AnchorsStrip Nails

Grip ClipsClosed End RivetBifurcated RivetJack Screw

Rubber FastenerQuick Release FastenerDetent PinsMasonry Anchor

Masonry FastenersSeat WashersSpring FastenersTolerance Rings

Toggle LatchesPin BlockInverted CirclipsFloating Nut

Micro ScrewCrank NutDrive PinHex Stud

Hex Wood ScrewIron RivetU NailCorkscrew

Coil Pallet NailsGalvanized ScrewHinged Bolted Stop CollarLong Life Screw

Non Standard FastenersBrass Screw MachinePerforated ChapletsCD Weld Stud

Insert ScrewBonded WasherQuarter PinInternal Serrated Washer

Hexagonal Socket BoltKnurling StudsStainless Steel Hex Head ScrewHex Back Nut

Mild Steel Spring WashersCopper Nickel WasherSecurity BoltsSpeed Nut

Hammer NutsPanel ScrewBlind FastenersFillister Screw

Lead NutsLocking FastenersMetric TapsShoulder Rivets

Silicon Bronze WashersStove BoltsWooden PegsPlate Square Washer

Double Threaded ScrewsCoated NailsMini CarabinerCustomized Screws

ANSI BoltCarriage ScrewClutch RivetCoil Bolt

Concrete Steel NailConstruction BoltHexagon Socket Head BoltPole Anchor

Punching PinScrew Cap CoverSurface BoltTie Wire Anchor

Wheel Locking NutSquare HookFurniture BoltInternal Automotive Fastener

Handle Expander BoltTop Clamp ScrewPlastic Extrusion ScrewBall Screw Bellows

Multi Tooth WasherCarbide ShimScrew Coil NailsHillside Washers

Stainless Steel Drop PinForged Lynch PinSplit Lock WasherCold Forged Hex Bolts

Header Bolt KitIron FastenerTapered BoltsEye Pins

Retaining NutsStop NutsHexagonal ReducerFlat Nail

Mushroom BoltRound NailSerrated Flange ScrewSpring Steel Fastener

ANSI Spiral Fluted TapBi Metal ScrewGalvanized Concrete NailFlat Countersink

Solid Contacts RivetsWire Coil NailLevel AdjusterHH Socket Eye

Holder ScrewCoiled PinsCheese Head Allen ScrewsLoader Pins

Plow NutsBall Lock PinsLatch BoltsStud Washer

Stainless Steel Stud NutHerbert ScrewPTO AdaptersZinc Fastener

Bronze PinsDrop ClosureScrew ShankAerospace Screws

Castellated NutsRing FastenersSpacing WashersSeat Bolts

Split WashersThread Rolling ScrewsWood FastenersWood Plugs

Construction ScrewBoat NailColored RivetCross Screw

Cup Head BoltCustom PinHeavy Truck BoltRing Shank Coil Nail

Motor ChapletsEuro BoltUnidirectional ScrewStrip Nut

GI Wire BucklesTruss Head BoltsHigh Temperature NutsSocket Head Fastener

Carbon Steel StudBrass Slide BoltMetric Machine ScrewTitanium Plug

Lug BoltBody BoltsCaliper BoltsDeck Screws

Countersunk WashersDuplex Head NailsLock FastenersRivet Caps

Rivet SetsSmall RivetsSex BoltsShoulder Washers

Torque ScrewsHexagon WasherEarth AnchorPT Screw

Plastic Locking KnobsSplit RivetDouble Threaded BoltHex Wheel Bolt

Ring Shank NailToggle AnchorHexagon Socket Pan Head ScrewGripwell Belt Fasteners

Stem ChapletsCapacitor Discharge StudShim PinsHolding Screws

Stainless Steel Twisted Wire NailsFoam WasherSecurity ScrewBox Clamp

Plastic RivetAircraft FastenersThreaded Hex ScrewUpholstery Nails

K Type CirclipsSquare Head NailTimber ScrewBolts Truss

Coaxial Nail ClipLoose NailBolt BreakersMetal Cap Nail

Metal Nail RivetShort Cycle Weld StudsPin ScrewTree Screws

Hex Forming PinsPicking LinkRoller BoltCable Staples

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50 Suppliers Available

  • Leading Supplier
    hastelloy fasteners
  • Hastelloy Fasteners

    We are highly acclaimed for manufacturing of best quality Hastelloy Fasteners. Each piece of our hastelloy fasteners is developed in our sound infrastructure using top grade rust resistant steel to provide more...

