Nuts & Bolts, Nails, Screws and Pins

Metal BoltsMetal NutsHex BoltsHex Nuts

Industrial FastenersMetal FastenerMetal WashersPlain Washers

Stainless Steel NutStainless Steel FastenersMild Steel NutsSpring Washer

Steel FastenerStainless Steel BoltsIndustrial NutMetal Screws

Eye BoltsRivetsAnchor FastenersU-Bolt

Lock NutMachine ScrewsAlloy Steel ScrewsHexagonal Nut

Brass NutsStud BoltsHeavy NutsAnchor Bolts

Foundation BoltsThreaded NutsBrass InsertsBrass Fasteners

Steel NutsMS Bolt NutWire NailsThreaded Rods

Hex Head BoltsHigh Tensile FastenersIndustrial PinsSelf Tapping Screws

Brass BoltsWing NutCarriage BoltsBrass Screws

Stainless Steel ScrewDowel PinsCoated FastenersFlange Nuts

Tie RodSteel NailSteel ScrewsSquare Nuts

CirclipsSelf Drilling ScrewHigh Tensile BoltThreaded Studs

Nylock NutShackleCastle NutLinch Pins

T BoltSteel BoltBrass ConnectorsThreaded Bars

Hexagonal BoltAllen BoltWood ScrewsSteel Studs

D ShackleCap ScrewsSpring PinBrass Rivet

Lock WashersHead BoltDome NutsCoupling Nuts

Tapping ScrewsHub BoltCotter PinMetal Rivet

Socket Cap ScrewSteel RivetsAutomotive BoltsFlange Bolts

Brass WasherGrub ScrewBall ScrewsTurnbuckle

Anchor NutsSteel Eye BoltJ BoltsStainless Steel Stud

Brass PinCheck NutsSocket Head ScrewMetal Stud

Automotive NutsFlat Head RivetsPin FastenersSpring Dowel Pin

Hex Head ScrewsCap NutsFlat WashersSquare U Bolt

Socket ScrewSquare Head BoltsIndustrial ScrewPan Head Screw

Mild Steel BoltWeld NutCopper WashersWheel Bolts

Blind RivetAlloy FastenerAllen Cap ScrewsSlotted Nuts

Split PinsHex ScrewCenter BoltSocket Head Cap Screw

Galvanized BoltsTensile BoltsEye HooksStainless Steel Hex Nut

Hexagon Head BoltsBolt FastenersStainless Steel Hex BoltLock Pins

Ejector PinsSpring Lock WashersStar WasherDomed Cap Nut

Inconel FastenersMonel FastenersSocket SetsDrywall Screws

Bow ShackleJ HooksForged NutsSocket Set Screws

Nylon NutsMachine WashersAluminium RivetSelf-Locking Nut

External CirclipWheel NutsBrass Hex NutButton Head Cap Screws

Titanium FastenersThread InsertsJack NutHigh Tensile Nut

Pivot PinBanjo BoltsThreaded InsertsT-Nut

Square WashersScrew BarrelWave WashersSteel Pins

Chipboard ScrewFully Threaded StudProp NutsBrass Lock Nuts

MS FastenersForged BoltStructural BoltsAllen Cap Bolt

Wedge AnchorsLong NutSpring NutsThreaded Bolt

Hexagon Head ScrewsBolt ClampSheet Metal ScrewsRound Head Screw

Stainless Steel PinsDuplex Steel FastenersSlotted Machine ScrewLead Screw

Round WashersInternal CirclipsCage NutHexagonal Screw

Roofing BoltsMS WasherBelt FastenersCheese Head Screws

Double End StudGalvanized NutAlloy BoltsCountersunk Flat Head Screw

Eye NutsDisc WasherPOP RivetsGalvanized Fasteners

Set ScrewsPrecision ScrewsSolid RivetsInsert Nuts

Brass StudLocking ScrewsCountersink ScrewSquare Neck Bolt

Clevis PinsHex Coupling NutDrilled ScrewsSnap Ring

Aluminum WashersAluminium FastenersHigh Strength BoltsCoach Screws

Stainless Steel U BoltsHastelloy FastenersStainless Steel Carriage BoltTaper Pins

