Nuts & Bolts, Nails, Screws and Pins

Metal BoltsMetal NutsHex BoltsHex Nuts

Industrial FastenersMetal WashersMetal FastenerPlain Washers

Stainless Steel NutStainless Steel FastenersStainless Steel BoltsMild Steel Nuts

Spring WasherSteel FastenerIndustrial NutEye Bolts

RivetsAnchor FastenersU-BoltLock Nut

Machine ScrewsStud BoltsAlloy Steel ScrewsBrass Nuts

Hexagonal NutFoundation BoltsBrass InsertsAnchor Bolts

Threaded RodsHeavy NutsBrass FastenersWire Nails

Steel NutsMS Bolt NutThreaded NutsHigh Tensile Fasteners

Hex Head BoltsSelf Tapping ScrewsBrass BoltsIndustrial Pins

Tie RodBrass ScrewsWing NutStainless Steel Screw

Carriage BoltsMetal ScrewsDowel PinsFlange Nuts

CirclipsSquare NutsSteel ScrewsCoated Fasteners

Self Drilling ScrewSteel NailHigh Tensile BoltThreaded Studs

Nylock NutShackleT BoltCastle Nut

Brass ConnectorsThreaded BarsWood ScrewsAllen Bolt

Steel StudsSteel BoltLinch PinsHexagonal Bolt

D ShackleSpring PinCap ScrewsLock Washers

Hub BoltHead BoltCotter PinBrass Rivet

Dome NutsCoupling NutsTapping ScrewsMetal Rivet

TurnbuckleSocket Cap ScrewBrass WasherGrub Screw

Ball ScrewsFlange BoltsJ BoltsBrass Pin

Automotive BoltsCheck NutsStainless Steel StudAnchor Nuts

Steel RivetsSocket Head ScrewCap NutsHex Head Screws

Socket ScrewFlat WashersMild Steel BoltAutomotive Nuts

Pan Head ScrewSpring Dowel PinCopper WashersSquare Head Bolts

Industrial ScrewFlat Head RivetsSteel Eye BoltPin Fasteners

Square U BoltWeld NutLock PinsWheel Bolts

Alloy FastenerSocket Head Cap ScrewHex ScrewBlind Rivet

Allen Cap ScrewsEye HooksSlotted NutsGalvanized Bolts

Split PinsMetal StudTensile BoltsStainless Steel Hex Bolt

Center BoltStainless Steel Hex NutEjector PinsHexagon Head Bolts

Socket SetsBolt FastenersSpring Lock WashersDrywall Screws

Star WasherBow ShackleSocket Set ScrewsDomed Cap Nut

Inconel FastenersJ HooksMonel FastenersBrass Hex Nut

Forged NutsNylon NutsThread InsertsExternal Circlip

Wheel NutsHigh Tensile NutMachine WashersSelf-Locking Nut

Titanium FastenersAluminium RivetT-NutButton Head Cap Screws

Banjo BoltsThreaded InsertsPivot PinJack Nut

Screw BarrelMS FastenersSquare WashersProp Nuts

Forged BoltSheet Metal ScrewsWave WashersChipboard Screw

Long NutStructural BoltsBrass Lock NutsCountersunk Flat Head Screw

Fully Threaded StudWedge AnchorsSteel PinsThreaded Bolt

MS WasherBolt ClampRound Head ScrewDuplex Steel Fasteners

Internal CirclipsSpring NutsGalvanized NutSlotted Machine Screw

Cheese Head ScrewsHexagon Head ScrewsRound WashersBelt Fasteners

Roofing BoltsAllen Cap BoltLead ScrewStainless Steel Pins

Cage NutHexagonal ScrewDrilled ScrewsInsert Nuts

Countersink ScrewDouble End StudSet ScrewsPrecision Screws

Eye NutsDisc WasherPOP RivetsAlloy Bolts

Hastelloy FastenersLocking ScrewsBrass StudHigh Strength Bolts

Hex Coupling NutClevis PinsStainless Steel U BoltsAluminum Washers

