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Pulp Testing InstrumentTransistor TesterAlternator TesterCurrent Probes

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Semiconductor Testing EquipmentMotor Test RigsChassis DynamometersElongation Tester

Diesel Fuel Test BenchPortable Water Testing KitLinear IC TesterSampling Auger

Specific Gravity TesterNoise SuppressorsDial Gauge CalibratorPlastic Film Tester

Moisture TinCompression Set ApparatusAir Leak TesterSecondary Injection Relay Test Kit

Bearing Testing MachinePaper Roll Hardness TesterTransmission TestersCore-Cone Collapsing Tester

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Hose TestersImpedance TestersTest AdaptersBattery Charger Tester

Seed AnalyzerPlywood Testing MachineThermal Conductivity TesterSeed Analysis Kit

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Faulted Circuit IndicatorsPencil Hardness TesterOptical Talk SetsFully Automatic Capacitance

Humidity CalibratorHose Testing MachineOil Tan Delta Test SystemTension Set Apparatus

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Yarn Evenness TesterColor Fastness TesterSDI Test KitPhantom Load Test Set

Electronic ExtensometerColor ComparatorLeak LocatorICT Tester

Dry Sieve Test ApparatusHorizontal Slip TablePipette Accuracy TesterGigabit Ethernet Tester

Milk Adulteration KitDispersion TesterMotorized Crock MeterNST Machine

Air Filter Test RigsSurface Finish TesterTorque Wrench TesterFour Point Probe

Impulse Testing MachineMotor Testing PanelSeed Test EquipmentsDigital Thermocouple Calibrator

Gas Permeability TesterDrape MeterInductance TesterCreep Testers

Vicat TesterDIN Rail MeterIndustrial EndoscopeAgeing Chamber

Electromagnetic YokeGravity MeterBurn In ChamberBench Hardness Tester

Scuff TesterStone Testing MachineTension Proving RingDigital Top Load Tester

Milk Centrifuge MachineSurge GeneratorMilk Fat Testing MachinesSingle Parameter Test Kit

Frequency CalibratorCooking Oil TesterAircraft Test EquipmentResistance Monitor

Switch TesterWater Test StripsLogic ProbeBump Integrator

Functional Dedicated Test JigsTube Burst TesterOzone ChamberTensometer

Chlorine Test StripsAutomatic Pigment MullerHorizontal Chain & Rope Testing MachinePoint Load Tester

Hydrodynamic Sieve Test ApparatusVibration ChamberPlate TesterAccelerated Weathering Tester

Battery CheckerBenchtop ChambersLeak IndicatorsISDN Test Equipment

Materials TestersPhone Line TesterTest CabinetsSublimation Tester

PCB Diagnostic SystemPaper Board TesterMPI ConsumabalesNDT Consumables

Secure Seal TesterCentrifugal Pump Test BenchPackaging Testing EquipmentRapid Chloride Penetration Test

Glass Testing EquipmentTesting OvensArsenic Testing KitsBrick Testing Equipment

Sand and Dust Test ChamberTransparency TesterVibration ExciterConcora Medium Fluter

Gold Testing StoneFruit Hardness TesterOzone Test KitGrammage Tester

LED TesterHeadlight TesterSplice Strength TesterForensic Acquisition Equipment

Hydrostatic Head TesterDiode Testing MachineBurst Pressure Test BenchHorn Testing System

CFL Glass TesterUniversal Testing Machine PartsGlove Integrity TesterTest Clips

Testing FreezerCarbon DeterminatorArmature Growler TesterButterfly Valve Testing Machine

Fogging TesterCast Iron Test Bed PlateCold Impact TesterLock In Amplifier

Hydraulic Wedge GripsHydraulic Tensile TesterMoissanite TestersLow voltage Tester

Impulse Winding TesterHose Test RigCircuit TracerDiesel Fip Test Benches

Tensile JawsGas Volume TesterGas Stripping ApparatusWire Crimp Pull Tester

Gauge Calibration TesterBinder ExtractorPerpendicularity TesterWater Repellency Tester

Ground Bond TesterMoisture TellerAnchorage Testing MachinesStator Test System

Fluke Tong Tester

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50 Suppliers Available

  • Leading Supplier
    paper testing equipment
  • Paper Testing Equipment

    Tests on specimens of Paper / Board that you cannot afford to ignore.
    Paper testing equipment offered by us have been proved indispensable for numerous global industries due to their unique qualities. Our more...