Machine BoltsTrack BoltsCSK Allen BoltCup Washers

Copper RivetsSheet Metal NutsNut LocksRivet Nuts

Alloy Steel NutsCore PinsShackle PinsClevis Fastener

Stainless Steel Machine ScrewChain ShacklesTaper WasherTwin Screw

E Type CirclipsChannel NutAlloy NutsRound Head Bolts

Sleeve AnchorsNickel Alloy FastenerWave Spring WashersTooth Washers

Twin Screw BarrelSocket Head BoltsCoupling BoltsCoil Nail

Stainless Steel Flange NutFlat Head ScrewStainless Steel Wing NutSpring Plunger

Titanium BoltsIndustrial RivetsRoofing FastenersStainless Steel Rivet

Hook BoltsCopper Contact RivetCopper FastenerHex Jam Nut

Forging NutsI BoltsStainless Steel NailsStainless Steel Tower Bolt

Split BoltCrank PinHigh Tensile U BoltsLocking Bolts

Round NutSquare Plate WasherMachine NutsHead Plug

Hexagon Weld NutConveyor Belt FastenerHexagon Thin NutsFlare Nuts

Slotted Cheese Head ScrewHexagon Socket Head Cap ScrewScrew NailsHollow Rivets

Hex Machine Screw NutMetric FastenerAllen Key BoltsTubular Rivet

Hex Flange BoltStainless BoltThreaded FastenerCarbon Steel Bolts

Allen ScrewThreaded ScrewsSleeve NutsPull Stud

High Strength FastenersAxle NutPipe NutHex Flange

Concrete NailButton Head BoltsTitanium NutsHexagon Domed Cap Nut

Shoulder BoltsHydraulic NutsShackle BoltsCopper Bolts

Adjusting ScrewBrass Wood ScrewHub NutHex Socket Screw

Collar NutCoated BoltsAlloy WashersHex Insert

Turning InsertRack BoltPlastic WashersElevator Bolts

Chemical AnchorSpring ClipsRound Head RivetBrass Insert Nut

Stud ElbowKnurled InsertsL HooksWheel Stud

Brass Knurling InsertElevator Bucket BoltsClamping StudLock Bolts

Flat Head BoltsMachine Screw NutsRound BoltTooth Lock Washer

Nylon Insert NutsDowty SealThreaded PinsPipe Hooks

Iron NailPan ScrewHexagonal Castle NutsAxle Stud

Ball PinsStainless Steel ShacklesAluminum NutsCarbon Steel Nuts

Bell Crank PinAnchor ShackleTeflon WasherFlush Bolt

Shoulder ScrewStainless Steel Stud BoltsWeld BoltsRoofing Nails

Truss Head ScrewHead PinsMachine FastenerHex Flange Nut

Hex Socket Cap ScrewWoodruff KeyInternal Tooth WashersStep Bolts

L-Key BoltHex Head Self Drilling ScrewHex Cap NutStandard Bolt

Spring ClampsBelleville WasherThin NutSerrated Lock Washer

Corrosion Resistant BoltsStud NutsPanel PinsNylon Anchor

Copper NutsExternal Tooth WashersHanger BoltsNylon Washers

Brass Hex NippleRound Head Machine ScrewSolid Plate Conveyor Belt FastenersG I Pin

Stainless Steel Anchor BoltsPan Head Machine ScrewOval Head ScrewCountersunk Bolts

Fender WashersNon Ferrous FastenersT Slot BoltsCarbon Steel Washer

Hexagon Socket Countersunk ScrewIndustrial NailPin AnchorsSelf-clinching Fastener

Plate WashersBrass Spring AnchorEnd RingStud Anchors

Plastic FastenersBlind Rivet NutsPlow BoltsThreaded Brass Inserts

Titanium WashersSingle ScrewSquare Head ScrewsHinge Pins

Knurled NutsMild Steel StudsWasher Head ScrewsLong Bolts

Expansion BoltJam NutRing NutsLag Screws

Mounting BoltsFlange ScrewsAluminum BoltsBarrel Bolt

Flat Square WashersSelf-Clinching NutExpansion AnchorsMetric Hex Nut

Iron BoltExpansion PlugsSpindle NutsSpring Bolts

Mild Steel ScrewSteel Flat WasherAluminium Tower BoltMild Steel Hex Nuts

PTFE Coated BoltsMushroom Head Square Neck BoltBronze BoltsConcrete Anchors

Copper ScrewChuck NutPanel Pin NailAnti Theft Nut

Double End BoltSuspension BoltsIron NutC Washers

Blind NutsClinch NutsGround ScrewsCarbon Steel Plugs

Carriage Head BoltCold Forged Wing NutSocket BoltCylindrical Pins

Tab WashersScrew Thread InsertsGrab HooksRivet Fastener

Ball Leading ScrewConstruction FastenerInconel NutLong Screw

Shoe NailBall PlungerFish BoltsHigh Strength Nut

Connecting Rod BoltLag BoltPlastic NutsHeavy Duty Shield Anchor

Stainless Steel Countersunk Head ScrewWing ScrewHigh Strength Friction Grip BoltsBarrier Screw