Galvanized FastenersTaper PinsRivet NutsCSK Allen Bolt

Coach ScrewsSquare Neck BoltSolid RivetsMachine Bolts

Snap RingStainless Steel Machine ScrewCore PinsStainless Steel Carriage Bolt

Track BoltsCup WashersE Type CirclipsNickel Alloy Fastener

Copper Contact RivetCopper RivetsTwin Screw BarrelAluminium Fasteners

Sleeve AnchorsChannel NutShackle PinsSpring Plunger

Nut LocksClevis FastenerStainless Steel Flange NutTaper Washer

Titanium BoltsTooth WashersTwin ScrewStainless Steel Wing Nut

Stainless Steel Tower BoltCoupling BoltsRoofing FastenersAlloy Nuts

Round Head BoltsSocket Head BoltsSheet Metal NutsThreaded Screws

Coil NailAlloy Steel NutsSlotted Cheese Head ScrewI Bolts

Chain ShacklesFlat Head ScrewCopper FastenerWave Spring Washers

Hook BoltsStainless Steel NailsIndustrial RivetsHigh Tensile U Bolts

Pull StudStainless Steel RivetForging NutsCrank Pin

Turning InsertSpring ClipsRound NutHead Plug

Hexagon Thin NutsAllen Key BoltsHollow RivetsHexagon Weld Nut

Flare NutsHex Machine Screw NutSplit BoltLocking Bolts

Machine NutsThreaded FastenerAllen ScrewConveyor Belt Fastener

Square Plate WasherHexagon Domed Cap NutConcrete NailHexagon Socket Head Cap Screw

Tubular RivetAxle NutScrew NailsButton Head Bolts

Rack BoltHex Jam NutPipe NutCopper Bolts

Metric FastenerCarbon Steel BoltsHex Flange BoltG I Pin

Mild Steel ScrewChemical AnchorTitanium NutsShackle Bolts

Shoulder BoltsStainless BoltAdjusting ScrewL Hooks

Brass Wood ScrewRound Head RivetHex FlangeCoated Bolts

Pipe HooksPlastic WashersSleeve NutsCollar Nut

Hex InsertKnurled InsertsHydraulic NutsHub Nut

Elevator BoltsMachine Screw NutsElevator Bucket BoltsBall Pins

Brass Insert NutDowty SealBrass Knurling InsertHigh Strength Fasteners

Lock BoltsTeflon WasherHex Socket ScrewNylon Insert Nuts

Wheel StudTooth Lock WasherAlloy WashersBell Crank Pin

Aluminum NutsAxle StudStud ElbowHex Flange Nut

Clamping StudRoofing NailsThreaded PinsRound Bolt

Flat Head BoltsSpring ClampsHexagonal Castle NutsL-Key Bolt

Woodruff KeyShoulder ScrewHead PinsPan Screw

Anchor ShackleHex Head Self Drilling ScrewWeld BoltsCarbon Steel Nuts

Nylon AnchorIron NailStainless Steel ShacklesHex Cap Nut

Truss Head ScrewSelf-clinching FastenerNylon WashersStep Bolts

Stainless Steel Stud BoltsSerrated Lock WasherThin NutHex Socket Cap Screw

Internal Tooth WashersPanel PinsMild Steel StudsBelleville Washer

Stainless Steel Anchor BoltsCorrosion Resistant BoltsStud NutsPan Head Machine Screw

External Tooth WashersFlush BoltStandard BoltRound Head Machine Screw

Pin AnchorsMachine FastenerCopper NutsFender Washers

Washer Head ScrewsThreaded Brass InsertsBrass Hex NippleIndustrial Nail

Oval Head ScrewSelf-Clinching NutCountersunk BoltsSingle Screw

Plate WashersEnd RingKnurled NutsPlastic Fasteners

Blind Rivet NutsHexagon Socket Countersunk ScrewCarbon Steel WasherNon Ferrous Fasteners

