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Chlorine Test StripsSDI Test KitDrape MeterInductance Tester

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Surge GeneratorDIN Rail MeterFrequency CalibratorAccelerated Weathering Tester

Aircraft Test EquipmentResistance MonitorSwitch TesterWater Test Strips

Logic ProbeSublimation TesterBump IntegratorTube Burst Tester

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Test ClipsTesting FreezerCarbon DeterminatorButterfly Valve Testing Machine

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Benchtop ChambersHydraulic Tensile TesterMoissanite TestersLow voltage Tester

Impulse Winding TesterHose Test RigCircuit TracerDiesel Fip Test Benches

Tensile JawsGas Volume TesterGas Stripping ApparatusWire Crimp Pull Tester

Gauge Calibration TesterArmature Growler TesterFogging TesterSand and Dust Test Chamber

Binder ExtractorAnchorage Testing MachinesPerpendicularity TesterWater Repellency Tester

Ground Bond TesterMoisture TellerStator Test SystemFluke Tong Tester

Blower Test Bench

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50 Suppliers Available

  • Leading Supplier
    digital universal test machines
  • Digital Universal Test Machines

    Features of Digital Universal Test Machines :
    * Loading Accuracy of Digital Universal Test Machines as high as + 1%
    * Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of more...

    Ets Intarlaken Technologies 

    5th Floor, No. 117, BT Road ,
    Kolkata - 700108, West

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  • Leading Supplier
    digital body fat tester
  • Digital Body Fat Tester

    * The technology used on our home use body composition monitors is based on the same advanced technology found in professional body composition analyzers widely used by doctors, medical centers and by more...

    Royal Chemists 

    Shop No. 129-133, 1st Floor, Sagar Pazzio Mall Kurla Andheri Road, Sakinaka,
    Mumbai - 400072,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hydraulic test stand
  • Hydraulic Test Stand

    Owing to the efforts of our qualified professionals, we have been constantly involved in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative assortment of Hydraulic Test Stands. These are fabricated using the best more...

    Um High Pressure Hydraulics Private Limited 

    Elecronic Zone, Sector No. 10, Plot No. 199 & 200, PCNTDA, Industrial Estate, Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    sterility testing unit
  • Sterility Testing Unit

    Special Feauters:
    * Single place test units are available to filter test samples, respectively with a concurrent control filtration of sterile diluting fluid more...

    Unipack Machines Private Limited 

    Agarwal Industrial Estate, No. 6, Unit No. 2, 3, 8, 9 & 10, Sativali Road Village Waliv, Vasai East,
    Thane - 401208,

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  • Leading Supplier
    disintegration tester
  • Disintegration Tester

    We offer Two or Four Baskets disintegration tester as per IP/BP/USP Standards . The instrument is is simple, easy-to-operate and sturdy. DT-TIME for Tablets from individual Tube Of Right and Left Basket can be more...

    Veego Instrument Corporation 

    No. 202/201, Unique Industrial Estate, Chakala Road, Andheri East ,
    Mumbai - 400099,

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  • Leading Supplier
    freezing point apparatus
  • Freezing Point Apparatus

    We are one-step ahead of our competitors in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a qualitative range of Freezing Point Apparatus. These are robustly constructed by employing top quality components which are more...

    Sub Zero Lab Instruments 

    67, Thiruvalluvar Street, Jagathambikai Nagar, Padi ,
    Chennai - 600050, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    creep test rig
  • Creep Test Rig

    This Apparatus is designed to determine the Creep of Mould Concrete Cylinder subjected to sustained longitudinal compressive load. This test method is limited to Concrete in which the maximum aggregate size more...

    Unique Instrumentation 

    B- 105, 1st Floor, Hitesh Tower, Near Power Grid Corporation, Ring Road, Jaripatka ,
    Nagpur - 440014,

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  • Leading Supplier
    ozone test chamber
  • Ozone Test Chamber

    We are one of the leading eminent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a excellent range of Ozone Test Chamber. These ozone test chamber that is extensively used for testing the rubber assortments for more...

    Shakya Exim Private Limited 

    C- 228, Sector- 63 ,
    Noida - 201305, Uttar

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  • Leading Supplier
    4 wire low resistance standards
  • 4 Wire Low Resistance Standards

    Empowered with a team of passionate personnel, we are engaged in offering a broad collection of 4 wire low resistance standards.Our offered system is made available in different technical specifications for more...

    Zeal Services 

    No. 13, Konark Udyog, Off Karve Road, Behind Rescon Factory Near Satyam Industrial Estate,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Demagnetizer

    Tunnel type features:- (Demagnetizer)
    1. Super efficiency in demagnetizing and magnetizing suitable for any more...