    Citizen Metal Depot 

    Shop No. G - 3, Hararwala Building Complex, Ardeshir Dady Street, S. V. P. Road,
    Mumbai - 400 004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    metal alloy fasteners
  • Metal & Alloy Fasteners

    With the active support of our team of experts, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of Metal & Alloy Fasteners. This superior quality Metal & Alloy Fasteners are being designed and engineered by more...

    Neha Metal And Alloys 

    No. 104, 82-84-86, Millennium Building, C. P. Tank Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    turn buckle
  • Turn Buckle

    Turn Buckle acts as a Tensioning device
    Material construction: Stainless steel more...

    Udyogi International Private Limited 

    294, B. B. Ganguly Street 2nd Floor,
    Kolkata - 700012, West

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  • Leading Supplier
    gi threaded steel rod
  • GI Threaded Steel Rod

    We fabricate a wide range of GI threaded steel rods which are used in diverse industrial applications and are renowned for their durability, elegant finish and resistance from corrosion. Our GI threaded steel more...

    Shibaam Engineers & Fabricators 

    No. 449, Budhwar Peth, Tapkir Galli, Laxmi Market ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    screw and barrel for plastic machine
  • Screw and Barrel For Plastic Machine

    We are an eminent name, which is engaged in delivering Screw and Barrel For Plastic Machine to honorable clients. The offered range of screws & barrels is made utilizing high grade raw material and modern more...

    Sant Engineering Industries 

    No. 580, Main Faiz Road, Street No.17, Karol Bagh, ,
    New Delhi - 110005,

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  • Leading Supplier
    turn buckles
  • Turn Buckles

    Turn buckles offered by steel mart is from prime manufacturer & has zero rejections. Steel Mart firmly believes in catering to the needs of the customers by way of supplying genuine tested materials at more...

    Steel Mart 

    No. 2/14, Pais Street, Byculla West, Near Veena Killedar Industrial Estate,
    Mumbai - 400011,

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  • Leading Supplier
    threaded bars 250x250
  • Threaded Bars 250x250

    Our expertise lies in manufacturing, trading, supplying, exporting and importing an exceptional quality array of Threaded Bars 250x250. Our quality experts ensure each and every piece is free from more...

    Riddhi Impex 

    No. 4/2, Alankar Building, S. V. P. Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    nickel rods and fasteners
  • Nickel Rods And Fasteners

    We offer high quality nickel rods are available in the grades like nickel 200 (UNS No. N02200), nickel 201 (UNS No. N02201), nickel 205 (UNS more...

    Rolex Industrial Corporation 

    No. 105/107, C. P. Tank Road, Raghav Building ,
    Mumbai - 400 004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    twin barrels
  • Twin Barrels

    We offer premium quality parallel Twin Barrels which are fitted in various plastic machines, e. G. Injection molding machines or extruders etc. Our parallel twin barrels can be modified on the basis of more...

    Sri Sai Plasto Tech 

    No. 208, Regus Olympia Technology Park, Altius Block, Level - 2 No. 1, S. I. D. C. O. Industrial Estate,
    Chennai - 600 032, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    bolt clip
  • Bolt Clip

    We manufacturer Bolt Clip in various sizes. Please contact us for bulk requirement.

    S. K. Enterprises 

    D - 1, No. 163, Sanjay Colony, Sector-23 ,
    Faridabad - 121001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    37 degree flare fittings
  • 37 Degree Flare Fittings

    Our 37 Degree Flare Fittings includes:
    * Connectors
    * Union Fittings more...

    Super Fasteners Industries 

    43, Nagdevi Street, Masjid West ,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    self clinching studs
  • Self Clinching Studs

    We manufacture Self Clinching Studs that have found wide acceptance among discerning users for their perfect precision. Their grooves are precise and definite making the clinching job very smooth. They are more...