Hanger BoltsHinge PinsScrew Thread InsertsSquare Head Screws

Aluminium Tower BoltCopper ScrewSolid Plate Conveyor Belt FastenersT Slot Bolts

Titanium WashersExpansion BoltClinch NutsSpindle Nuts

Inconel NutBrass Spring AnchorTab WashersStud Anchors

Aluminum BoltsJam NutBlind NutsAnti Theft Nut

Mounting BoltsSteel Flat WasherMild Steel Hex NutsLong Bolts

Metric Hex NutConcrete AnchorsExpansion AnchorsFlange Screws

Plow BoltsThrough BoltsFlat Round WasherMushroom Head Square Neck Bolt

Stainless Steel Countersunk Head ScrewCylindrical PinsWing ScrewFlat Square Washers

Suspension BoltsBarrel BoltConnecting Rod BoltIron Nut

Brass Plug PinsGypsum Board ScrewPinion NutPTFE Coated Bolts

Ground ScrewsIron BoltC WashersBarrier Screw

Ring NutsCold Forged Wing NutLag ScrewsGrab Hooks

High Strength Friction Grip BoltsSems ScrewsThumb ScrewsWire Thread Inserts

Carriage Head BoltDouble End BoltHeavy Duty Shield AnchorPanel Pin Nail

Solid PinFish BoltsSplit Bolt ConnectorMild Steel Hex Bolt

ASTM FastenersCopper StudsMetric Hex BoltLock Clamps

Spring BoltsDeep Socket SetConical WashersBall Plunger

Carbon Steel PlugsChuck NutStainless Steel Allen BoltsClamp Plate

Bronze BoltsExpansion PlugsTwist NailBucket Pins

Socket BoltTaper NutsStep Ejector PinConstruction Fastener

Ball NutsAcorn NutPlastic NutsToggle Pins

Lynch PinsRod BoltSlotted Set ScrewStainless Steel Tapping Screw

Long ScrewConnector NutBronze WashersMulti-Grip Rivet

Bent BoltsRivet FastenerWall AnchorsBall Leading Screw

Mounting PinCast Wing NutHardened WasherRoofing Screw

Shoe NailHexagonal StandoffBlind Aluminium RivetsStainless Steel Circlips

Stainless Steel Dowel PinsCollar BoltsRigging ScrewLag Bolt

Aluminum ScrewsCaptive ScrewsDrawing PinsGrooved Pins

Lock ClipContact RivetDie NutHigh Strength Nut

Coach BoltsPlain NutsMetric ScrewBrass Terminal Connector

Aluminum PinsBronze FastenersNeoprene WashersScrew Accessories

Drive RivetScrew Machine PartsStainless Steel Wire NailParallel Twin Screw

Sag RodHexagonal SpacerBall LinkHeavy Duty Nuts

Nib BoltBrass Grub ScrewMild Steel Square NutsSlotted Hex Nuts

Plastic BoltBevel WashersCold Headed FastenersBrass Line Taps

High Tensile WasherRailway BoltAnti-theft BoltsStandard Fastener

Thread Forming ScrewMechanical AnchorsRail ScrewsRock Bolt

Metric BoltsCollet NutsFlange WashersWeld Fastener

Drive StudsFeed ScrewsIndustrial NeedlesScrew Connector

Hose NutFlange Hex NutRaised Countersunk Head ScrewSelf Clinching Standoff

Steel Blind RivetStraight PinWedge NutSolid Aluminium Rivets

Star Head ScrewsClosing PinBullet FastenerCompression Nuts

Chain BoltsZinc Plated ScrewsIndicator BoltDraw Bolts

Pivot BoltsPlated ScrewsDrive ScrewLocating Ring

Extruder ScrewShear NutStub PinSelf Locking Screw

Ring Plunger SetsCable GripperForged PlugStructural Nuts

Pad BoltAluminum FastenerMetric NutRing Bolts

Snap RivetScrew AnchorsBrass Flange NutsDouble Mounting Pin

Torx ScrewRim NutTrack PinHeavy Duty Bolts

Crank WashersWire TiesAcme ScrewsCorrosion Resistant Screws

C StudChemical Anchor StudOval Belt FastenerShield Anchor