    Ets Intarlaken Technologies 

    5th Floor, No. 117, BT Road ,
    Kolkata - 700108, West

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  • Leading Supplier
    sterility testing unit
  • Sterility Testing Unit

    We are offering a wide range of quality oriented Sterility Testing Unit . The offered sterility testing units are manufactured in proficient manner with supreme quality raw material and highly advance more...

    Unipack Machines Private Limited 

    Agarwal Industrial Estate, No. 6, Unit No. 2, 3, 8, 9 & 10, Sativali Road Village Waliv, Vasai East,
    Thane - 401208,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol breath detector
  • Alcohol Breath Detector

    Quick Alcohol Breath Analyzer
    Production Description :Alcohol Breath Tester is commonly used by Police, Militry, Airport.This Device is use without mouthpieces for more...

    Ultramind Technologies India Private Limited 

    C- 33- A, Om Vihar, Uttamnagar West Opposite Metro Pillar No. 700,
    New Delhi - 110059,

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  • Leading Supplier
    disintegration tester
  • Disintegration Tester

    We offer Two or Four Baskets disintegration tester as per IP/BP/USP Standards . The instrument is is simple, easy-to-operate and sturdy. DT-TIME for Tablets from individual Tube Of Right and Left Basket can be more...

    Veego Instrument Corporation 

    No. 202/201, Unique Industrial Estate, Chakala Road, Andheri East ,
    Mumbai - 400099,

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  • Leading Supplier
  • Demagnetizer

    Tunnel type features:- (Demagnetizer)
    1. Super efficiency in demagnetizing and magnetizing suitable for any more...

    Star Trace Private Ltd, Chennai 

    No. 7, Jeevanandham Street, Red Hills ,
    Chennai - 600052, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    testing equipment
  • Testing Equipment

    Industrial Testing Equipment:
    * This Is a Machine to simulate the motion imparted to objects more...

    Shakti Engineers 

    8 -AF, New Empire Industrial Estate, Kondivita Road, J. B. Nagar, Andheri (East),
    Mumbai - 400059,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol breath analyzer
  • Alcohol Breath Analyzer

    We have in-store for our clients a wide range of Alcohol Breath Analyzer, manufactured using latest technology and superior components Apart from being reliable in performance, these are also appreciated foe more...

    V - Care Protective Products 

    303/307, Samuel Street, Issaji Street Shop No. G-6, Abhishek Premises Building Next To Veggie Corner, Opposite Mahavir Courier, Masjid Bunder West,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    spark plug cleaner
  • Spark Plug Cleaner

    Technical Specifications
    Working Pressure: 5kgf/cm -12kgf/cm
    Spark Plug used: M10, M12, M14 & more...

    Sunrise Instruments Pvt. Ltd. 

    Survey No. 62, Lane No. 7, Behind Sai Baba Care Center Near Kantini Apartment, Kondhwa-Kurdh,
    Pune - 411048,

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  • Leading Supplier
    insulation resistance testers
  • Insulation Resistance Testers

    We offer to our customers optimum quality Insulation Resistance Testers. These testers are in high demand in the market. Our Clients can buy it from us at competitive prices in standard as well as customized more...

    Zeal Services 

    No. 13, Konark Udyog, Off Karve Road, Near Satyam Industrial East, Behind Rescon Factory ,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
    ultra violet inspection cabinet
  • Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet

    Technical Description:
    * UV light in short wave (254 nm) & long wave (365nm).
    * Contoured viewing hood with safety UV barrier filter protects eyes. more...

    Standard Steel 

    No. 530, Ram Bagh Road ,
    Ambala - 133001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    seat leakage tests
  • Seat Leakage Tests

    The Seat Leakage Tests service offered by us in the market, is considered to be amongst the finest that is available in the market. These testings are supremely reliable and have modern and classic more...

    Siddharth Engineers 

    Gate No. 199, Plot No. 10, Jyotiba Nagar, Talawade ,
    Pune - 402114,

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  • Leading Supplier
    regular mrtb
  • Regular MRTB

    Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Regular MRTB. multi-utility roller test bench that increases productivity of service centre. Our range increases the profitability of the service centre. In more...