    State Enterprises 

    No. 43, Street No. 1, Samaipur Industrial Area ,
    Delhi - 110042,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial fasteners
  • Industrial Fasteners

    We are presenting a range of Industrial Fasteners, which is designed using supreme grade raw material at our reliable vendors' base. Manufactured by proficient and diligent engineers, this range is audited by more...

    Sonalika Metal Corporation 

    No. 74, P. C. Building, Office No. 63 5th Kumbharwada,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    spring action gripper clamps
  • Spring Action Gripper Clamps

    We provide different type of Clamps that also comprise Spring Action Gripper more...

    Unique Enterprises 

    No. 155, Narayan Dhru Street Shop No. 6, Ground Floor,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel nuts
  • Stainless Steel Nuts

    Stainless Steel Nuts offered by us are generally used in automotive, construction, mining, engineering and heavy metal industries. The assortment is manufactured as per the set industry norms utilizing quality more...

    Variety Metal Corporation, Delhi 

    No. 747, Gali Kundewalan, Ajmeri Gate ,
    New Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fasteners screws
  • Fasteners (Screws)

    We are Leading Supplier, Trader, Distributor & Dealer of Fasteners in Chennai, TamilNadu & South India Majorly. Our screws are of the highest quality. Our teams of professionals distribute the highest more...

    Sri Ramana Enterprises 

    No. 71, 1st Floor Valluvar Salai, Near Ramapuram BSNL Office, Ramapuram,
    Chennai - 600 089, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    coil nails
  • Coil Nails

    We are engaged in providing superior quality Coil Nails to our most reliable clients. These coil nails are appreciated by large number of clients due to high quality and durability. These products are available more...

    Totre Packaging 

    Plot No. 248, Sector No. 7, P. C. N. T. D. A., Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    nickel alloy bolts
  • Nickel Alloy Bolts

    Nickel Alloy Bolts
    We are one of the leading stockists, Suppliers and Exporters of Nickel Products. more...

    Special Metals 

    Shop No. 10 125, C.P. Tank Road, Near Madhavbaug Temple,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    anchor bolt
  • Anchor Bolt

    We produce a wide gamut of anchor bolt that is widely demanded in the industry for robust construction and high strength. Our range of bolts is produced using quality approved materials that our procurement more...

    S. D. Industries 

    A-799/2, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Khairane ,
    Mumbai - 400705,

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  • Leading Supplier
    frp bolts nuts
  • FRP Bolts & Nuts

    YOGDEEP offer FRP fasteners like FRP bolts, FRP studs, FRP nuts, FRP threaded rods, FRP bolts, etc. are being used for joining of Channels, Flats, etc. In chemical plants, fertilizer plants, off shore project, more...

    Yogdeep Enterprise 

    A-510, Neelkanth Business Park, 5th Floor Near Railway Station, Vidyavihar West,
    Mumbai - 400086,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel screws
  • Stainless Steel Screws

    Pan head slotted screws, cheese head slotted screws, countersunk head slotted screws, countersunk raised head slotted screws, pan phillipse more...

    Regal Sales Corporation 

    108, Ardeshir Dady Street, Ravindra Villa Near C. P. Tank Circle,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    steel fastener
  • Steel Fastener

    Steel Mart provide quality range of Steel Fasteners that are fabricated using stainless steel and nickel alloy having high functionality. These are supplied with high tensile strength, rust resistance and more...

    Steel Mart ( India ) 

    No. 2nd, Ground Floor, Shashi Kripa Building, Paowala Street, Opposite Police Station, Raja Ram Mohan Rao Road,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    helicoil inserts tools
  • Helicoil Inserts & Tools

    We are among the prominent organizations engaged in offering a wide gamut of Helicoil Inserts & Tools (NAG Make) to our clients. These products are sourced from the leading manufacturers of the market. more...

    Sudarshan Sales 

    No. 418, Ganesh Peth, Shop No. 2/3, Near Gurudwara ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    mica washer
  • Mica Washer

    Description: Mica Washers are used for thermal & electrical insulation. This product have low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity & withstand very high dielectric strength & high more...