Shoe TackTrim Head ScrewLocating PinBarrel Nuts

Side Cutter BoltsTerminal ScrewExpansion NutsGalvanized Washers

Knurled PinsBrad NailConcrete Steel NailConstruction Wire Nail

Screw ElementWash Basin ScrewClinch StudsSteel Hex Coupling Nut

Brass Anchor BoltBlade Ejector PinStainless Steel Flat WashersLoop Fastener

Hitch Pin ClipsHSFG WasherHex Washer Head ScrewDowel Screws

Extrusion ScrewsSwivel RingsAlloy RivetCommon Nail

Countersunk Head RivetHex Socket Countersunk Head ScrewHub PinsBucket Tooth Bolt

Copper Nickel FastenersCrimp NutsEngine Mounting BoltBolt Cap

Mild Steel RivetAcme NutsAluminum StudsChain Pins

Lead WashersMachine PinThumb NutsCoupling Pin

Collated NailDin NutFinished Hex NutHammer Head Bolt

High Strength StudHollow Aluminium RivetShear BoltCylinder Head Stud

Bolt SealsNylon BoltsMounting ScrewsTitanium Hardware

Jaw T-NutsFRP WashersConnecting BoltHigh Pressure Nuts

Wire PinsPanel FastenerPlastic ScrewNylon Fastener

Finishing NailsHSFG NutsScrew KnobsAnchor Rod

Furniture NailBonnet BoltMetric WashersNail Wire

Quick Release PinsConical Washer NutRound Head Square Neck BoltCold Forged Wing Screw

Coupling WasherThread Protection CapsSocket EyeUnion Nuts

Brass Hollow PinsGalvanized Iron WasherFoundry ChapletsCamshaft Nut

Bakelite WasherSpanner NutsFRP BoltAnchor Bolt Sleeve

Bimetal RivetCoil Roofing NailFlat Head Self Tapping ScrewHex Head Machine Bolt

Open End Blind RivetRound Coupling NutRound PinStainless Weld Nut

U StapleGalvanized NailTam AnchorDummy Bar Bolt

Revolving NutKnurling BoltBell Crank WasherSocket Caps

Lug NutNitronic FastenersShear PinsThread Cutting Screw

Weld PinsIron ScrewSet Screw CollarConstruction Nail

Double BoltHex Socket Head ScrewPlastic AnchorWasher Parts

Furniture ScrewCone PointU Shaped ShackleFoundation Nuts

Aerospace FastenersGrooved RivetBrass Round Head ScrewsBlank Nuts

Clevis BoltsSmall WashersScrew HooksTap Bolts

U NutsWheel Lock NutFlange Blind RivetFree Running Insert

Spring Shackle PinsUNF NutsPan Head Combination ScrewHardened Pins

Nylon ScrewPlate NutStainless Steel Drop PinFinishing Washers

Eye ScrewsMasonry NailsT PinsWeld Screws

Pin BlockConcrete ScrewInjection ScrewThreaded Spacers

Bimetallic BarrelChemical StudConnecting NutHex Wood Screw

Precision RivetTie Wire AnchorBugle Head ScrewGalvanized Screw

Hinged Bolted Stop CollarGalvanized StudArc Weld StudPlastic Extrusion Screw

Insert ScrewBonded WasherSocket Head Grub ScrewNylon Hex Nuts

Torque NutsRoller ScrewsPP BoltsTensioner Bolt

Detent PinsEngine StudEqualizer BoltSingle Threaded Screws

Customized ScrewsClip NutElectronic ScrewNail Screw

ANSI Nut TapCross Set ScrewFlat CountersinkTop Clamp Screw

CD Weld StudCopper NailsStainless Steel Hex Head ScrewStainless Steel Wedge Anchors

K-lock Nut

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50 Suppliers Available

  • Leading Supplier
    industrial screws
  • Industrial Screws

    Types of Industrial Screws:
    Pan Head Slotted Screws, Hexagon Head Screws, Cheese Head Slotted Screws, Countersunk Head Slotted Screws, Countersunk Raised Head Slotted more...

