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  • Sports 8am to 9pm Best Yoga Classes In Kochi
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    Sports 8am to 9pm Best Yoga Classes In Kochi

    Technique: Yoga

    Timings: 8am to 9pm

    Service Includes: Sports Yoga

    Location: Perumbavoor

    Gender: All

    Applicable Age Group: All


    Vaidya Health Care

    Perumbavoor, Ernakulam MC Road,Vattakatupady, Perumbavoor,
    Ernakulam - 683542, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

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    Call 8048958913
  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga is currently standing as a great support for people those are with recurring health issues. Yoga is treating disorders for which there is no treatment too.
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    Kadavanthra, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam No. 99, 2nd Floor, DD Milestone Kadavanthra, Kadavanthra,
    Kochi - 682018, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

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    Call 8048581023
  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes

    Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature and a holistic approach to health and well-being. The modern lifestyle, fast food culture, adulterated food, adverse working conditions, lack of exercise etc

    Netaji Health Club

    Padivattom, Edappally, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Surabhi Road, Near Corporation Zonal Office, Padivattom, Edappally, Padivattom, Edappally,
    Kochi - 682024, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

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    Call 9497238293
  • Online Yoga Classes

    Online Yoga Classes

    Unarv Telemedicine & Healthcare Services Private...

    Okkal, Ernakulam Building No. XIV/80, Okkal, Okkal,
    Ernakulam - 683550, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 9400052475
  • Yoga Physical Exercise

    Yoga Physical Exercise

    Yoga is more than just at physical exercise. It is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline, that is assumed to be developed in sixth century BC in India. Yoga and Meditation is designed to improve your concentration, mental and physical health and help attain peace of mind through various stages of training.

    The Travelist

    Kakkanad, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam 9c Bcg Tower, Kakkanad, Cochin 37 Kerala-682037, Kakkanad,
    Kochi - 682037, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 7736002206
  • 930am to 730pm Yoga Courses Service, Cochin

    930am to 730pm Yoga Courses Service, Cochin

    Technique: Yoga

    Timings: 930am to 730pm

    Location: Cochin

    Gender: All

    Doctor: Dr. Reshmi Pramod

    Benefits: flexibility increase, muscle stength and tone, weight reduction


    Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital

    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Pallathu Road, Thammanam,
    Kochi - 682032, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 8048978366
  • Yoga


    The benefits of Yoga are numerous. Yoga has the power to bring the entire humankind together! It beautifully combines Gyan (knowledge), Karm (work) and Bhakti (devotion)."
    For centuries, people from all walks of life have practiced yoga, recognizing its unique embodiment of unity between mind and body. Yoga brings thought


    Kaloor, Ernakulam 36/2415 B Sreedhareeyam Bulding Near St.Francis Church,Kathrikadavu Road Kaloor, Kaloor,
    Ernakulam - 682017, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 9497724244
  • Yoga Facility

    Yoga Facility

    Palm Beach Ayurveda Resort

    Palackal, Aluva, Dist. Ernakulam Palackal Sea View Ward Alleppey, Palackal,
    Aluva - 688002, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 8049440833
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    Meditation by sadhak anshit, how to do meditation

    Meditation by sadhak anshit, how to do meditation

    Sports 8am to 9pm best yoga classes in kochi

    Sports 8am to 9pm best yoga classes in kochi

    Micro yoga training service

    Micro yoga training service

    Kerala special therapies

    Kerala special therapies

    Yoga classes

    Yoga classes

    Yoga therapy service

    Yoga therapy service

    Sadhak anshit advanced yoga classes

    Sadhak anshit advanced yoga classes

    300 hour yoga teacher training

    300 hour yoga teacher training

    6 days yoga retreat with 20% discount

    6 days yoga retreat with 20% discount

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  • Treditional Yoga Service

    Treditional Yoga Service

    Mind, body and spirit should always be in harmonious relationship. The nexus that lies between them can be strengthened by meditation. The lush greenery and serene air is the most ideal location for meditation and yoga. In yoga mind, body and spirit combines. The series of asanas and postures aim to increase the flexibility of

    Dream Holidays

    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Thottumugam, Edayappuram Road,
    Kochi - 682037, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 8086590404
  • Yoga


    Yoga training is provided by renonwed instructor Mehbooba. It covers all aspects of Patanjali Yoga beneficial for children, adults and even those suffering from breathing troubles. Yoga is for the full tranformation of the mind and body

    Beats 'N' Steps

    South Kalamassery, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Near Cusat Signal Junction, South Kalamassery, South Kalamassery,
    Kochi - 682033, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 9744954607
  • Yoga Training Services

    Yoga Training Services

    Yoga is considered to be a low-impact activity that can provide the same benefits as any well-designed exercise program, increasing general health , stamina and flexibility.
    It reduces stress .relaxes your mind and strengthen and balance all parts of the body.
    At Sree Agasthya Kalari we teach flexibility exercises from Kalari along with Yoga which makes it an advanced Yoga Curriculum.