    Star Trace Private Ltd, Chennai 

    No. 7, Jeevanandham Street, Red Hills ,
    Chennai - 600052, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    testing equipment
  • Testing Equipment

    We are the stockiest of all kind of testing equipments like Multimeter, Clamp meter, Analog insulation tester, Contact type digital Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, Tachometers, Digital Anemometers and more...

    Radiant Heating Technologies 

    S. M. Plaza, No. 45, Armenian Street, Opposite To High Court Broadway,
    Chennai - 600001, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    temperature calibrator
  • Temperature Calibrator

    Universal Portable Calibrator
    * 3 operational modes - measure, source or simultaneous
    * 4 - 8 hours of operation on a single more...

    Radix Electrosystems Private Limited 

    B-17, 1st Floor, Ghanshyam Industrial Estate, Off Veera Desai Road, Andheri West,
    Mumbai - 400053,

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  • Leading Supplier
    seat leakage tests
  • Seat Leakage Tests

    The Seat Leakage Tests service offered by us in the market, is considered to be amongst the finest that is available in the market. These testings are supremely reliable and have modern and classic more...

    Siddharth Engineers 

    Gate No. 199, Plot No. 10, Jyotiba Nagar, Talawade ,
    Pune - 402114,

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  • Leading Supplier
    tensile testing machine
  • Tensile Testing Machine

    We specializes in offering a best-in-class quality of Tensile Testing Machine to our esteemed customers. They are manufactured in compliance with industry set quality standards under the surveillance of our more...

    Veekay Testlab 

    4, Netaji Baug, Opp Dreams Mall, L. B. S. Marg, Bhandup West,
    Mumbai - 400078,

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  • Leading Supplier
    analytical testing equipment
  • Analytical Testing Equipment

    Our customers can avail Analytical Testing Equipment products from us. The offered range of analytical testing products is made utilizing highly modern machines and sophisticated techniques in complete tandem more...

    Shiva Global Environmental Pvt. Ltd 

    G-42, Ground Floor, Dilsad Colony ,
    New Delhi - 110095,

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  • Leading Supplier
    digital friability test apparatus
  • Digital Friability Test Apparatus

    This apparatus is designed for determination of abrasion and impact hardness of the more...

    Sunshine Instruments 

    P.B. No. 3910, No. 83, Chinny\'s Chamber, Dr. Nanjappa Road Near Sony Service Center,
    Coimbatore - 641018, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    mv ma rtd calibrator battery operated
  • mV/mA/RTD Calibrator (Battery Operated)

    mV/mA/RTD calibrator (Hand held)
    Technical Specifications:
    * Make: more...

    Zeal Services, Pune 

    No. 13, Konark Udyog, Off Karve Road, Behind Rescon Factory, Near Satyam Industrial Estate,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
    safety test device
  • Safety Test Device

    To test the force required to break the tamper indicator.
    Specification :
    * Standard : IS more...

    Swastik Synergy Engineering Private Limited 

    302, Business Suites, 9, S. V. Road, Santacruz West Above Telon,
    Mumbai - 400054,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol breath analyzer nose
  • Alcohol Breath Analyzer -Nose

    Alcohol Breath analyzer- Nose model should be only used to give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the breath or blood. In this model used advanced hot wire alcohol sensor it gives quick more...

    Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

    Karanjkar Estate, 2nd Floor, Survey No. 11/11 Near Shree Systems, Nanded Gaon,
    Pune - 411041,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol breath analyzer with inbuilt printer pt 5000p
  • Alcohol Breath Analyzer with inbuilt printer- PT-5000p

    Alcohol Breath Analyzer with inbuilt printer- PT-5000p
    Product Description : Alcohol PT5000P alcohol breath analyzer is a fuel cell porous disk with a thin layer of platinum black on both faces more...

    Ultramind Technologies India Private Limited 

    C- 33- A, Om Vihar, Uttamnagar West Opposite Metro Pillar No. 700,
    New Delhi - 110059,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hand held alcosan
  • Hand Held Alcosan

    Alcoscan is a hand held, portable breath alcohol tester to check subject's breath alcohol concentration with reliable accuracy and it is available to test in Passive mode."Breathalyzer with Pre-Calibrated more...

    Super Safety Services 

    No. 5, Ground Floor, Indu Chambers, 349/353 Samuel Street, Masjid (W) ,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    single column universal tensile testing machine
  • Single Column Universal Tensile Testing Machine

    Shanta Engineering Single Column Universal Tensile Testing Machine are electro mechanical machines with digital display of load & displacement & pulley belt system for changing speeds. The machines are powder more...

