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Frequently Asked Questions on Residential Interior Designers

  • What are the ongoing design styles for home renovation that an interior designer can offer?
    Interior Designers need to keep the 5-7 elements of design in mind that are space, line, texture, colour, form and light.
    Once achieved, any space taken up for designing will look appropriate and well planned in interiors.
  • What is the scope of work of an interior designer?
    Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colours, lighting, and materials.
    They must be able to draw, read, and edit blueprints.
  • How do we identify the work skills of an interior designer before hiring him/her?
    You can check the skill set of a designer by their design scope, work commitment and the ability to complete a certain work or design within the given time period by the client.
    You can also check their previous works and projects executed by them. You can take their feedback from his/her clientele.
  • What are the ongoing charges of an interior designer?
    An Interior Designer can either charge an hourly or percentage basis of the total project cost. The hourly rate of the designer can vary
    from 3000- 20,000 rupees or he/she can charge 8-18% of the total project cost.
  • What vegetables can be easily grown on residential terrace garden?
    The following can be grown on a residential terrace garden:
    1. Tomatoes, Chillies, French beans, Brinjal and okra grew easily and demand less care
    2. Cucumber, Ridge gourd and Bottle gourd can also be grown
    3. Root vegetables like onion, radish, potatoes can be grown but require large space
  • In what direction should one make a residential terrace garden?
    To receive proper sunlight it is preferred to make a residential terrace garden in the south-west direction of the house.
  • What is the per sq ft cost of a residential terrace garden?
    The cost of a residential terrace garden would depend on the different materials and the procedure adopted for making as this may vary person top person. However, it can consider Rs 400/ sq ft with of cost of fruits and vegetables, lighting extra.
  • How much space is required to create a residential terrace garden?
    For a residential terrace garden, one needs a minimum space of 150 sq. ft. However, a decent garden can be created in a space of about 400-500 sq ft area.
  • What are the advantages of residential terrace garden?
    Some of the advantages of a residential terrace garden are as follows:
    1. Reduce the indoor temperature by about 6-8 Deg C and thereby reduce air-conditioning cost
    2. Heat absorption of buildings is minimized
    3. Safe, clean, pesticide-free, fresh vegetables are available
    4. Air becomes clean and oxygen content increases
    5. Sound pollution is reduced
  • How can we make residential terrace garden?
    The following steps to be followed to make a residential terrace garden:
    1. Waterproofing of the terrace
    2. Covering the terrace with the right soil
    3. Small potted plants and sowing of vegetables
    4. Provision of water supply and effective drainage system
    5. Necessary shade to protect the plants when required
  • What are the ways by which the living room looks spacious?
    Some of the ways in which the living room will look spacious are as follows:
    1. The rug should be big enough such that all furniture is kept onto that only
    2. Storage to be planned so that room is not cluttered
    3. For small living rooms, things should be hanged on walls so that the floor is free
    4. Bulky furniture to be avoided
    5. Keep minimum things in the room
  • What all things are to be done in interior works for a living room?
    The living room interior would require some or all of the following:
    1. False Ceiling
    2. Decorative Lights and Fans
    3. Wall paints and polishing
    4. Panelling for AC and Curtains
    5. Curtain
    6. Furniture
    7. Decorative Items
    8. Artificial Plants
  • What is the cost of getting Living Room Interior done?
    The cost of living room interior would depend on a lot of factors. However, very rough figures per sq ft are as follows:
    1. Low budget interior design - Rs 1000/per sq ft
    2. Moderate budget interior design - Rs 1100-1500/ per sq ft
    3. High Budget interior design - Rs 1600-2500/ per sq ft
  • What colours can be applied on the walls of living room?
    Top colours which are suited for the living room are as follows:
    1. Green - It is connected with nature and is subtle in nature
    2. Grey - Makes the room look for spacious
    3. Blue - Gives calm and stabilizing effect
    4. Beige - A neutral colour
    5. Black - Architectural details, furniture etc pop up against the dark background
  • What should be avoided when going in for living room interior?
    The biggest point to be taken care of is that furniture should not be pushed up to the walls rather there should be some space available as it gives a feeling of a large room and more layout options.
  • What is the standard size of wardrobes available?
    The standard size of a wardrobe is as follows:
    1. Depth - 24 inch is the standard however 18 and 12-inch depth are also available
    2. Height - It is generally not more than 72 inches
    3. Width - The width varies from 24 inches to more than 96 inches
  • What are some of the brands selling wardrobes in India?
    Some of the brands selling wardrobes in India are:
    1. Godrej
    2. Hometown
    3. Spacewood
    4. Luxus India
    5. Aristo India
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