    Silverline Marketing 

    S. No. 13, Nandedphata, Sinhagad Road ,
    Pune - 411041,

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  • Leading Supplier
    digital alcohol breath analyzer with touch screen
  • Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer with Touch Screen

    Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer With Touch Screen Inbuilt Printer- PT-5000P
    Product Description: Alcohol PT5000P alcohol breath analyzer is a more...

    Ultramind Technologies India (P) Ltd. 

    45-46, Third Floor, Hansraj Damodar Building Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Fort,
    Mumbai - 400001,

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  • Leading Supplier
    ozone test kits
  • Ozone Test Kits

    Over the years of experience, we are able to provide our customers with a exclusive range of Ozone Test Kits. These are manufactured using high quality plastic and latest techniques in adherence with the more...

    Shakya Exim Private Limited 

    C- 228, Sector- 63 ,
    Noida - 201305, Uttar

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  • Leading Supplier
    mini demagnetiser
  • Mini Demagnetiser

    * Used to remove surface residual magnetism from specific area of Dies & moulds parts, punches etc more...

    Uptech Engineering 

    Gate No. 274, Nanekarwadi, Chakan ,
    Pune - 410501,

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  • Leading Supplier
    comparison tester
  • Comparison Tester

    Our range of Comparison Tester has gained wide appreciation for its international quality standards. Manufactured using stainless steel 304, this quality tester is extensively used to compare the reading of more...

    Shubh Instruments 

    No. 4, Shahviri Building, 1st Floor, 37/41, Picket Road ,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    load truss 20 tonne capacity
  • Load Truss 20 Tonne Capacity

    Specifications : the truss is of welded 1- girder construction in two halves which can be bolted together when required. The lower chord, the cross-pieces for holding the truss down and the vertical thrust more...

    Shambhavi Impex 

    No. 108, Neco Chamber, 1st Floor, Plot No. 48, Sector- 11, CBD Belapur ,
    Navi Mumbai - 400614,

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  • Leading Supplier
    de mattia flex tester
  • De- Mattia Flex Tester

    Esteemed clients can avail from us an extensive array of De- Mattia Flex Testers, which is designed with a set of grips to hold test specimens in two tiers with their holding faces lying in the same vertical more...

    Scientific International 

    1590, Madarsa Road, Kashmere Gate ,
    Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    cube testing machine
  • Cube Testing Machine

    Extensive research and years of experience have resulted in our advanced Cube Testing Machine that is internationally acclaimed for its proficiency. The prime use of the testing machine can be seen at the more...

    Shree Vishwakarma Engineering 

    No. 92/2/3, GIDC Estate, Odhav ,
    Ahmedabad - 382415,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hydrocyclone test rig
  • Hydrocyclone Test Rig

    Hydrocyclone Test Rig:
    Hydro cyclone Test Rig is designed for laboratory testing of classifying various solids in a slurry. It is equipped with a Hydro cyclone, a more...

    Star Trace Pvt. Ltd. 

    No. 7, Jeevanandham Street, Red Hills ,
    Chennai - 600052, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    st 04 stress meter
  • ST 04 Stress Meter

    * It's high sensitive digital thermometer which shows your exact body temperature as well as gives your stress level feedback
    * Excellent stress feedback more...

    Royal Chemists 

    Shop No. 129-133, 1st Floor, Sagar Pazzio Mall Kurla Andheri Road, Sakinaka,
    Mumbai - 400072,

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  • Leading Supplier
    portable universal calibrator
  • Portable Universal Calibrator

    Features :
    * Hand Held, Battery Operated, Mains Operated
    * 4.5 Digit LCD more...

    Shri Instruments 

    No. 12 B, 1st Floor, 111, General Block, Behind Redix Dia, Landewadi, Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    transistor zener diode tester
  • Transistor Zener Diode Tester

    Transistor Zener Diode Tester
    Technical Specification:
    * Hfe more...

    Zeal Services, Pune 

    No. 13, Konark Udyog, Off Karve Road, Behind Rescon Factory, Near Satyam Industrial Estate,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
    compression testing machine electrically operated
  • Compression Testing Machine, Electrically Operated

    Concrete is a man-made material, essentially mixed at site. The properties of concrete depend on the properties of its ingredients and their proportion and it is likely to vary from mix to mix. Tests must be more...