    Sree Agasthya Kalari

    Amballaparambu,Panayappally, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam 12/929,Kailas House,, Amballaparambu,Panayappally,
    Kochi - 682002, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 9633519484
  • Yoga Therapies

    Yoga Therapies

    Yoga is an ancient method for inner development of man, which originated in India about 5000 years ago. In many books about yoga, but generally as a basic text, reference is made to the Yoga Sutra compiled by a Master called Patanjali, who lived in southern India about 2500 years ago. The goal of this method is to calm the mind

    Aayushi Healthcare

    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Justice Chandrasekhara, Menon Road, Old Layam Road,
    Kochi - 682011, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 9497852820
  • Yoga Therapy Service

    Yoga Therapy Service

    Aura Acupuncture

    Ernakulam 1st Floor, Vimala Building, Above Saravana Bhavan Restaurant,
    Ernakulam - 682035, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 8078482280
  • Yoga Meditation Training Service

    Yoga Meditation Training Service

    Universal Healing Centre

    South Naluvazhi, Ernakulam North Paravur, South Naluvazhi,
    Ernakulam - 683513, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Verified Supplier

    Call 9349922207
  • Yoga


    Therapeutic Yoga postures are taught to patients (if necessary) along with therapy. Patients are given individual yoga postures depending upon the body constitution and symptoms, which helps in improving the coordination, balance, strength in the legs and flexibility.

    Ayush Prana

    Malayattoor Post, Ernakulam Illithode, Malayattoor Post, Malayattoor Post,
    Ernakulam - 683587, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 8589909090
  • Ayuryoga Rejuvenation Therapy Course

    Ayuryoga Rejuvenation Therapy Course

    Course starts with learning of basic principles of ayurveda and yoga. Theoretical as well as practical knowledge in ayurveda therapy will be dealt in detail. Asana, pranayama, mudra, shadkriya will be taught. Curative aspects and application of yoga and ayurveda to cure ailments will be detailed. A unique blend of yoga and

    Ayuryoga Gurukulam

    Subash Chandraboss Road, Ernakulam 50/1657 C, AIMS Ponekkara PO Edappally, Subash Chandraboss Road,
    Ernakulam - 682041, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9037987390
  • Yoga Classes Service

    Yoga Classes Service

    Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation classes at Ernakulam and providing private classes for individual, Families and Group


    Ernakulam Asan Road Ponnurnni,
    Ernakulam - 682035, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9142300008
  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes

    A qualified Iyengar yoga teacher, Carmen has introduced yoga in Ayyampilly. We have started with two groups, one for children from 5 to 16 year old and another one for adults.
    For the children it is a way to improve school performance and to cope with the daily demands of life. For the adults coming to yoga lessons is not

    LA Arcadia

    Ernakulam Master Abraham Road, Ayyampilly,
    Ernakulam - 682501, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9846453630
  • Yoga Training

    Yoga Training

    Yoga is very efficient in correcting the imbalance and restoring a healthy equilibrium in the individual. This helps in better performance of medicines and treatments. Patients who are chronically suffering from various diseases like diabetes, obesity, liver diseases, cholesterol issues, hormonal problems, menstrual problems,

    Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre

    KochiDist. Ernakulam 35/3588, Pallathu Road, Thammanam, Cochin,
    Kochi - 682032, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 7559079982
  • Yoga & Meditation

    Yoga & Meditation

    Yoga Means Union
    Although many people think this term refers to union between body and mind or body, mind and spirit, the traditional acceptance is union between the Jivatman and Paramatman that is between one’s individual consciousness and the Universal Consciousness.
    Therefore Yoga refers to a certain state of

    Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Cochin-Kerala

    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam G 238, 8th Cross Road Panampillynagar Cochin-36,
    Kochi - 682036, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9847025715
  • Yoga and Benefits

    Yoga and Benefits

    The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. The aging process, which is largely an artificial condition, caused mainly by auto intoxication or self-poisoning, can be slowed down by practicing yoga. By keeping the body clean, flexible and well lubricated, we can significantly reduce the carbolic process of

    Jeevani Ayurvedic Hospital

    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Opposite Modern Bread Factory, Metro Pillar No 474, Edappally,
    Kochi - 682024, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9744111740
  • Yoga


    Hinterland Village

    Karikode, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Andethumugal Road, Mulanthurity, Karikode,
    Kochi - 682314, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9447495610
  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes

    Homestead Homestay

    Thamarakulam Road, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam X/1386 A, parvathy Nilayam , Thamarakulam Road, Amaravathy, Fort, Thamarakulam Road,
    Kochi - 682001, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9388600512
  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga Therapy


    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Greengram Wellness Village,
    Kochi - 683572, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9747866222
  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga Classes

    Pallasheril Homestay

    Ernakulam Kuruppampady P.O.,
    Ernakulam - 683545, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9995115999
  • Yoga Class

    Yoga Class

    Tiny Tots day care

    Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam North Parur,
    Kochi - 683513, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9895095990
  • Yoga Treatment Services

    Yoga Treatment Services

    The word "yoga" is derived from the sanskrit root "yuj" meaning to bind and yoke. Maharshi Patanjali who is considered as father of classical Yoga, defines Yoga as the suspension of mental modification or in other words concentration .
    It is a system of Indian Philosophy which is totally practicable showing the means of

    International Institute Of Ancient Healing Systems

    Kakkanad, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam Prakashadhara Sthanam, Kakkanad,
    Kochi - 682030, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9446050013
  • Yoga & Ayurvedia Safari

    Yoga & Ayurvedia Safari

    Great Indian Safaris

    Chittoor Road, Kochi, Dist. Ernakulam No. 64/287, Ymca Lane, Chittoor Road, Chittoor Road,
    Kochi - 682035, Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala

    Call 9847913707
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