Through BoltsMild Steel Hex BoltConical WashersRigging Screw

Solid PinMetric Hex BoltAluminum PinsBent Bolts

Sems ScrewsTwist NailStep Ejector PinFlat Round Washer

Clamp PlatePinion NutBlind Aluminium RivetsContact Rivet

Acorn NutBronze WashersCopper StudsThumb Screws

Wall AnchorsWire Thread InsertsHardened WasherSlotted Set Screw

Stainless Steel Tapping ScrewBall LinkSplit Bolt ConnectorStainless Steel Allen Bolts

ASTM FastenersCollar BoltsBucket PinsMetric Screw

Plastic BoltMulti-Grip RivetCaptive ScrewsCold Headed Fasteners

Lock ClampsBrass Plug PinsGypsum Board ScrewStainless Steel Wire Nail

Hexagonal StandoffHeavy Duty NutsTaper NutsScrew Accessories

Aluminum ScrewsConnector NutWeld FastenerFeed Screws

Coach BoltsStandard FastenerNib BoltStainless Steel Dowel Pins

Drive RivetBarrel NutsSlotted Hex NutsBall Nuts

Aluminum FastenerBronze FastenersDraw BoltsDrive Studs

Industrial NeedlesNeoprene WashersPlain NutsHose Nut

Deep Socket SetDie NutHigh Tensile WasherRailway Bolt

Rod BoltShear NutThread Forming ScrewWedge Nut

Parallel Twin ScrewSolid Aluminium RivetsBrass Grub ScrewStainless Steel Circlips