    Citizen Metal Depot 

    Shop No. G - 3, Hararwala Building Complex, Ardeshir Dady Street, S. V. P. Road,
    Mumbai - 400 004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    titanium insert
  • Titanium Insert

    We offer high quality Titanium Insert manufactured using superior raw material and sophisticated machines. They are widely appreciated for its quality, corrosion resistant, and fine finishing. The raw material more...

    Neha Metal And Alloys 

    No. 104, 82-84-86, Millennium Building, C. P. Tank Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    steel threaded rods
  • Steel Threaded Rods

    We are engaged in offering a huge range of Steel Threaded Rods. These rods are developed employing finest tools and techniques. The technologies involved are of international standards, which help in attaining more...

    Riddhi Impex 

    No. 4/2, Alankar Building, S. V. P. Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    machined slotted castle nut
  • Machined Slotted & Castle Nut

    Product Specifications:

    T. M. A. International 

    TMA Tower, I-52A, Lajpat Nagar-1,
    New Delhi - 110024,

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  • Leading Supplier
    thread inserts
  • Thread Inserts

    DNDD1HTYPECAT. REF2550368ASCN 14065508ASCN 1.55079628ASCN 280110928ASCN 31001461228ASCN 415019717410ASCN 622527524010ASCN 930035932210ASCN 1240047443112ASCN 1645055550018ASCN 18Spilt ring type insert are used more...

    Star Scientific Glass Co. 

    E 22, Sardar Estate, Ajwa Road ,
    Vadodara - 390019,

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  • Leading Supplier
    socket screws
  • Socket Screws

    Consistent innovation, coupled with an alert understanding of customer's needs & demands, makes us the most renowned trader, importer and supplier of premium grade Socket Screws. Our offered screws are more...

    River Steel & Alloys 

    114-E, R. K Wadi, Sh. No. 10, 2nd Parsiwada Lane ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    neoprene washers
  • Neoprene Washers

    Neoprene Washers offered provide use as safety seals in different industrial usages where these provide for versatile performance. Coming with different resistance characteristics which make these last long more...

    Shree Tirupati Rubber Products 

    94, Narayan Dhuru Street, Room No. 22, 2nd Floor ,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel machine screw
  • Stainless Steel Machine Screw

    The Stainless Steel Screws are used while construction and assembly of machines. Manufactured using graded stainless steel, these screws are durable and ensure resistance to corrosion. These screws are more...

    Variety Metal Corporation, Delhi 

    No. 747, Gali Kundewalan, Ajmeri Gate ,
    New Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    gi threaded steel rod
  • GI Threaded Steel Rod

    We fabricate a wide range of GI threaded steel rods which are used in diverse industrial applications and are renowned for their durability, elegant finish and resistance from corrosion. Our GI threaded steel more...

    Shibaam Engineers & Fabricators 

    No. 449, Budhwar Peth, Tapkir Galli, Laxmi Market ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    square bolt
  • Square Bolt

    With detailed knowledge of variegated industry aspects, we have been able to come up with a gamut of Square Bolts. Designed for variegated industrial applications, all our products are developed in more...

    Superior Steel Overseas 

    Mardia Bhavan, 6th Khetwadi ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    pozzi head screws
  • Pozzi Head Screws

    We are leading Manufacturer , Supplier and Exporter of Brass Pozzi Head Screws in bulk quantity.