    Unique Instrumentation 

    B- 105, 1st Floor, Hitesh Tower, Near Power Grid Corporation, Ring Road, Jaripatka ,
    Nagpur - 440014,

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  • Leading Supplier
    surface roughness tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester

    Backed by our in-depth industry expertise, we offer a wide range of Surface Roughness Tester at competitive prices. Our range is provided in various specifications that can be personalized as per the more...

    Sudershan Measuring & Engineering Private Limited, New Delhi 

    No. 4781, Hauz Qazi ,
    Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    test rig for spring back action
  • Test Rig for Spring Back Action

    Test Rig for Spring Back Action is useful for study of Elasticity of metallic Sheets. The Setup is useful for studying the tensile-Physical/Elastic properties of Materials.

    SAP Engineers & Consultants 

    Shop No. 26-27, Srushti Survey No. 82 Near Guru Ganesh Nagar, Eklavya College Road, D. P. Road, Kothrud,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fluke 1ac a1 ii
  • Fluke-1AC-A1-II

    Fluke 1AC-A1-II is an electrical tester used for testing the flow of current electrically. These are powered with long serving batteries with bright backlit screen. The Fluke 1AC-A1-II is tested and approved more...

    Sgm Lab Solutions (p) Ltd 

    No. 259, Deepali Pitampura ,
    New Delhi - 110034,

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  • Leading Supplier
    cell sensor radiation testing meter
  • Cell Sensor & Radiation Testing Meter

    Cell Sensor & Radiation Testing Meter is used for measuring RF Radiation generated from cell phones, and electromagnetic fields generated by power lines, TVs, Appliances, Home electricity conductors, more...

    Wonder World 

    No. 2927/19, 2nd Floor, Krishna Chambers, Bahadurgarh Road, Sadar Bazaar ,
    Delhi - 110006,

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  • Leading Supplier
    brake fluid tester battery operated
  • Brake Fluid Tester (Battery Operated)

    Brake Fluid Tester is an invaluable in the garage workshop for testing the quality of brake fluid. Testing for moisture contentin the fluid by resistence to electric current. An individual using this will get more...

    Unique Enterprises 

    No. 155, Narayan Dhru Street Shop No. 6, Ground Floor,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    bearing ratio apparatus
  • Bearing Ratio Apparatus

    Zeal International is considered an eminent name in the industry for its exceptional range that comprises of Bearing Ratio Apparatus. The proffered collection is manufactured using optimum quality raw more...

    Zeal International 

    1, Netaji Subhash Marg, Daryaganj ,
    New Delhi - 110002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    co2 cylinder test bench
  • CO2 Cylinder Test Bench

    S S Foundry CO2 cylinder testing bench is developed as per the international regulations. Apart from cylinder testing, the hydro pressure pimp and measuring expansion apparatus / fixtures can also be supplied. more...

    S.s.gas Lab Asia 

    A - 6/3, Jhilmil Industrial Area, G. T. Road ,
    Delhi - 110095,

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  • Leading Supplier
    freezing point apparatus
  • Freezing Point Apparatus

    We are one-step ahead of our competitors in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a qualitative range of Freezing Point Apparatus. These are robustly constructed by employing top quality components which are more...

    Sub Zero Lab Instruments 

    67, Thiruvalluvar Street, Jagathambikai Nagar, Padi ,
    Chennai - 600050, Tamil

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  • Leading Supplier
    fuel cell breath alcohol tester
  • Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester

    The Fuel Cell Sensor Technology, AL9000 is intended to measure alcohol in human breath. The accuracy of this device has been established at a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.000 to 0.400?C or 0.000 to more...

    Super Safety Services 

    No. 5, Ground Floor, Indu Chambers, 349/353 Samuel Street, Masjid (W) ,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    fuel cell breath alcohol tester with printer
  • Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester with Printer

    We are offering Fuel Cell Breath Alcohol Tester with Printer to our esteemed clients, manufactured using qualitative components. These devices are designed with the aid of advanced working mechanism and offer more...