Lynch PinsMetric BoltsChain BoltsStructural Nuts

Indicator BoltDrawing PinsGrooved PinsPivot Bolts

Mild Steel Square NutsCast Wing NutRoofing ScrewScrew Machine Parts

Shield AnchorStraight PinCollet NutsMounting Pin

Compression NutsFlange WashersThumb NutsToggle Pins

Drive ScrewFlange Hex NutLock ClipShoe Tack

Steel Blind RivetCrank WashersBrass Anchor BoltCable Gripper

Brass Terminal ConnectorRock BoltBevel WashersForged Plug

Metric NutPlated ScrewsScrew AnchorsScrew Connector

Wire TiesLocating RingBrass Line TapsDouble Mounting Pin

Locating PinRim NutTrim Head ScrewMechanical Anchors

Self Locking ScrewRing Plunger SetsClosing PinBullet Fastener

Brass Flange NutsPad BoltHitch Pin ClipsRing Bolts

Snap RivetTorx ScrewStainless Steel Flat WashersRail Screws

Track PinHeavy Duty BoltsAnti-theft BoltsSag Rod

Dowel ScrewsExpansion NutsC StudChemical Anchor Stud

Raised Countersunk Head ScrewCrimp NutsOval Belt FastenerStar Head Screws

Hexagonal SpacerSteel Hex Coupling NutSide Cutter BoltsSelf Clinching Standoff

Terminal ScrewExtrusion ScrewsSwivel RingsCoupling Pin

Copper Nickel FastenersScrew ElementHollow Aluminium RivetStub Pin

Common NailBolt CapNylon FastenerAcme Screws

Aluminum StudsCorrosion Resistant ScrewsAlloy RivetHSFG Washer

Countersunk Head RivetDin NutFinished Hex NutHex Socket Countersunk Head Screw

High Strength StudBlade Ejector PinBrad NailCylinder Head Stud

Mild Steel RivetHex Washer Head ScrewAcme NutsFinishing Nails

Galvanized WashersLead WashersMachine PinConcrete Steel Nail

Construction Wire NailExtruder ScrewWash Basin ScrewCone Point

Clinch StudsShear BoltZinc Plated ScrewsEngine Mounting Bolt

Knurled PinsJaw T-NutsScrew KnobsTap Bolts

Titanium HardwareCoil Roofing NailConical Washer NutHammer Head Bolt

Bonnet BoltThread Protection CapsSocket EyeHub Pins

Bucket Tooth BoltHigh Pressure NutsMetric WashersPanel Fastener

Revolving NutLoop FastenerAerospace FastenersBolt Seals

Chain PinsNylon BoltsMounting ScrewsNail Wire

Quick Release PinsSocket CapsWire PinsAnchor Rod

Bimetal RivetFlat Head Self Tapping ScrewHex Head Machine BoltPlastic Anchor

Round Head Square Neck BoltU StaplePlastic ScrewFRP Washers

FRP BoltAnchor Bolt SleeveCollated NailConnecting Bolt

Round PinBell Crank WasherTam AnchorSpring Shackle Pins

Foundation NutsGalvanized Iron WasherCoupling WasherFurniture Nail

Clevis BoltsJ NutsSpanner NutsU Nuts

Set Screw CollarFlange Blind RivetHSFG NutsHex Socket Head Screw

Round Coupling NutCold Forged Wing ScrewGalvanized NailUnion Nuts

Knurling BoltFree Running InsertLug NutBakelite Washer

Shear PinsConcrete ScrewIron ScrewBimetallic Barrel

Open End Blind RivetStainless Weld NutANSI Nut TapFoundry Chaplets

Arc Weld StudDummy Bar BoltPan Head Combination ScrewBrass Hollow Pins

Blank NutsCamshaft NutBrass Round Head ScrewsEye Screws

Masonry NailsWeld PinsSingle Threaded ScrewsConnecting Nut

Construction NailDouble BoltCommon Round Wire NailUNF Nuts

Hardened PinsRoller ScrewsTensioner BoltK-lock Nut

Captive FastenerPP BoltsGrooved RivetNylon Screw

Plate NutDetent PinsPaper FastenersSmall Washers

Screw HooksT PinsThread Cutting ScrewStripper Bolts

Toggle LatchesWheel Lock NutInjection ScrewThreaded Spacers

Chemical StudClip NutFlat BoltPrecision Rivet

Washer PartsFurniture ScrewGalvanized StudSocket Head Grub Screw

Nylon Hex NutsU Shaped ShackleTorque NutsEngine Stud

Finishing WashersGrip ClipsTolerance RingsWeld Screws

Toggle BoltsCarriage ScrewElectronic ScrewNail Screw

Screw Cap CoverU NailCross Set ScrewGalvanized Screw

Perforated ChapletsTop Clamp ScrewClevis EyesCD Weld Stud

Plastic Extrusion ScrewInsert ScrewStainless Steel Hex Coupling NutsCollar Washers

Copper NailsStainless Steel Hex Head ScrewC-ClipsNitronic Fasteners

Hillside WashersEqualizer BoltMild Steel Spring WashersMounting Nuts

Bronze PinsSplit Lock WasherSecurity BoltsBifurcated Rivet

Jack ScrewRubber FastenerAerospace BoltsHollow Wall Anchors

Masonry AnchorMasonry FastenersMiniature ScrewsSilicon Bronze Washers

Spring FastenersPin BlockInverted CirclipsMicro Screw

Crank NutDrive PinHex Wood ScrewPole Anchor

Punching PinSegment BoltTie Wire AnchorWheel Locking Nut

Coil Pallet NailsCommon Coil NailHinged Bolted Stop CollarFlat Countersink

Metal Filler BreatherNon Standard FastenersBonded WasherInternal Serrated Washer

Ball Screw BellowsStainless Steel Wedge AnchorsCopper Nickel WasherForged Lynch Pin

Strip NailsSpeed NutRawl BoltIron Fastener

Header Bolt KitPanel ScrewBlind FastenersFillister Screw

Locking FastenersMetric TapsRetaining NutsSeat Washers

Shoulder RivetsStove BoltsTerminal NutsWood Bolts

Wooden PegsDouble Threaded ScrewsMini CarabinerCustomized Screws

ANSI BoltClutch RivetCoil BoltConstruction Bolt

Hexagon Socket Head BoltIron RivetCorkscrewSquare Hook

Internal Automotive FastenerHandle Expander BoltLong Life ScrewSolid Contacts Rivets