    Zenith Industries, Jamnagar 

    Ramchandra, No. 48, Sadguru Colony, Satyasai School Road ,
    Jamnagar - 361008,

    Send Enquiry


  • Leading Supplier
    coil nails
  • Coil Nails

    We are engaged in providing superior quality Coil Nails to our most reliable clients. These coil nails are appreciated by large number of clients due to high quality and durability. These products are available more...

    Totre Packaging 

    Plot No. 248, Sector No. 7, P. C. N. T. D. A., Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    apl bolts and nuts
  • APL Bolts and Nuts

    We swagat steel and alloys take pride to introduce ourselves as one of the leading and trusted name engaged in trading and supplying a broad assortment of SS APL & Viraj Fasteners. The entire range offered more...

    Swagat Steel & Alloy 

    No. 73, 1st Bhandari Street, 1st Kumbharwada, S. V. P. Road Opposite Round Temple,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    sheet metal diaphragm and washer
  • Sheet Metal Diaphragm and Washer

    We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Sheet Metal Diaphragm And Washer, which is fabricated using the finest quality raw material at our well-equipped production unit. Our more...

    Shubhampress Automation Pvt. Ltd. 

    B-92, Sector-10 ,
    Noida - 201301, Uttar

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Screws

    Our range of stainless machine screw, socket head screw is available in various sizes and forms. These screws are made with utmost precision and are made out of the best of raw material, which further ensures more...

    Variety Metal Corporation 

    No. 747, Gali Kundewalan, Ajmeri Gate ,
    New Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    anchor nut
  • Anchor Nut

    We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading Anchor Nut. Our offered nuts are designed and developed in accordance with the industry set norms and guidelines. To manufacture these nuts, we make use more...

    Star Height 

    21/27, Kadgaon Road, Near Nerolac Paint Deopt, Lawa Wadi ,
    Nagpur - 440023,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial sockets bits
  • Industrial Sockets Bits

    Customers can avail from us a wide and remarkable array of Industrial Sockets Bits. All our products are made using superior quality raw material at multifaceted production unit of our manufacturers. Owing to more...

    Sudarshan Sales 

    No. 418, Ganesh Peth, Shop No. 2/3, Near Gurudwara ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel d shackles
  • Stainless Steel D Shackles

    We have gained vast industry knowledge and in depth domain experience to offer premium collection of Material Handling and Lifting Equipments such as Stainless Steel D Shackles. These are extensively used for more...

    Vraj Associates 

    No. 93, Kamal Estate, Opposite Sameer Hotel, Bombay Conductor Road, Phase-1, GIDC, Vatva ,
    Ahmedabad - 380008,

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  • Leading Supplier
    titanium grade 2 screws bolts nuts and studs
  • Titanium Grade 2 Screws Bolts Nuts and Studs

    With rich industrial expertise, we offer our clients superior quality Titanium Fasteners that can be availed from us at most competitive prices. These Titanium Fasteners are generally used in Oil & Gas, Heat more...

    Ritinox Overseas 

    Shop No. 5/12, Silver Cinema Building, Khetwadi Back Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fully threaded rod
  • Fully Threaded Rod

    Being one of the eminent names of the market, we are engaged in proffering Fully Threaded Rod that complies with the preset industry standards. The proposed collection is appreciated and accepted in the more...

    Shree Ramdev Steel Industries 

    Survey No. 525/526, Quick Metal Compound, Behind Rudrax Complex, Opposite Odhav Canal, Odhav GIDC ,
    Ahmedabad - 382415,

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  • Leading Supplier
    nylon anchor
  • Nylon Anchor

    We supply nylon anchor, which is recommended for various industrial applications. Our nylon anchor is available in with or without screw as more...

    Swan Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 

    Menit House, Kadia Kui Relief Road,
    Ahmedabad - 380 009,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel screw
  • Stainless Steel Screw

    Stainless Steel Screw
    We are one of the leading stockists, Suppliers and Exporters of Stainless Steel more...