    Star Enterprises, Mumbai 

    Office No. 18, 1st Floor, Diamond Building, Pathakwadi Lane Lohar Chawl,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    swivel hoist ring
  • Swivel Hoist Ring

    Offering Swivel Eye Bolts, Swivel Hoist Rings, Swivel Rings Double Sheave Shackles & Swivel Hooks.
    Importers and Stockists of Swivel Eye Bolts for lifting from M16 to more...

    S.h. Industrial Needs 

    No. 24, Perianna Maistry Street Post Box No. 2017,
    Chennai - 600001, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    ptfe coated nuts
  • PTFE Coated Nuts

    We Samir Steel Syndicate Manufacturer Of PTFE Coated Nuts In Mumbai. We Are Exporter Of PTFE Coated Nuts In Mumbai. We Are Trader Of PTFE Coated Nuts in Mumbai. We Are Stockiest Of PTFE Coated Nuts In Mumbai. more...

    Samir Steel Syndicate 

    154/156, Dr. M. G. Mahimtura Lane, 3rd Kumbharwada ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alloy 201 fasteners
  • Alloy 201 Fasteners

    We are one of the leading exporters of Alloy 201 Fasteners, which are manufactured according to specifications and drawings provided by the customers. These High corrosion Alloy material are used in Oil & more...

    Regent Steel & Engg. Co. 

    No. 23/25/27, Guruchaya Apartment- 22, 2nd Floor 1st Parsiwada Street, V. P. Road,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    nylon anchor
  • Nylon Anchor

    We supply nylon anchor, which is recommended for various industrial applications. Our nylon anchor is available in with or without screw as more...

    Swan Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 

    Menit House, Kadia Kui, Relief Road,
    Ahmedabad - 380 009,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hex bolt hex screws
  • Hex Bolt & Hex Screws

    Our expert team allows us to manufacture an ample rage of Hex Bolt & Hex Screws. In these nuts and bolts the heads is in hexagonal shape. The other types of screws which we offer are t-head bolt, wing more...

    Riddhi Impex 

    No. 4/2, Alankar Cinema Building S. V. P Road,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    flush bolt
  • Flush Bolt

    Size : 150 / 200 / 250 mm
    We are the one of the best manufacturers of the flush bolts in the world. This Flush Bolt FB-01 Oval has a wide number of applications and more...

    The Merchants 

    D - 63, South City - 1 ,
    Gurgaon - 122 001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    flush bolts keeps
  • Flush Bolts & Keeps

    488x150 Flush bolt – aluminuim (natural, gold or black).
    488x150 Cranked flush bolt – aluminuim (natural, gold or black).
    Other finishes available on more...

    Sound Of Silence 

    Shop 40, Ground Floor, Mufaddal Shopping Arcade Ramchandra Bhatt Marg, Babula Tank Road, Dongri,
    Mumbai - 400009,

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  • Leading Supplier
    tapper washer
  • Tapper Washer

    In order to cater to the diverse requirements of honorable clients, we are able to offer Tapper Washer. The offered range of tapper washers is made by reliable vendors, who ensure to utilize high grade more...

    Swagat Steel & Alloy 

    No. 73, 1st Bhandari Street, 1st Kumbharwada, S. V. P. Road Opposite Round Temple,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    eye hook eye bolt and turn buckle
  • Eye Hook, Eye Bolt And Turn Buckle

    In order to append and respond to the diverse requirements of emerging requirements of valued clients, we are offering Eye Hook, Eye Bolt And Turn Buckle. This range is highly appreciated in the market for its more...

    Utkal Engineers 

    A - 142, Popular Plaza Satellite, Opposite Medilink Hospital,
    Ahmedabad - 380 015,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial steel nuts
  • Industrial Steel Nuts

    Our honorable patrons can avail from us a wide range of Industrial Steel Nut. All our products are procured from reliable vendors of the market who make use of optimum quality material in the production more...