Level AdjusterHammer Head ScrewQuarter PinBall Lock Pins

Knurling StudsStud WasherMulti Tooth WasherCarbide Shim

Screw Coil NailsHex Back NutHammer NutsClosed End Rivet

Brass Slide BoltTapered BoltsEye PinsLead Nuts

Seat BoltsStop NutsEarth AnchorHexagonal Reducer

Floating NutCup Head BoltFlat NailHex Stud

Mushroom BoltRound NailSerrated Flange ScrewSpring Steel Fastener

Surface BoltANSI Spiral Fluted TapBi Metal ScrewFurniture Bolt

Brass Screw MachineWire Coil NailHH Socket EyeHolder Screw

Coiled PinsLoader PinsPlow NutsHexagonal Socket Bolt

Latch BoltsStainless Steel Stud NutPTO AdaptersQuick Release Fastener

Screw ShankDrop ClosureAerospace ScrewsCastellated Nuts

Countersunk WashersRing FastenersSplit WashersWood Fasteners

Hexagon WasherPlate Square WasherCap NailCoated Nails

Construction ScrewBoat NailColored RivetCross Screw

Double Threaded BoltHeavy Truck BoltRing Shank Coil NailGalvanized Concrete Nail

Motor ChapletsCapacitor Discharge StudCheese Head Allen ScrewsPin Screw

Strip NutGI Wire BucklesTruss Head BoltsHigh Temperature Nuts

Socket Head FastenerCarbon Steel StudStainless Steel Drop PinHerbert Screw

Cold Forged Hex BoltsZinc FastenerMetric Machine ScrewBox Clamp

Lug BoltBody BoltsCaliper BoltsDeck Screws

Duplex Head NailsLock FastenersRivet CapsRivet Sets

Small RivetsSpacing WashersSex BoltsThread Rolling Screws

Torque ScrewsWood PlugsK Type CirclipsPT Screw

Plastic Locking KnobsSplit RivetCustom PinRing Shank Nail

Hexagon Socket Pan Head ScrewEuro BoltStem ChapletsShim Pins

Holding ScrewsUnidirectional ScrewFoam WasherSecurity Screw

Roller BoltPlastic RivetAircraft FastenersThreaded Hex Screw

Shoulder WashersUpholstery NailsHex Wheel BoltSquare Head Nail

Timber ScrewToggle AnchorBolts TrussCoaxial Nail Clip

Loose NailGripwell Belt FastenersMetal Cap NailMetal Nail Rivet

Short Cycle Weld StudsTree ScrewsHex Forming PinsPicking Link

Titanium PlugCable Staples

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50 Suppliers Available

  • Leading Supplier
    refractory anchor fastener
  • Refractory Anchor & Fastener

    The Refractory Anchor & Fastener from our house come as quality outputs that are composed using high-end mechanical sub-systems for utility with the best for a long run. Our products come as industry leading more...

    Citizen Metal Depot 

    Shop No. G - 3, Hararwala Building Complex, Ardeshir Dady Street, S. V. P. Road,
    Mumbai - 400 004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

    FastenersA fastener is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. Fasteners can also be used to close a container such as a bag, a box or an envelope or they may involve more...

    Neha Metal And Alloys 

    No. 104, 82-84-86, Millennium Building, C. P. Tank Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    d shackles
  • D- Shackles

    One can avail a wide assortment of D- Shackles from us in bulk. The offered D- Shackles are extensively used to attach halyards to sails, especially sails fitted with a headboard such as on Bermuda rigged more...

    S.h. Industrial Needs 

    No. 24, Perianna Maistry Street Post Box No. 2017,
    Chennai - 600001, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    socket screws
  • Socket Screws

    Consistent innovation, coupled with an alert understanding of customer's needs & demands, makes us the most renowned trader, importer and supplier of premium grade Socket Screws. Our offered screws are more...

    River Steel & Alloys 

    114-E, R. K Wadi, Sh. No. 10, 2nd Parsiwada Lane ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    spring loaded t bolt clamps
  • Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps

    Spring Loaded T bolt Clamp provides the self-compensating (constant tension) feature that prevents the development of leak paths due to temperature fluctuations. T-Bolt clamps provide heavy duty, uniform more...

    S. K. Enterprises 

    D - 1, No. 163, Sanjay Colony, Sector-23 ,
    Faridabad - 121001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    neoprene washers
  • Neoprene Washers

    Neoprene Washers offered provide use as safety seals in different industrial usages where these provide for versatile performance. Coming with different resistance characteristics which make these last long more...

    Shree Tirupati Rubber Products 

    94, Narayan Dhuru Street, Room No. 22, 2nd Floor ,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fixed beam anchor
  • Fixed Beam Anchor

    Sliding Mobile Anchor for horizontal movements
    * Fixing Range : Beam size from 75 mm to 300 mm
    * Material : High-strength Aluminum more...