    Special Metals 

    Shop No. 10 125, C.P. Tank Road, Near Madhavbaug Temple,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    d shackles
  • D- Shackles

    One can avail a wide assortment of D- Shackles from us in bulk. The offered D- Shackles are extensively used to attach halyards to sails, especially sails fitted with a headboard such as on Bermuda rigged more...

    S.h. Industrial Needs 

    No. 24, Perianna Maistry Street Post Box No. 2017,
    Chennai - 600001, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    hex bolts
  • Hex Bolts

    Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Hex Bolts. These products are made available to the clients in varied specifications, sizes and dimensions in more...

    Sudarshan Sales 

    No. 418, Ganesh Peth, Shop No. 2/3, Near Gurudwara ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    non sparkling socket sets
  • Non-Sparkling Socket Sets

    Non Sparking Tools are Most Suited For Application Purposes In Potentially Explosive Environments.
    Most of our Non Sparking Tools are Forged after Casting to achieve more...

    South India Trading Co. 

    New No. 132, Old No. 163, Broadway ,
    Chennai - 600108, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    monel fasteners
  • Monel Fasteners

    We offer a wide range Monel Fasteners. Our range of Monel Fasteners include bolts, screws, nuts and washers. These monel fasteners are manufactured from quality raw materials and are quality tested on various more...

    Sangeeta Metal Corporation 

    5, A & B, Ground Floor, Sabhoo Bhawan, Near CP Tank ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel d shackles and bow shackles
  • Stainless Steel D Shackles And Bow Shackles

    We have with us an assorted range of high quality Shackles that comes in a variety of sizes. Extensively used in the lifting accessories, rigging hardware companies, marine industries, construction companies, more...

    Utkal Engineers 

    A - 142, Popular Plaza Satellite, Opposite Medilink Hospital,
    Ahmedabad - 380 015,

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  • Leading Supplier
    replacement plungers
  • Replacement Plungers

    All SGE gas tight syringes have replaceable plungers. The replacement plungers are listed below, find the SGE syringe part number in the list below to determine the appropriate replacement more...

    Vimal Enterprise 

    Gala No. 22, Aanand Mangal, Ground Floor Jambli Gali, Borivali West,
    Mumbai - 400092,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fasteners screws
  • Fasteners (Screws)

    We are Leading Supplier, Trader, Distributor & Dealer of Fasteners in Chennai, TamilNadu & South India Majorly. Our screws are of the highest quality. Our teams of professionals distribute the highest more...

    Sri Ramana Enterprises 

    No. 71, 1st Floor Valluvar Salai, Near Ramapuram BSNL Office, Ramapuram,
    Chennai - 600 089, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    self drilling screw
  • Self Drilling Screw

    Self Drilling Screws have a hardened drill point that will drill and thread in structural steel and mild steel. These Drill points are designed in a manner much the same as a high speed drill more...

    State Enterprises 

    No. 43, Street No. 1, Samaipur Industrial Area ,
    Delhi - 110042,

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Fasteners

    Our diverse range of fasteners offered by us is of premium quality and is fabricated using quality raw material. With the assistance of our designers and experts we are capable to offer customized solutions to more...

    Star Enterprises, Mumbai 

    Office No. 18, 1st Floor, Diamond Building, Pathakwadi Lane Lohar Chawl,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    lock clamp
  • Lock Clamp

    We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of lock clamp which can be majorly categorized into worm Drive Hose clamp.
    It has the special feature of lock which gives easability to lock and more...

    S. K. Enterprises 

    D - 1, No. 163, Sanjay Colony, Sector-23 ,
    Faridabad - 121001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    monel fasteners
  • Monel Fasteners

    We offer a wide range Monel fasteners. Our range of monel fasteners include bolts, screws, nuts and washers. These monel fasteners are manufactured from quality raw materials and are quality tested on various more...

    Rolex Industrial Corporation 

    No. 105/107, C. P. Tank Road, Raghav Building ,
    Mumbai - 400 004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    flush bolt
  • Flush Bolt

    Size : 150 / 200 / 250 mm
    We are the one of the best manufacturers of the flush bolts in the world. This Flush Bolt FB-01 Oval has a wide number of applications and more...