    Shanta Engineering 

    Pomal Industrial Area, Dhokali Kolshet Road ,
    Thane - 400607,

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  • Leading Supplier
    comparison tester
  • Comparison Tester

    Our range of Comparison Tester has gained wide appreciation for its international quality standards. Manufactured using stainless steel 304, this quality tester is extensively used to compare the reading of more...

    Shubh Instruments 

    No. 4, Shahviri Building, 1st Floor, 37/41, Picket Road ,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    spark plug cleaner
  • Spark Plug Cleaner

    Spark Plug cleaner is a Separate plug cleaning chamber consisting of an abrasive system connected to Double acting valve for blasting and subsequent cleaning to remove the abrasive and more...

    Sunrise Instruments Pvt. Ltd. 

    Survey No. 62, Lane No. 7, Behind Sai Baba Care Center Near Kantini Apartment, Kondhwa-Kurdh,
    Pune - 411048,

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  • Leading Supplier
    environmental cum humidity test chamber
  • Environmental Cum Humidity Test Chamber

    Environmental Cum Humidity Test Chamber
    Heavy duty robust construction with inner chamber made of stainless more...

    Standard Steel 

    No. 530, Ram Bagh Road ,
    Ambala - 133001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    brake fluid tester battery operated
  • Brake Fluid Tester (Battery Operated)

    Brake Fluid Tester is an invaluable in the garage workshop for testing the quality of brake fluid. Testing for moisture contentin the fluid by resistence to electric current. An individual using this will get more...

    Unique Enterprises 

    No. 155, Narayan Dhru Street Shop No. 6, Ground Floor,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    colour matching cabinet
  • Colour Matching Cabinet

    TEXCARETM Colour Matching Cabinet is used for visual inspection of any colored material like textile, paper, paint, ink, Plastic etc. Standard Light sources are used for accurate testing and inspection. Colour more...

    Texcare Instruments, Delhi 

    107/1 Pocket D, Near Pradhan Ji Ka Bagh, Hastsal Industrial Area, Uttam Nagar,
    Delhi - 110059,

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  • Leading Supplier
    pocket iii handheld x ray precision gold testing machine
  • Pocket Iii Handheld X-ray Precision Gold Testing Machine

    Gold Tester:
    1.Weight:1.35KG Handheld
    2.Precision 0.001%~0.01% more...

    Ravi Malviya Industries 

    L-568, GIDC Estate, Post Office Lane, Odhav ,
    Ahmedabad - 382415,

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  • Leading Supplier
    equotip test blocks
  • Equotip Test Blocks

    The metal industries work with various materials that are subject to special treatments, leading to a specific hardness. E.g., engine blocks made from aluminium typically hold a relatively low metal hardness more...

    Sgm Lab Solutions (p) Ltd 

    No. 259, Deepali Pitampura ,
    New Delhi - 110034,

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  • Leading Supplier
    bulk density test apparatus
  • Bulk Density Test Apparatus

    Digital automatic tap / bulk density test apparatus: Advanced Microprocessor Based instrument suitable for both USP methods. Calculates all important values/ratios, with built-in Validation program. IQ, OQ, more...

    Swastik Scientific Company 

    133, Gopal Niwas, Room No. 2, 2nd Floor Princess Street,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    portable universal calibrator
  • Portable Universal Calibrator

    Features :
    * Hand Held, Battery Operated, Mains Operated
    * 4.5 Digit LCD more...

    Shri Instruments 

    No. 12 B, 1st Floor, 111, General Block, Behind Redix Dia, Landewadi, Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    stability chambers
  • Stability Chambers

    These Stability chambers are designed as per ICH guidelines and are manufactured to comply with the requirements of cGMP in industries for stability and shelf life test on drugs and drug substances. The more...

    Vimal Enterprise 

    Gala No. 22, Aanand Mangal, Ground Floor, Jambli Gali, Borivali West,
    Mumbai - 400092,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol tester dual lcd display
  • Alcohol Tester - Dual LCD Display

    Features -
    • Fast and simple to more...

    V - Care Protective Products 

    303/307, Samuel Street, Issaji Street Shop No. G-6, Abhishek Premises Building Next To Veggie Corner, Opposite Mahavir Courier, Masjid Bunder West,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    proctor needles
  • Proctor Needles

    Proctor needles are used for quick evaluation of maximum soil density in the field. Standard Compaction curves showing moisture contents versus densities are drawn in laboratory using standard compaction method more...