    Udyogi International Private Limited 

    294, B. B. Ganguly Street 2nd Floor,
    Kolkata - 700012, West

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  • Leading Supplier
    flush bolt
  • Flush Bolt

    Size : 150 / 200 / 250 mm
    We are the one of the best manufacturers of the flush bolts in the world. This Flush Bolt FB-01 Oval has a wide number of applications and more...

    The Merchants 

    D - 63, South City - 1 ,
    Gurgaon - 122001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hastelloy nuts
  • Hastelloy Nuts

    Hastelloy Nuts is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium wrought alloy that is considered a “versatile corrosion resistant alloy.” Hastelloy Nuts has excellent corrosion resistance to both oxidizing and more...

    Reliable Pipes & Tubes Limited 

    C - 16, Anand Bhuvan, 163/165, V.P. Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Bolts

    We manufacture a wide range of stainless steel bolts that are made from stainless steel material. The use of advanced engineering techniques and modern machining facilities allows us to bring in our bolts with more...

    Variety Metal Corporation 

    No. 747, Gali Kundewalan, Ajmeri Gate ,
    New Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    frp bolts nuts
  • FRP Bolts & Nuts

    YOGDEEP offer FRP fasteners like FRP bolts, FRP studs, FRP nuts, FRP threaded rods, FRP bolts, etc. are being used for joining of Channels, Flats, etc. In chemical plants, fertilizer plants, off shore project, more...

    Yogdeep Enterprise 

    A-510, Neelkanth Business Park, 5th Floor Near Railway Station, Vidyavihar West,
    Mumbai - 400086,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fasteners screws
  • Fasteners (Screws)

    We are Leading Supplier, Trader, Distributor & Dealer of Fasteners in Chennai, TamilNadu & South India Majorly. Our screws are of the highest quality. Our teams of professionals distribute the highest more...

    Sri Ramana Enterprises 

    No. 71, 1st Floor Valluvar Salai, Near Ramapuram BSNL Office, Ramapuram,
    Chennai - 600 089, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    monel fasteners
  • Monel Fasteners

    The wide assortment of monel fastners is available in different materials. Our monel fasteners are available in varying thickness of 0. 1 mm, 0. 2mm, etc. With different specifications. more...

    Star Tubes & Fittings 

    No. 27/164, A-B, Laxmi Niwas, 1st Floor, 2nd Panjrapole Lane,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel bolts
  • Stainless Steel Bolts

    Stainless Steel Bolts are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel and are in complete conformity with industrial quality standards. These bolts are renowned for their ease of installation and more...

    Variety Metal Corporation, Delhi 

    No. 747, Gali Kundewalan, Ajmeri Gate ,
    New Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel d shackles and bow shackles
  • Stainless Steel D Shackles And Bow Shackles

    We have with us an assorted range of high quality Shackles that comes in a variety of sizes. Extensively used in the lifting accessories, rigging hardware companies, marine industries, construction companies, more...

    Utkal Engineers 

    A - 142, Popular Plaza Satellite, Opposite Medilink Hospital,
    Ahmedabad - 380 015,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

    We are engaged in offering a high quality range of superior quality Stainless Steel Fasteners to the clients. These fasteners are developed at our sound infrastructure, using top-grade & rust resistant more...

    Superior Steel Overseas 

    Mardia Bhavan, 6th Khetwadi ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    titanium nuts
  • Titanium Nuts

    Titanium nuts
    We are one of the leading stockists and suppliers of titanium nuts. Available size from m-6 and up. You may please send us your valuable more...

    Special Metals 

    Shop No. 10 125, C.P. Tank Road, Near Madhavbaug Temple,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hexagonal nut
  • Hexagonal Nut

    Steel Mart are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the different range of the Hexagonal Nut that are used in the different industries. These Hexagonal Nut are made from the high quality materials which are more...

    Steel Mart ( India ) 

    32/34, Shashi Kripa Building, No. 2, Ground Floor, Paowala Street Opposite Police Station, Raja Ram Mohan Rao Road,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    thread inserts
  • Thread Inserts

    DNDD1HTYPECAT. REF2550368ASCN 14065508ASCN 1.55079628ASCN 280110928ASCN 31001461228ASCN 415019717410ASCN 622527524010ASCN 930035932210ASCN 1240047443112ASCN 1645055550018ASCN 18Spilt ring type insert are used more...

    Star Scientific Glass Co. 

    E 22, Sardar Estate, Ajwa Road ,
    Vadodara - 390019,

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  • Leading Supplier
    d shackle
  • D Shackle

    Dee shackle offered by steel mart is from prime manufacturers & has zero rejections steel mart firmly believes in catering to the needs of the customers by way of supplying genuine – tested more...