    The Merchants 

    D - 63, South City - 1 ,
    Gurgaon - 122001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial fasteners for automotive
  • Industrial Fasteners for Automotive

    We are manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Fasteners for Automotive. Owing to its anti-corrosive properties and perfect finish, the whole range of high quality sheets offered by us is highly appreciated in more...

    Sonalika Metal Corporation 

    No. 74, P. C. Building, Office No. 63 5th Kumbharwada,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

    In order to fulfill the ever changing demands of our clients, we have been engaged in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Stainless Steel Fasteners. Our experienced and qualified professionals more...

    Samir Steel Syndicate 

    154/156, Dr. M. G. Mahimtura Lane, 3rd Kumbharwada ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    thin nut
  • Thin Nut

    We offer hex thin nuts & check nuts with superior strength, finish and dimensional integrity with accurate lead tolerances.

    Steel Mart ( India ) 

    32/34, Shashi Kripa Building, No. 2, Ground Floor, Paowala Street Opposite Police Station, Raja Ram Mohan Rao Road,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Screw

    We are highly reputed as trusted manufacturers and suppliers of a large gamut of Screws that cater to different needs such as injections and extrusion. We offer these in a wide spectrum of choice in terms of more...

    Sant Engineering Industries 

    No. 580, Main Faiz Road, Street No.17, Karol Bagh, ,
    New Delhi - 110005,

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  • Leading Supplier
    spring action gripper clamps
  • Spring Action Gripper Clamps

    We provide different type of Clamps that also comprise Spring Action Gripper more...

    Unique Enterprises 

    No. 155, Narayan Dhru Street Shop No. 6, Ground Floor,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    flush bolts keeps
  • Flush Bolts & Keeps

    488x150 Flush bolt – aluminuim (natural, gold or black).
    488x150 Cranked flush bolt – aluminuim (natural, gold or black).
    Other finishes available on more...

    Sound Of Silence 

    Shop 40, Ground Floor, Mufaddal Shopping Arcade Ramchandra Bhatt Marg, Babula Tank Road, Dongri,
    Mumbai - 400009,

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  • Leading Supplier
    conveyor belt fasteners
  • Conveyor Belt Fasteners

    Our firm is dealing in the manufacture, supply and trade of Conveyor Belt Fasteners. The offered belt fasteners are made from superior grade raw materials, to provide flawless fastening of the conveyor belt. more...

    Vijay Engineers 

    No. 38, Bibijan Street, 1st Floor, Office No. 20 Nagdevi Area,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    bow dee shackles
  • Bow & Dee Shackles

    Steel Mart Offers Bow Shackles & Dee Shackles In Nut Bolt Type For Extra Safety. All The Materials Are Offered As Per International Standards And Can Be Supplied In Various Capacity Ranging From 1 M/T Cap more...

    Steel Mart 

    No. 2/14, Pais Street, Byculla West, Near Veena Killedar Industrial Estate,
    Mumbai - 400011,

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  • Leading Supplier
    check nut and spacer
  • Check Nut and Spacer

    Owing the support and unwavering efforts of our ardent professionals, we are engaged in offering exclusive array of Check Nut and Spacer to our clients. Our entire range is developed as per the requirements of more...

    S. D. Industries 

    A-799/2, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Khairane ,
    Mumbai - 400705,

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  • Leading Supplier
    twin screw
  • Twin Screw

    Our range of Twin Screw is tungsten coated and has bimetallic lined barrels for maximum wear protection. These are fitted in various plastic machines such as injection molding machines or extruders. Our twin more...

    Sri Sai Plasto Tech 

    No. 55, Prathana Flats, Crr Puram, L & T Colony, Manapakkam No. 1, S. I. D. C. O. Industrial Estate,
    Chennai - 600125, Tamil

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