    Shambhavi Impex 

    No. 108, Neco Chamber, 1st Floor, Plot No. 48, Sector- 11, CBD Belapur,
    Navi Mumbai - 400614,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol breath analyzer with printer ca 2000p
  • Alcohol Breath Analyzer with Printer- CA 2000P

    Alcohol Breath Analyzer With Printer- CA 2000P
    Product Description: The Breath Analyzer CA 2000P with printer is professionally designed and built by high technology of DSP more...

    Ultramind Technologies (india) Pvt. Ltd. 

    59/61, Room No. 34, First Floor, Kakal Building Goa Street, Fort,
    Mumbai - 400001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    water testing lab setup
  • Water Testing Lab Setup

    Water Testing Lab Setups are precision designed and latest technology based Lab Setups that comprise an assembly of different devices for testing the quality of water. Clean drinking water is essential to more...

    V. J. Water Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd. 

    Unit No. D/00 & D/07, Ground Floor, In Building Of Malad Industrial Units Co-operative Society Limit Situated At Kanchpada, Ram Chandra Lane Extension, Malad(W),
    Mumbai - 400064,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fuel cell breath alcohol tester
  • Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester

    With our profound vision to offer our customers, best-in-class products, we are offering Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester. These testers are offered with advanced configuration and offer accurate & more...

    Speciality Safety Engineers 

    Wing A, Office No. 304, Raj Cresent, Royal Complex, Borivali West ,
    Mumbai - 400091,

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  • Leading Supplier
    chloride test kit
  • Chloride Test Kit

    Active Matter: 100%
    Packaging: 1.00 Complete SET
    Application: more...

    Rx Marine International 

    No. 105, A- Wing, BSEL Tech Park, Near Vashi Railway Station, Vashi ,
    Navi Mumbai - 400705,

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  • Leading Supplier
    humidity chambers
  • Humidity Chambers

    The REMI Humidity Chambers are designed for testing of electronic, electrical components, corrosion studies on mechanical parts, shelf life studies on paints, varnishes and cement at respective manufacturing more...

    Remi Elektrotechnik Limited 

    Building B, Survey No. 65/1, Village-Valiv, Vasai East ,
    Thane - 401208,

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  • Leading Supplier
    walk in chamber
  • Walk in Chamber

    We are highly appreciated in the market for offering high grade Walk in Chamber. Patrons are rising the demand of offered wall-in-chambers as these are made in accordance with the universally accepted quality more...

    SRG International Private Limited 

    Plot No. 13 A, Sector-4, Industrial Area ,
    Faridabad - 121004,

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  • Leading Supplier
    mini demagnetiser
  • Mini Demagnetiser

    * Used to remove surface residual magnetism from specific area of Dies & moulds parts, punches etc more...

    Uptech Engineering 

    Gate No. 274, Nanekarwadi, Chakan ,
    Pune - 410501,

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  • Leading Supplier
    water hardness testing kit
  • Water Hardness Testing Kit

    Owing to our expertise in this domain, we have been able to offer a wide assortment of Water Hardness Testing Kits. These kits are widely used to test the hardness of water. Moreover, the kits offered by us more...

    Raindrops Water Technologies 

    No. 144 & 145, Pushpak Industrial Estate G. I. D. C., Phase - 1, Vatva,
    Ahmedabad - 382445,

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  • Leading Supplier
    infra red heating chamber
  • Infra Red Heating Chamber

    We are the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Infra Red Heating Chamber in more...

    Servo Enterprisess 

    216, Burma Colony, Perungudi ,
    Chennai - 600096, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    transistor zener diode tester
  • Transistor Zener Diode Tester

    Technical Specifications of Transistor Zener Diode Tester :
    Range of display of Leakage Current Meter 1.999 mA Accuracy of Test Voltage and Leakage Current ± 1% Diode Forward Drop more...

    Zeal Services 

    No. 13, Konark Udyog, Off Karve Road, Near Satyam Industrial East, Behind Rescon Factory ,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
    laboratory spiral test rig
  • Laboratory Spiral Test Rig

    Laboratory Spiral Test Rig:
    * Standard sump/pump rig consists more...

    Star Trace Pvt. Ltd. 

    No. 7, Jeevanandham Street, Red Hills ,
    Chennai - 600052, Tamil

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    surface roughness tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester

    Backed by our in-depth industry expertise, we offer a wide range of Surface Roughness Tester at competitive prices. Our range is provided in various specifications that can be personalized as per the more...

    Sudershan Measuring & Engineering Private Limited, New Delhi 

    No. 4781, Hauz Qazi ,
    Delhi - 110006,

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