    Steel Mart 

    No. 2/14, Pais Street, Byculla West, Near Veena Killedar Industrial Estate,
    Mumbai - 400011,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fully threaded rod
  • Fully Threaded Rod

    Being one of the eminent names of the market, we are engaged in proffering Fully Threaded Rod that complies with the preset industry standards. The proposed collection is appreciated and accepted in the more...

    Shree Ramdev Steel Industries 

    Survey No. 525/526, Quick Metal Compound, Behind Rudrax Complex, Opposite Odhav Canal, Odhav GIDC ,
    Ahmedabad - 382415,

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  • Leading Supplier
    twin screw for plastic machine
  • Twin Screw for Plastic Machine

    We are readily engaged in delivering Twin Screw For Plastic Machine to respectable clients. The offered range of screws & barrels is made utilizing high grade raw material and innovative technology in more...

    Sant Engineering Industries 

    No. 580, Main Faiz Road, Street No.17, Karol Bagh, ,
    New Delhi - 110005,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial sockets bits
  • Industrial Sockets Bits

    Customers can avail from us a wide and remarkable array of Industrial Sockets Bits. All our products are made using superior quality raw material at multifaceted production unit of our manufacturers. Owing to more...

    Sudarshan Sales 

    No. 418, Ganesh Peth, Shop No. 2/3, Near Gurudwara ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    sheet metal diaphragm and washer
  • Sheet Metal Diaphragm and Washer

    We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Sheet Metal Diaphragm And Washer, which is fabricated using the finest quality raw material at our well-equipped production unit. Our more...

    Shubhampress Automation Pvt. Ltd. 

    B-92, Sector-10 ,
    Noida - 201301, Uttar

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  • Leading Supplier
    flush bolts keeps
  • Flush Bolts & Keeps

    488x150 Flush bolt – aluminuim (natural, gold or black).
    488x150 Cranked flush bolt – aluminuim (natural, gold or black).
    Other finishes available on more...

    Sound Of Silence 

    Shop 40, Ground Floor, Mufaddal Shopping Arcade Ramchandra Bhatt Marg, Babula Tank Road, Dongri,
    Mumbai - 400009,

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  • Leading Supplier
    mica washer
  • Mica Washer

    Description: Mica Washers are used for thermal & electrical insulation. This product have low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity & withstand very high dielectric strength & high more...

    Star Enterprises, Mumbai 

    Office No. 18, 1st Floor, Diamond Building, Pathakwadi Lane Lohar Chawl,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    gi threaded steel rod
  • GI Threaded Steel Rod

    We fabricate a wide range of GI threaded steel rods which are used in diverse industrial applications and are renowned for their durability, elegant finish and resistance from corrosion. Our GI threaded steel more...

    Shibaam Engineers & Fabricators 

    No. 449, Budhwar Peth, Tapkir Galli, Laxmi Market ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Replacement Plungers

    All SGE gas tight syringes have replaceable plungers. The replacement plungers are listed below, find the SGE syringe part number in the list below to determine the appropriate replacement more...

    Vimal Enterprise 

    Gala No. 22, Aanand Mangal, Ground Floor, Jambli Gali, Borivali West,
    Mumbai - 400092,

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  • Leading Supplier
    coil nails
  • Coil Nails

    We are engaged in providing superior quality Coil Nails to our most reliable clients. These coil nails are appreciated by large number of clients due to high quality and durability. These products are available more...

    Totre Packaging 

    Plot No. 248, Sector No. 7, P. C. N. T. D. A., Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    nylon inserts
  • Nylon Inserts

    Our range of Nylon Inserts is effective for providing the correct protection against loosening of joints caused by vibration. We offer nylon inserts, which are used for fastening of tow thin walled surfaces. more...

    State Enterprises 

    No. 43, Street No. 1, Samaipur Industrial Area ,
    Delhi - 110042,

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  • Leading Supplier
    sockets sets
  • Sockets Sets

    Different variety of sockets along with accessories are available in loose and in sets
    Sets are Available more...

    South India Trading Co. 

    New No. 132, Old No. 163, Broadway ,
    Chennai - 600108, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    inconel nuts
  • Inconel Nuts

    We are dealing efficiently supplying of Inconel Nuts. The Inconel Nuts are present in wide range that includes Hexagon Nuts, Hexagon Coupling Nuts, Hexagon Thin Nut, Square Nut, Hexagon Castle Nuts, etc. We more...