    Speciality Safety Engineers 

    Wing A, Office No. 304, Raj Cresent, Royal Complex, Borivali West ,
    Mumbai - 400091,

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  • Leading Supplier
    multi function process calibrator
  • Multi Function Process Calibrator

    In order to meet the assorted demands of respectable clients, we are able to deliver Multi Function Process Calibrator. The offered range of multi function process calibrators is designed & developed more...

    Source1 Instruments 

    Plot No. 2605/2/5, 3rd Phase, G.I.D.C. ,
    Vapi - 396195,

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  • Leading Supplier
    flammability tester
  • Flammability Tester

    In TEXCARE TM Flammability Tester the Fabric is kept at 45 degree Angle in a specimen holder rack. It is then exposed to the Flame of specified length 90° from specimen for 1 Second, and is left for more...

    Texcare Instruments, Delhi 

    107/1 Pocket D, Near Pradhan Ji Ka Bagh, Hastsal Industrial Area, Uttam Nagar,
    Delhi - 110059,

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  • Leading Supplier
    hydraulic test stand
  • Hydraulic Test Stand

    We are the renowned manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic Test Stand. Widely used for used for testing pumps, hydro Motors and hydraulic valves, our complete range of test stand is designed, keeping in mind more...

    UM High Pressure Hydraulics Private Limited 

    Elecronic Zone, Sector No. 10, Plot No. 199 & 200, PCNTDA, Industrial Estate, Bhosari ,
    Pune - 411026,

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  • Leading Supplier
    internal corrosion tester
  • Internal Corrosion Tester

    To test the mechanical operations of all the parts and corrosion resistance of the fully charged and assembled extinguisher against whether more...

    Swastik Synergy Engineering Private Limited 

    302, Business Suites, 9, S. V. Road, Santacruz West Above Telon,
    Mumbai - 400054,

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  • Leading Supplier
    cable testing apparatus
  • Cable Testing Apparatus

    Cable Testing Apparatus equipment comprise of a cubic enclosure with inside dimensions of 3000 ± 30 mm and constructed with suitable material fixed into a steel angle frame. Transparent sealed windows more...

    Shanta Engineering 

    Pomal Industrial Area, Dhokali Kolshet Road ,
    Thane - 400607,

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  • Leading Supplier
    water testing kits
  • Water Testing Kits

    We provide a large a blissful range of quality Water Testing Kits with long lasting features manufactured using optimum quality raw materials. These products are tested on various well-defined parameters such more...

    Shiva Global Environmental Pvt. Ltd 

    G-42, Ground Floor, Dilsad Colony ,
    New Delhi - 110095,

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  • Leading Supplier
    alcohol detectors
  • Alcohol Detectors

    * Its a device that measures alcohol content in the human breadth
    * It displays the result as blood alcohol concentration.
    * It can print the reading more...

    Taheri Enterprises 

    No. 254, Nagdevi Street, Office No. 4 1st Floor,
    Mumbai - 400003,

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  • Leading Supplier
    high voltage breakdown testers
  • High Voltage Breakdown Testers

    Our high voltage break down testers is accurate for testing of any high voltage component. They test vacuum tubes, high voltage capacitors, vacuum relays, etc. To use them, they require just hook up component more...

    Zeal Services 

    No. 13, Konark Udyog, Off Karve Road, Behind Rescon Factory Near Satyam Industrial Estate,
    Pune - 411038,

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  • Leading Supplier
    torque meter
  • Torque Meter

    TORQUE METER Model No.TQ-8800 LUTRON TAIWAN Make 15Kg-CM, Professional torque meter with 15 Kg-cm torque probe, full set, 0.6" LCD Display, Measurement : Torque Value, Peak Hold, Data Hold, Max & Min more...

    Swastik Scientific Company 

    133, Gopal Niwas, Room No. 2, 2nd Floor Princess Street,
    Mumbai - 400002,

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  • Leading Supplier
    water testing lab setup
  • Water Testing Lab Setup

    Water Testing Lab Setups are precision designed and latest technology based Lab Setups that comprise an assembly of different devices for testing the quality of water. Clean drinking water is essential to more...

    V. J. Water Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd. 

    Unit No. D/00 & D/07, Ground Floor, In Building Of Malad Industrial Units Co-operative Society Limit Situated At Kanchpada, Ram Chandra Lane Extension, Malad(W),
    Mumbai - 400064,

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Last updated on Tuesday, Oct 21 2014


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