    Sudarshan Sales 

    No. 418, Ganesh Peth, Shop No. 2/3, Near Gurudwara ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    foundation fasteners
  • Foundation Fasteners

    Our esteemed customers can avail an excellent range of Foundation Fasteners from us, as per their requirements. Foundation Fasteners are manufactured using high-grade raw material, under the assistance of a more...

    Superior Steel Overseas 

    Mardia Bhavan, 6th Khetwadi ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    high tensile a193 b16 heavy hex bolts nuts and studs
  • High Tensile A193 B16 Heavy Hex Bolts Nuts and Studs

    Related Keywords for ASTM A193 Grade B16 Bolts : ASTM A193 Grade B16, Grade 16 bolts, Grade B16 bolts, B16 Bolt Material, B16 Studs, Astm b16, B16 Steel bolts, grade b16 etcB16A heat-treated more...

    Ritinox Overseas 

    Shop No. 5/12, Silver Cinema Building, Khetwadi Back Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    neoprene washers
  • Neoprene Washers

    Neoprene Washers offered provide use as safety seals in different industrial usages where these provide for versatile performance. Coming with different resistance characteristics which make these last long more...

    Shree Tirupati Rubber Products 

    94, Narayan Dhuru Street, Room No. 22, 2nd Floor ,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    thread inserts
  • Thread Inserts

    DNDD1HTYPECAT. REF2550368ASCN 14065508ASCN 1.55079628ASCN 280110928ASCN 31001461228ASCN 415019717410ASCN 622527524010ASCN 930035932210ASCN 1240047443112ASCN 1645055550018ASCN 18Spilt ring type insert are used more...

    Star Scientific Glass Co. 

    E 22, Sardar Estate, Ajwa Road ,
    Vadodara - 390019,

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  • Leading Supplier
    octagonal washer
  • Octagonal Washer

    Types Of Washers:
    * Plain more...

    Ratna Exports (A Unit Of AMCO Metals) 

    77, Prabhu Shri Ram Mandir Marg ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel washer
  • Stainless Steel Washer

    Our clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of stainless steel washers, which comprises plain washer , plain big & small od washer , spring lock washer , spring washer heavy duty , tooth washer , more...

    Star Tubes & Fittings 

    No. 27/164, A-B, Laxmi Niwas, 1st Floor, 2nd Panjrapole Lane,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    corrosion resistant screws
  • Corrosion Resistant Screws

    Our Corrosion Resistant Screws are widely used for various exterior and marine applications. These Corrosion Resistant Screws have a high dimensional tolerance and are resistant to corrosion. Our screws are more...

    Reliable Pipes & Tubes Limited 

    C-16, Anand Bhuvan, 163/165, V. P. Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    inconel screw
  • Inconel Screw

    Specifications of Inconel Screw Inconel Screw
    1. Inconel Screw
    2. Inconel more...

    Reliable Pipes & Tubes Limited 

    C - 16, Anand Bhuvan, 163/165, V.P. Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    sheet metal diaphragm and washer
  • Sheet Metal Diaphragm and Washer

    We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Sheet Metal Diaphragm And Washer, which is fabricated using the finest quality raw material at our well-equipped production unit. Our more...

    Shubhampress Automation Pvt. Ltd. 

    B-92, Sector-10 ,
    Noida - 201301, Uttar

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Screws

    Our range of stainless machine screw, socket head screw is available in various sizes and forms. These screws are made with utmost precision and are made out of the best of raw material, which further ensures more...

    Variety Metal Corporation 

    No. 747, Gali Kundewalan, Ajmeri Gate ,
    New Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial bolts
  • Industrial Bolts

    We have an exclusive range of stainless steel bolts that is used as industrial fasteners in several industries and sectors. Designed as per drawings and specifications detailed by our clients, these bolts are more...

    Reliable Steel Distributors 

    No. 29- B, Nakoda Bhavan, Sindhi Lane ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    brass banjo bolt
  • Brass Banjo Bolt

    We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Brass Banjo Bolts. It is used in Automobile.
    Note-we cater bulk quantity more...

    Zenith Industries, Jamnagar 

    Ramchandra, No. 48, Sadguru Colony, Satyasai School Road ,
    Jamnagar - 361008,

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