    Rolex Industrial Corporation 

    No. 105/107, C. P. Tank Road, Raghav Building ,
    Mumbai - 400 004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    conveyor belt fasteners
  • Conveyor Belt Fasteners

    Our firm is dealing in the manufacture, supply and trade of Conveyor Belt Fasteners. The offered belt fasteners are made from superior grade raw materials, to provide flawless fastening of the conveyor belt. more...

    Vijay Engineers 

    No. 38, Bibijan Street, 1st Floor, Office No. 20 Nagdevi Area,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hex bolts
  • Hex Bolts

    Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Hex Bolts. These products are made available to the clients in varied specifications, sizes and dimensions in more...

    Sudarshan Sales 

    No. 418, Ganesh Peth, Shop No. 2/3, Near Gurudwara ,
    Pune - 411002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    barrier screws
  • Barrier Screws

    We are providing an extensive range of maddoc Barrier Screws that are made using quality grades of steel and have a barrier design, which provides a homogeneous mixing and the groove design of barrel gives high more...

    Sri Sai Plasto Tech 

    No. 208, Regus Olympia Technology Park, Altius Block, Level - 2 No. 1, S. I. D. C. O. Industrial Estate,
    Chennai - 600 032, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    stainless steel fasteners
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

    Swagat steel and alloy is the Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, and Supplyier of Stainless Steel Fasteners. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we provide these Stainless Steel Fasteners at highly more...

    Swagat Steel & Alloy 

    No. 73, 1st Bhandari Street, 1st Kumbharwada, S. V. P. Road Opposite Round Temple,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    spring action gripper clamps
  • Spring Action Gripper Clamps

    We provide different type of Clamps that also comprise Spring Action Gripper more...

    Unique Enterprises 

    No. 155, Narayan Dhru Street Shop No. 6, Ground Floor,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    titanium fasteners
  • Titanium Fasteners

    With extensive support and assistance of skilled professionals, we trade Titanium Fasteners at a diverse range. Our products are manufactured and are accuracy designed in accordance with worldwide quality more...

    Riddhi Impex 

    No. 4/2, Alankar Cinema Building S. V. P Road,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hex cap nut
  • Hex Cap Nut

    We are well reckoned globally for offering precision design and fabrication based Cap nuts that are developed by us using best quality raw materials. Here, our expertise assures customers with superior finish more...

    Reliable Pipes & Tubes Limited 

    C-16, Anand Bhuvan, 163/165, V. P. Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    cupro nickel 90 10 70 10 heavy hex bolts nuts and studs
  • Cupro Nickel 90 10 70 10 Heavy Hex Bolts Nuts and Studs

    We ritinox overseas are one of the well reputed manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of copper nickel washer. Manufacturing them from high-grade more...

    Ritinox Overseas 

    Shop No. 5/12, Silver Cinema Building, Khetwadi Back Road ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    nylon anchor
  • Nylon Anchor

    We supply nylon anchor, which is recommended for various industrial applications. Our nylon anchor is available in with or without screw as more...

    Swan Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 

    Menit House, Kadia Kui, Relief Road,
    Ahmedabad - 380 009,

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  • Leading Supplier
    anchor bolt
  • Anchor Bolt

    We produce a wide gamut of anchor bolt that is widely demanded in the industry for robust construction and high strength. Our range of bolts is produced using quality approved materials that our procurement more...

    S. D. Industries 

    A-799/2, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Khairane ,
    Mumbai - 400705,

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  • Leading Supplier
    industrial fasteners for automotive
  • Industrial Fasteners for Automotive

    We are manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Fasteners for Automotive. Owing to its anti-corrosive properties and perfect finish, the whole range of high quality sheets offered by us is highly appreciated in more...

    Sonalika Metal Corporation 

    No. 74, P. C. Building, Office No. 63 5th Kumbharwada,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    copper washer
  • Copper Washer

    Copper Washers are used in various industrial applications for different kinds of purposes. These are available in various specifications and can be customized according to the demands of the clients. These more...

    Samir Steel Syndicate 

    154/156, Dr. M. G. Mahimtura Lane, 3rd Kumbharwada ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    anchor fasteners
  • Anchor Fasteners

    We are engaged in offering our prestigious clients a very high quality range of Anchor Fasteners. Available in a variety of sizes, designs and specifications, these products find their extensive use in varied more...

    Reliable Steel Distributors 

    No. 29- B, Nakoda Bhavan, Sindhi Lane ,
    Mumbai - 400004,

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